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Title: Choke  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Choke may refer to:

  • Choking, obstruction of airflow into the lungs
    • Choke (horse), a condition in horses in which the esophagus is blocked
    • Choking game, a schoolyard game involving deprivation of oxygen to the brain
    • Chokehold, a grappling hold performed on the neck that serves to render the opponent unconscious
  • Choke (sports), a failure to win a competition at critical moments

Science and technology

  • Choke (electronics), an inductor used to block signals of particular frequencies
  • Choked flow, a restriction of fluid flow under pressure, in which the fluid reaches sonic flow
  • Choke point, a constriction in a conduit or transport system, e.g. a narrowing of a road
  • Choke valve, a valve used to control the fuel-air mixture in internal combustion engines
  • Spreading and choking, a technique in printing for adjusting colors in the production of color separations
  • Damping (music) or Dampening, a guitar-playing technique in which the sound is reduced by pressing the palm against the strings
  • Choke (firearms), a tapered constriction of the gun barrel's bore at the muzzle end


Other uses

  • Choke Yasuoka (born 1973), wheelchair racer
  • Choke pear, a variety of pear and a variety of gag
  • Chokecherry, a suckering shrub or small tree, a species of bird cherry
  • Chowk (pronounced as the English Choke), in Hindi-Urdu, is a place where paths intersect
  • Globe artichoke
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