URL (rapper)

Earl Edgar(URL)
Earl Edgar(URL) in Mumbai 2013
Background information
Also known as URL
Origin Bahrain,Gulf Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer,Performer,Composer,Rapper,Music Producer
Years active Since 1995
Website http://iamurl.in/

URL aka Earl Edgar

Earl Edgar, popularly known by his stage name URL, is an Indian singer, performer, composer, rapper and music producer. Composing comes naturally to URL, he creates a different yet commercial sound production beside his simple "hindesh" lines and 'verses' to entice the listener and even gets them to sing along.

He is known for phrases like "Magical India 'outaf a hat, Desi style yaara, is where we're at", "Feel the dholbajao baby" for High School Musical 2, and of course the international "Your my love, my love, Janeja you're my love" from the movie Partner and the famous Marathi Rap “Jithe mi jaate tithe tu diste, Hawaat tujhe sugandh pasarte, Manaat tu majhya dhyanaat tu... Charo dishaanat tu hich tu..”.for NANA CHI TAANG from the film Khatta Meetha are just a few of his innovative creations.

He has done the rap and voices-overs for Ads and jingles for Nokia, Sony Ericson, Parry's Butterscotch, Kenstar, Kelvinator, Pepsi, Mtv. He has been a music producer and equipped with music arranging & programming for movies like Dhamaal, remixes for Bollywood and Tollywood. Currently, he is working on a number of projects, shows and albums that are in the pipeline.

Early life and Education

Born in Bahrain, the Gulf, he spent most of his childhood in Bahrain. His parents had to move back to India during the Iraq-Kuwait war. He studied electronics engineering in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Due to this sudden move, his family faced struggling times. He had to work and study together. To support the family he sang for parties and weddings. He helped his mother in a small catering business by packaging and supplying sandwiches and burgers, to shops in the city.

As time changed he started an institute called “scherzando” that enabled kids to learn and perform on stage. He was 19 then. He hosted shows with these students and big names like “Mitsubhishi” launched the same. He worked as a full-time teacher along with this in renowned schools like Xavier group of School, Ashoka Academy and Jamnabai Narsee monjee, Mumbai.

Apart from this work, in the remainder of his available time he wrote jingles and recorded albums, along with performing at nightclubs, restaurants and bars. Working as a part-time music teacher in a school he grew to love working with children and simultaneously completed his degree in Electronics Engineering.

When all seemed impossible and even solutions to the flimsiest problems seemed like an uphill task, something happened suddenly, that changed all! In his own words, URL says, "There were moments when everything went wrong, but I knew it wasn't gonna last too long. If I have to recollect, it was a casual call to compose a remix with originality for Jalwa 3 (Times Music), and I was supposed to do the song "Bar BarDekho" from the 1962 film China Town. I wrote and sang the Hindi and English vocals and also did the Jamaican rap with the chorus. In total 3 different voices in one song. From then on there was more work, and there’s been no looking back. Nothing stops me in giving my best inputs to whatever I peruse. Whether it is as a professional performer, music producer, vocalist or educationist, I believe give it your full, cause you have nothing to loose… you’ve been gifted and given…so give your everything to what you want to achieve and make the most of it”


Today as in 2013, he is known for his ability to create music, and perform with a variety of vocal abilities besides performing on the piano, guitar harmonica drums & percussions

These niche qualities give him a strong standing in the Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood music scenes. “Music is a universal language. Today there are more opportunities for talents to bring out on stage themselves. India is deeply culture rooted country, and we need to evolve and grow and give the world a piece of our heritage”, says URL.

He believes in a supernatural power that hovers over us and is always around. That supernatural power is not partisan to any religion, it is in possession of the entire creation. Even though is a Christian by birth, yet he does pooja on Diwali, lights up a tree on Christmas and eats a lot on Eid. He says that for everyone to be so perfectly made, and this universe to be so well set, there must be something out there that's keeping it all going. It couldn't just be a BIG BANG theory. A person’s personal life experiences have a strong influence on a person’s belief in God.

In the future he wants to start an Institution that helps impart his knowledge of music, instrumentation, audio and sound and is in the process of collaborating with international colleges along with his own institute “Voca-Moca”


Apart from over 1000 remixes and other originals till 2013

  1. Janeja you’re my love – Partner
  2. Grand masti – Grand masti
  3. Go go golmaal – Golmaal
  4. Tha karke – golmaal returns
  5. Na na chi taang – Khatta meetha
  6. Dill mera jumbo – jumbo
  7. Everything gona be awrite – Jumbo
  8. Thayn thayn – dum maro dum
  9. Pagli hai nadan - Players
  10. Ishq na kariya – Pyar ka panchnama
  11. Bullseye – Apne
  12. Chaska – Badmash Company
  13. Jingle - Badmash Company
  14. Badmash Company - Badmash Company
  15. Chance Pe Dance
  16. Missing Sunday – Sunday
  17. Manzar – Sunday
  18. Mumbai mast kalander – Mumbai mast kalander
  19. Aaja nachle – high school musical
  20. Allah bachaye – pyar ka side effects
  21. Bad boy – pyar ka side effects
  22. EMI – EMI
  23. Get in to my car – DUS
  24. Bad boys – Department
  25. Laung da kashkara –Patiyla house
  26. Role paygaya – Patiyla house
  27. Soch maat doobara – 99
  28. Yeh lo mein haari piya – aar paar
  29. Amrica I love – Tere bin ladin
  30. Nalamdhana – sillambattam
  31. Har mohan ka koi radha – pyare mohan
  32. Chocolate
  33. Hatrick

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