Web address www.typingweb.com
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Online Typing Tutor
Registration Free For Individuals
Owner FTW Innovations
Created by FTW Innovations
Launched June 2000
Alexa rank positive decrease 25,345 (November 2013)[1]

TypingWeb is a free typing tutor run directly from a user's web browser and is compatible with all modern browsers.[2] Users are taken from the basics of typing, such as home row keys, to more advanced facets such as problem keys, speed drills, and techniques to reduce strain that causes Carpal Tunnel syndrome.


TypingWeb is an online typing test and typing tutor developed to support the learning curve of all ages. TypingWeb aims to make learning to type engaging by offering the ability to type current news headlines, classic literature, and play typing-related games. TypingWeb is completely free and requires no downloads or installations, and is run directly through a user's web browser. TypingWeb also offers a downloadable client,[3] and an iPhone typing tutor.[4]


TypingWeb.com was founded in 2000 as a free web application aimed at teaching individuals to learn to type from the ground up. In 2002, TypingWeb became a pay-per-license web application, no longer offering free accounts. In 2005, TypingWeb started offering packages for schools and corporations to teach students and employees to type in an easy to manage group admin environment. In October 2007, TypingWeb went completely free to individual users,[5] following the increasing trend of free online applications.


  • Typing Courses – Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced groups are typing courses to be used depending on users' skill level and goals.
  • Specialty Lessons – Classic literature, comedy, and other specialty lessons are included to keep typing engaging.
  • News Headline Exercises – Users can learn to type by typing current news headlines. These exercises are updated daily. Users can also opt to have lessons emailed daily.
  • Problem Keys Exercises – As the users work their way through the lessons, TypingWeb tracks their mistakes and learns their most problematic keys. Once enough keys are known, the user can access a custom built lesson to work those extra tough letters.
  • Typing Test – TypingWeb has a Typing Test that users can take repeatedly to track their progress over time. Once the test has been taken twice, the progress will be charted. Users can take this test any number of times. However only the last ten scores will be shown on this mini-graph.
  • Typing Certificate – Once users have completed the Typing Test five or more times a new button will appear below the mini-graph allowing them to access a printable Typing Certificate. Certificates are in Adobe Acrobat format. Statistics are the average of a user's last five Typing Test scores.
  • Typing Games - TypingWeb has twelve different games that are parodies of other games, such as Keyboard Ninja (Fruit Ninja from Halfbrick), Type-a-Balloon (Bloons from NinjaKiwi and Mochigames) and Type Revolution (DJMax Mobile/Tap Sonic from Freezm/Neowiz Internet, Dance Contest from Disney, etc.). As an addition the page including the games has a direct link to their other product, Nitro Type.


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