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Trespass (band)

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Title: Trespass (band)  
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Trespass (band)

Origin Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Genres Heavy metal
Years active 1978–1982, 1992–1993
Labels Trial Records
Associated acts Blue Blud, Blue Blood, Requiem, Cathedral
Past members Mark Sutcliffe
Steve "Sleeve" Mills
Robert Eckland
Adrian Grimes (aka Adrian Lynden)
Paul Sutcliffe
Dave Crawte
Richard Penny
Cris Linscott
Bob Irving
Leo Smee

Trespass were a heavy metal band from Suffolk, England. They were part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal at the beginning of the 1980s.


Initially the band consisted of brothers Mark Sutcliffe (voice and guitar) and Paul Sutcliffe (drums), Dave Crawte (guitar), and Richard Penny (bass). Later they replaced Richard Penny with Cris Linscott and added vocalist Steve "Sleeve" Mills, all under 21 at the time. They all had day jobs, as the band never became financially viable: "Sleeve" was employed by the Social Security Dapartment, Mark and Paul worked at a factory, Dave worked at a record shop, and Cris was an income tax collector. The band's manager was Steve Kendall.[1]

Mark Sutcliffe cites as a musical influence Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple fame, Cris Linscott admired Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rush, while "Sleeve" liked David Coverdale and Paul Rodgers.

Trial Records

The band came to sign with Trial Records and their first single, "One Of These Days", had a pressing of only 2000 copies, which were sold out in a short time. After that they enlisted vocalist Rob Eckland to record their "Jealousy/Live it up" single which was a double a-side.[2] The final release for the label was the "Bright lights" EP which also had a pressing of 2000 copies. Interestingly, the a-side ran at 45 RPM but the b-side ran at 33⅓ RPM.

The Enid and Lodge Studios

In 1982 the band were represented for a brief period by Lester Mortimer, the manager for British pomp rock band The Enid. Lead vocalist Adrian Grimes (aka Adrian Lynden) joined them for the recording of a 6-track demo, produced by Steven Stewart at The Enid's Lodge Studios. Some of these tracks were included on "One Of These Days: The Anthology". The band played a few gigs with this line-up (the biggest being the Quay Theatre in Sudbury) but disbanded after a family tragedy.

Other Releases

The band recorded a session for Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show, which secured them an inclusion in Metal Explosion, a BBC compilation record.

They also managed to have two of their songs included in the second volume of the Metal For Muthas compilation series.

In 1990 Lars Ulrich, the drummer and co-founder of the band Metallica, released a compilation entitled NWOBHM '79 Revisited commemorating the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal's first decade after the event. The double-CD includes some of the top acts of the time with Trespass being represented with their biggest hit "One of these days" from the BBC session.

After Trespass

After Trespass's break-up, the long-term members of the band (Mark, Paul, and Dave) formed a glam metal band by the name of Blue Blud (later Blue Blood), releasing two albums: 'The Big Noise' (1989) and 'Universal Language' (1991). After Blue Blood's break-up in 1992, the brothers revived the Trespass name and released an album of original material in 1993 by the name of 'Head'.

Various compilations of released and unreleased material have been issued during the years, both officially by the band and in unofficial bootlegs. Some of these include: 'Through The Ages', 'The Works', 'The Works 2', and 'One Of These Days: The Trespass Anthology'.

Recording Sessions[3]

1979, October - Hillside Studios

  1. "One of these days" (released as the a-side of the single "One of these days")
  2. "Bloody moon" (released as the b-side of the single "One of these days")
  3. "Frogeye"
  4. "Bombay mix"
  5. "Ace of spades"

1980, February - Spaceward Studios

  1. "8 'til 5"
  2. "Stormchild" (released on the compilation album Metal For Muthas, Volume 2: Cut Loud)
  3. "Lightsmith"
  4. "One of these days" (released on the compilation album Metal For Muthas, Volume 2: Cut Loud)

1980, April - EMI Studios

  1. "Live it up"
  2. "Change your mind"
  3. "Visionary"
  4. "Assassin"

1980, May 2 - BBC Studios
(the Friday Rock Show session)

  1. "One of these days"
  2. "Stormchild"
  3. "Live it up"
  4. "Visionary" (released on the compilation album Metal Explosion)

1980, August - Spaceward Studios

  1. "Live it up" (released as the aa-side of the single "Jealousy")
  2. "Jealousy" (released as the a-side of the single "Jealousy")

1981, March - Hillside Studios

  1. "Bounty hunter"
  2. "Point of no return"
  3. "Vendetta"

1981, July - RG Jones Studios

  1. "Bright lights" (released as the a-side of the EP "Bright lights")
  2. "Duel" (released as the first b-side of the EP "Bright lights")
  3. "Man and machine" (released as the second b-side of the EP "Bright lights")
  4. "Life beat"
  5. "It's all over"

1982, May - The Lodge Studios

  1. "Make it metal"
  2. "Rockin' on the radio"
  3. "Midnight hour"

1982, November - The Lodge Studios

  1. "Long way to Hollywood"
  2. "Rockin' the hard way"
  3. "Hot on your heels"


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