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Tianjin Polytechnic University

Tianjin Polytechnic University
Established 1912
Location Tianjin, China

Tianjin Polytechnic University (Chinese: 天津工业大学; pinyin: Tiānjīn gōngyè dàxué) is a university in Tianjin, China under the municipal government. It is also referred to as TJPU. The university was founded in 1912[1] and currently has fourteen colleges on two campuses in the city. The old campus is located in the Hedong District (河东区 Hédōng Qū), and the new one is in the Xiqing District (西青区 Xīqīng Qū).

General information

Tianjin Polytechnical University (TJPU) is a Tianjin key constructive state-run full-time institution of higher education, which is jointly financed by the Ministry of Education and the Tianjin municipal government. In 2003, TJPU received outstanding marks in the first group of “Undergraduate Program Evaluation” sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The university has a long history, with its primary department established in 1912. Although engineering subjects are its main focus, TJPU presently is a multidisciplinary teaching and research university, which offers courses in the physical sciences, the liberal arts, management, economics and law . It has formed a complete educational system aimed at producing graduates at the bachelor, masters and doctorate levels. The university consists of 14 teaching units, offers 44 undergraduate specialized subjects, and has an enrollment of 25,000 full-time students. There is one key subject at the national level, 3 key subjects at the provincial and ministerial levels, 5 key constructive subjects of the city of Tianjin, 2 most important subjects of the city of Tianjin, 2 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 3 key laboratories of the city of Tianjin, 2 engineering centres of the city of Tianjin, 1 technological dissemination centre of the city of Tianjin, 1 centre for postdoctoral studies, 1 doctoral program of the first-level subjects, 7 doctoral programs of the second-level subjects, 4 self-established doctoral programs of the second-level subjects, 43 Master’s degree programs and 9 engineering Master’s fields. Currently, there are 1,500 full-time teachers, of whom 700 teachers are with senior titles such as professors and associate professors. Our university has also specially engaged over 20 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and renowned foreign scholars as part-time professors. Nearly 50 advanced talents work in the university, including members in Degree Committee Subject Consultation of State Council, commissioners in the Consulting Committee of the Ministry of Education, members of the Discipline Construction & Specially Setting-up Committee of the Ministry of Education, professors specially engaged by the Tianjin municipal government, experts granted titles by Tianjin municipal government, experts of outstanding contributors commended by the Personnel Ministry, experts taking allowance from the State Council. The guiding principle to run the university is “Teaching and Research promote each other; Learning and Ability improve together”. And the school motto is “Rigorous, Strict, Realistic, Truthful”. Therefore, in our university, the administration is strict and the academic programs are always well projected. In order to actively promote the quality of education, the university carries out various study patterns, such as elastic length of schooling, the credit system, the academic study system both in major and minor fields, double degrees system, etc., and introduces a talents cultivating mode of “different levels, individual character, broad requirements, open system”. Laying emphasis on combining the knowledge, ability, innovation and the students’ all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty so as to promote the students’ overall fine quality, the university endeavors to cultivate high-level talents with high-quality who will satisfy the demands of our society.

TJPU has tremendous strength in scientific research. In the past 3 years, the university has undertaken nearly 1,000 scientific research projects at various levels, such as projects of national defense sophisticated technology, national brain-storm projects, the Eight-Six-Three Program, the National Natural Science Fund Program, the National Torchlight Program, natural science fund programs at ministerial and provincial levels, Projects with 10 billion Yuan fund and some other programs of social sciences. Among them, 300 projects have received the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Invention Award and Science & Technology Progress Award at provincial or ministerial levels, and national and international licensed patents. In 2006, the scientific research fund which the university has obtained reached 1 million Yuan. Now, it has major strengths in scientific research on textile composite materials, hollow fibre membrane separating technology, special functional fibre materials, textile oiling agent, semiconductor lighting, and production of electromechanical equipment integration, all of which have their own notable characteristics. While devoting major efforts to developing autonomously innovative science and technology, in order to give impetus to the combination of production, learning and research, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, the university has set up over 60 research and development institutions in cooperation with some local enterprises, including Motian Membrane Science and Technology Company, industrial corporation with advanced and new technology, Functional Fibre Development Centre, etc. The demonstration project of hollow fibre membrane industry covering an area of about 1,000,000 square meters in has been accepted by the National Development and Reform Committee and has become the largest hollow fibre membrane production base in our country.

The development aims of TJPU is that with the principle of basing itself on Tianjin, facing the whole country, the university is sparing no effort to make itself a multiple-discipline, research and teaching type university which has greater influence in China and some prestige in the world.


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