WBO Minimumweight Champion

This is a list of minimumweight boxing champions (also known as strawweight boxing champions), as recognized by boxing organizations:

Reign Began Reign Ended Champion Recognition


Title inaugurated
1987-06-14 1987-12-16-Vacated South Korea Kyung-Yun Lee IBF
1988-03-24 1989-06-17 Thailand Samuth Sithnaruepol IBF
1989-06-17 1989-09-21 Indonesia Nico Thomas IBF
1989-09-21 1990-02-22 Philippines Eric Chávez IBF
1990-02-22 1992-09-06 Thailand Fahlan Sakkreerin IBF
1992-09-06 1992-12-10 Philippines Manny Melchor IBF
1992-12-10 1996-03-15-Stripped Thailand Ratanapol Sor Vorapin IBF
1996-05-18 1997-12-27 Thailand Ratanapol Sor Vorapin IBF
1997-12-27 2001-Vacated South Africa Zolani Petelo IBF
2001-04-29 2002-08-09 Mexico Roberto Carlos Leyva IBF
2002-08-09 2003-05-31 Colombia Miguel Barrera IBF
2003-05-31 2003-10-04 Mexico Edgar Cardenas IBF
2003-10-04 2004-09-14 Colombia Daniel Reyes IBF
2004-09-14 2007-07-07 Indonesia Muhammad Rachman IBF
2007-07-07 2008-06-14 Philippines Florante Condes IBF
2008-06-14 2010-03-26 Mexico Raúl García Hirales IBF
2010-03-26 2012-09-01 South Africa Nkosinathi Joyi IBF
2012-09-01 2013-03-30 Mexico Mario Rodríguez IBF
2013-03-30 Present Japan Katsunari Takayama IBF


Title inaugurated
1987-10-18 1988-11-13 Japan Hiroki Ioka WBC
1988-11-13 1989-11-12 Thailand Napa Kiatwanchai WBC
1989-11-12 1990-02-07 South Korea Jum-Hwan Choi WBC
1990-02-07 1990-10-25 Japan Hideyuki Ohashi WBC
1990-10-25 1999-Vacated Mexico Ricardo López WBC
1999 2000-02-11 Thailand Wandee Singwangcha WBC
2000-02-11 2004-01-10 Mexico José Antonio Aguirre WBC
2004-01-10 2004-12-18 Thailand Eagle Kyowa WBC
2004-12-18 2005-04-04 Mexico Isaac Bustos WBC
2005-04-04 2005-08-06 Japan Katsunari Takayama WBC
2005-08-06 2007-11-29 Thailand Eagle Kyowa WBC
2007-11-29 2011-02-11 Thailand Oleydong Sithsamerchai WBC
2011-02-11 2012-06-30-Vacated Japan Kazuto Ioka WBC
2012-11-24 Present China Xiong Zhao Zhong WBC


Title inaugurated
1988-01-10 1989-Vacated Venezuela Leo Gamez WBA
1989-04-16 1991-02-02 South Korea Bong-Jun Kim WBA
1991-02-02 1992-10-14 South Korea Hi-Yong Choi WBA
1992-10-14 1993-02-10 Japan Hideyuki Ohashi WBA
1993-02-10 1995-12-02 Thailand Chana Porpaoin WBA
1995-12-02 1998-11-13-Stripped Nicaragua Rosendo Alvarez WBA
1998-11-13 1999-Stripped Mexico Ricardo López WBA
1999-10-09 2000-08-20-Stripped Venezuela Noel Arambulet WBA
2000-08-20 2000-12-06 Philippines Joma Gamboa WBA
2000-12-06 2001-04-16 Japan Keitaro Hoshino WBA
2001-04-16 2001-08-25 Thailand Chana Porpaoin WBA
2001-08-25 2001-10-19-Retired Japan Yutaka Niida WBA
2002-01-29 2002-07-29 Japan Keitaro Hoshino WBA
2002-07-29 2004-07-03-Stripped Venezuela Noel Arambulet WBA
2004-07-03 2008-09-15 Japan Yutaka Niida WBA
2008-09-15 2010-10-08-Vacated Nicaragua Román González WBA
2010-11-05 2011-04-19 Thailand Kwanthai Sithmorseng WBA
2011-04-19 2011-07-30 Indonesia Muhammad Rachman WBA
2011-07-30 2011-10-24 Thailand Pornsawan Porpramook WBA
2011-10-24 2012-06-20 Japan Akira Yaegashi WBA
2012-06-20 2012-10-03-Vacated Japan Kazuto Ioka WBA
2012-12-31 Present Japan Ryo Miyazaki WBA


Title inaugurated
1989-08-30 1993-Vacated Dominican Republic Rafael Torres WBO
1993-05-15 1993-10-25-Vacated Scotland Paul Weir WBO
1993-12-22 1997-08-23 Puerto Rico Alex Sánchez WBO
1997-08-23 1997-Vacated Mexico Ricardo López WBO
1997-12-19 1998-05-30 Philippines Eric Jamili WBO
1998-05-30 2001-04-06-Vacated Colombia Kermin Guardia WBO
2002-06-29 2003-03-28 Spain Jorge Mata WBO
2003-03-28 2003-05-03 Nicaragua Eduardo Ray Marquez WBO
2003-05-03 2007-08-25-Vacated Puerto Rico Ivan Calderón WBO
2007-09-30 2011-02-25-Vacated Philippines Donnie Nietes WBO
2011-02-25 2011-08-27 Mexico Raúl García Hirales WBO
2011-08-27 2013-04-19-Vacated Mexico Moisés Fuentes WBO
2013-04-19 Present Philippines Merlito Sabillo WBO
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