Telstar Velsen

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File:SC Telstar.png
Full name Telstar
Nickname(s) Witte Leeuwen (The White Lions)
Founded 17 July 1963; 51 years ago (1963-07-17)
Ground TATA Steel Stadion, Velsen
Ground Capacity 3,625
Manager Marcel Keizer
League Eerste Divisie
2012–13 Eerste Divisie, 14th
Home colours
Away colours

Telstar is a Dutch football club based in Velsen. The club was established after the merger of two football clubs in the town of Velsen.


When professional football was introduced in the Netherlands, both Stormvogels and neighbouring club VSV played in the professional leagues. Because of financial problems at both clubs, their professional teams were merged on 17 July 1963. The new club was named Telstar, after the Telstar communication satellite launched that year. Stormvogels and VSV returned to amateur football. In 2001, Telstar and Stormvogels merged again, this time forming Stormvogels Telstar. This merger was disbanded on 1 July 2008, with the professional branch continuing as Telstar.

Its home stadium is the 3,625 seater TATA Steel Stadion and its home colors are white. VSV won the KNVB Cup in 1938.


  • KNVB Cup
    • Winner: 1938
    • Runners-up: 1917

Club names

  • 1963–2001: Telstar
  • 2001–2008: Stormvogels Telstar
  • 2008–present: Telstar


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Below is a table with Telstar's domestic results since the introduction of professional football in 1956.

Current squad

As of 1 July 2013

For recent transfers, see List of Dutch football transfers summer 2013

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Netherlands GK Cor Varkevisser
2 Netherlands DF Anthony Correia (captain)
3 Netherlands DF Calvin Mac-Intosch
5 Netherlands DF Tim Keurntjes
6 Netherlands MF Kevin van Essen
7 Netherlands MF Johan Kulhan
8 Netherlands MF Sjaak Lettinga
10 Netherlands MF Frank Korpershoek
11 Netherlands FW Daryl van Mieghem
12 Netherlands MF Shabir Isoufi
No. Position Player
14 Angola FW Diangi Matusiwa
15 Australia MF Andrew Marveggio
16 Netherlands GK Wesley Zonneveld
17 Netherlands DF Oliver Rifai
18 Netherlands MF Oger Klos
19 Netherlands FW Ingmar Maayen
20 Netherlands DF Paul Kok (on loan from AZ)
21 Netherlands DF Toine van Huizen
23 Netherlands FW Diego Karg

Retired numbers

  • 22Netherlands Luciano van den Berg, posthumous honour



  • Netherlands Marcel Keizer (head coach)
  • Netherlands Alami Ahannach (assistant coach)
  • Netherlands René Ponk (goalkeeping coach)


  • Netherlands Pieter de Waard (General manager)
  • Netherlands Steef Hammerstein (Finance mananger)

Historic facts

All-time leading goalscorers

Pos. Name Birth Nationality Goals
1 Sander Oostrom 14 July 1967 Netherlands 87
2 Melvin Holwijn 02/01/1980 Netherlands 60
3 Ronald Hoop 04/04/1967 Netherlands 52
4 Cees van Kooten 20 August 1948 Netherlands 45
5 Rini van Roon 24 January 1961 Netherlands 43
6 Co Stout 07/09/1948 Netherlands 41
Ron de Roode 20 March 1965 Netherlands 41
8 Glynor Plet 30 January 1987 Netherlands 39
9 Dick Bond 27 December 1943 Netherlands 38
10 Jan Bruin 30 September 1969 Netherlands 37
11 Monne de Wit 23 September 1945 Netherlands 35
12 Erik Regtop 16 February 1968 Netherlands 33
13 Floor Buma 04/03/1956 Netherlands 32
14 Rob van der Meer 18 February 1953 Netherlands 30
15 Sergio Ommel 02/09/1977 Netherlands 29
16 Ronny van Es 22 May 1978 Netherlands 29
17 Gerry Clement 29 August 1939 Netherlands 28
18 Jelle Visser 07/08/1967 Netherlands 27
Raoul Henar 04/08/1972 Netherlands 27
20 Walter Smak 13 April 1968 Netherlands 26
Laurens ten Heuvel 06/06/1976 Netherlands 26
Sjaak Lettinga 16 September 1982 Netherlands 26

Most appearances

Pos. Name Birth Nationality Appearances
1 Fred Bischot 23 July 1948 Netherlands 372
2 Frans van Essen 19 February 1948 Netherlands 360
3 Paul van der Meeren 06/07/1944 Netherlands 339
4 Fred André 31 May 1941 Netherlands 321
5 Sander Oostrom 14 July 1967 Netherlands 320
6 Koos Kuut 02/01/1958 Netherlands 310
7 Anthony Correia 02/05/1982 Netherlands 304
8 Richard van Heulen 13 October 1981 Netherlands 294
9 René Panhuis 26 August 1964 Netherlands 282
10 Walter Smak 13 April 1968 Netherlands 281
11 Jan Nederburgh 25 April 1958 Netherlands 279
12 Paul van Egmond 28 February 1943 Netherlands 273
13 Hans Driessen 22 January 1947 Netherlands 251
14 Melvin Holwijn 02/01/1980 Netherlands 247
15 Floor Buma 04/03/1956 Netherlands 241
16 Jos Jonker 23 April 1951 Netherlands 225
17 Brian Tevreden 17 June 1969 Netherlands 212
18 Monne de Wit 23 September 1945 Netherlands 211
19 Dick Bond 27 December 1943 Netherlands 198
20 Ronny van Es 22 May 1978 Netherlands 182

Internationals (*)

Name Nationality
Piet van der Kuil Netherlands 40 caps. Played for Ajax and PSV
Reinaldo Brazil 29 caps. Played for Atlético Mineiro, Palmeiras and Cruzeiro
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Netherlands 24 caps. Played for Leeds United, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea and Middlesbrough
Nacer Abdellah Morocco 24 caps. Played for KV Mechelen, Cercle Brugge and FC Den Bosch
Ruud Geels Netherlands 20 caps. Played for Feyenoord, Ajax, PSV, Club Brugge and Anderlecht
Cees van Kooten Netherlands 9 caps. Played for Lille, Go Ahead Eagles and PEC Zwolle
Jerzy Willim Poland 8 caps. Played for Górnik Zabrze, Szombierki Bytom and Stade Rennais
Dominique Kivuvu Angola 5 caps. Plays for CFR Cluj
Orlando Smeekes Netherlands Antilles 4 caps. Plays for FC Carl Zeiss Jena
Jerry de Jong Netherlands 3 caps. Played for AZ '67, SC Heerenveen, PSV, FC Groningen and SM Caen
Peter Ressel Netherlands 3 caps. Played for PSV, Feyenoord and Anderlecht
Leon Kantelberg Netherlands Antilles 3 caps. Plays for FC Eindhoven
Dries Boussatta Netherlands 3 caps. Played for HFC Haarlem and AZ '67
Andwelé Slory Netherlands 2 caps. Plays for West Bromwich Albion
Jos Jonker Netherlands 2 caps. Played for AZ '67 and FC Den Haag
Hennie Meijer Netherlands 1 cap. Played for Roda JC, Ajax, FC Groningen and SC Heerenveen
Wietze Couperus Netherlands 1 cap. Played for HFC Haarlem, FC Den Haag and FC Amsterdam
Baki Mercimek Turkey 1 cap. Plays for Karşıyaka SK
Joona Toivio Finland 1 cap. Plays for Djurgårdens IF

(*) Only Leon Kantelberg played his caps as a Telstar player. All the others played the caps before or after their Telstar time.

Other famous former players

Name Nationality
Heinz Stuy Netherlands 3 times European Cup winner with Ajax
Louis van Gaal Netherlands Coach of Ajax, FC Barcelona and AZ
Henk ten Cate Netherlands Coach of Vitesse, NAC, Ajax and assistant at FC Barcelona
Cor Brom Netherlands Coach of Vitesse and Ajax
Frank Kramer Netherlands Became a well-known TV host
Hans Kraay, Jr. Netherlands Became a well-known TV host
Arjan de Zeeuw Netherlands Played in England for Barnsley, Wigan Athletic and Portsmouth
Jan Mulder Netherlands Played for FC Volendam, Sparta, Feyenoord and Dordrecht '90
Dick Helling Netherlands Played for Ajax and FC Volendam
Florian Vijent Netherlands Talented goalkeeper, was killed in the crash of Surinam Airways Flight PY764
Radjin de Haan Netherlands One of the few survivors in the crash of Surinam Airways Flight PY764
Luciano van den Berg Netherlands Talented defender killed in a car crash in 2005
André Krul Netherlands Played for FC Utrecht, Sparta Rotterdam and Boyacá Chicó in Colombia


Period Manager Nationality
1963–64 Toon van den Ende Netherlands
1964–65 Jack Mansell England
1965–66 Oliver Gaspar Romania
1966–69 Piet de Visser Netherlands
1969–74 Jan Rab Netherlands
1974–77 Joop Castemiller Netherlands
1977–78 Mircea Petescu Romania
1978–80 Martin van Vianen Netherlands
1980–83 Joop Brand Netherlands
1983–87 Fred André Netherlands
1987–88 Cor van der Hart Netherlands
1988–90 Cees Glas Netherlands
1990–93 Niels Overweg Netherlands
1993–95 Simon Kistemaker Netherlands
1995–97 Cor Pot Netherlands
1997–98 Harry van den Ham Netherlands
1998–99 Henny Lee Netherlands
1999–01 Simon Kistemaker Netherlands
2001–02 Toon Beijer Netherlands
2002–05 Jan Poortvliet Netherlands
2005–08 Luc Nijholt Netherlands
2008–10 Edward Metgod Netherlands
2010–2012 Jan Poortvliet Netherlands
2012–present Marcel Keizer Netherlands

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