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1947 In Television

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Title: 1947 In Television  
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Subject: 1947 in television, 1957 in television, 1956 in television, 1955 in television, 1954 in television
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1947 In Television

List of years in television (table)

The year 1947 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1947.


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  • January 3 – Proceedings of the U.S. Congress are televised for the first time.
  • January 22 – The first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, KTLA, begins operation in Hollywood.
  • January 29 – RCA company demonstrates an all-electronic color television system using live images, to the US Federal Communications Commission.
  • January 30 – The FCC rejects CBS' color television system.
  • February 10 to March 11 – BBC television service in the UK is temporarily suspended due to a national fuel crisis.
  • March 11 – The first successful American children's television series, Movies for Small Fry debuts on the DuMont Network.
  • July 16 – RCA demonstrates the world's first all-electronic color camera to the Federal Communications Commission. (Only television receivers were present at the demonstration on January 29; the camera was at a remote studio.)
  • September 30 – The opening game of the World Series is the first World Series game to be telecast. The 1947 World Series was watched by an estimated 3.9 million people (many watching in bars and other public places), becoming television's first mass audience.
  • October 5 – The first telecast of a presidential address from the White House. President Truman speaks about the world food crisis. It is preceded by a Jell-O commercial, and features the president discussing his program for food rationing. The address was televised by WTVW-TV (presently WJLA-TV Channel 7 in Washington DC) as part of its inaugural broadcast. It was also simulcast by radio. It was long believed that no copy of this broadcast existed, but segments are preserved on kinescope in the Library of Congress. (For the record, President Franklin Roosevelt's address broadcast over NBC experimental television W2XBS -- now WNBC -- at the 1939 New York World's Fair preceded the 1947 Truman broadcast. However, Truman's broadcast is indeed the first from inside the White House.)
  • October 13 – The puppet show series Junior Jamboree, later known as Kukla, Fran and Ollie, premieres on WBKB in Chicago, Illinois.
  • November 6 – Meet the Press first appears as a local program in Washington, D.C..
  • November 8 – Memorial service broadcast from the Cenotaph by the BBC, using tele-recording for the first time.
  • The first Hollywood movie production for TV, The Public Prosecutor.
  • There are 44,000 television sets in use in the United States.


Television shows

Series Debut Ended
Picture Page (UK) October 8, 1936 1939
1946 1952
Starlight (UK) November 3, 1936 1939
1946 1949
For The Children (UK) April 24, 1937 1939
July 7, 1946 1950
The Voice of Firestone Televues 1943 1947
1949 1963
The World in Your Home 1944 1948
Boxing From St. Nicholas Arena 1946 1948
You Be the Judge 1946 194?
See What You Know January 1946 1949
Hour Glass May 9, 1946 March 1947
Face to Face June 9, 1946 January 26, 1947
Geographically Speaking June 9, 1946 October 1947
Cash and Carry June 20, 1946 July 1, 1947
Serving Through Science August 15, 1946 1947
I Love to Eat 1946 1947
You Are an Artist 1946 1950
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports November 8, 1946 June 24, 1960
Let's Rhumba 1946 1947
Television Screen Magazine 1946 1949
Campus Hoopla 1946 1947
Swing Into Sports 1947 1949
Chicagoland Mystery Players 1947 July 23, 1950
The Jack Eigen Show 1947 1951
Small Fry Club 1947 1951
Juvenile Jury 1947 1954
The Swift Home Service Club May 1947 ?
Doorway to Fame May 2, 1947 July 4, 1949
Kraft Television Theater May 7, 1947 1958
King Cole's Birthday Party May 15, 1947 June 23, 1949
In the Kelvinator Kitchen 1947 1948
The Walter Compton News June 16, 1947 January 1948
Major League Baseball on NBC July 8, 1947 October 17, 2000
Musical Merry-Go-Round 1947 1949
Kukla, Fran and Ollie October 13, 1947 1957
Meet the Press (longest running program with more than 4000 episodes) 1947 Still in broadcast
Pantomime Quiz November 13, 1947 October 9, 1959
Mary Kay and Johnny November 18, 1947 March 11, 1950
Charade Quiz 1947 1949
Television Playhouse December 4, 1947 April 11, 1948
Americana 1947 1949
Howdy Doody December 27, 1947 September 24, 1960
Kaleidoscope (UK) November 2, 1946 1953
Pinwright's Progress (UK) November 29, 1946 May 16, 1947
Muffin the Mule (UK) 1946 1955
Paging You (UK) 1946 1948
Café Continental (UK) 1947 1953
Eye Witness 1947 1948

Ending this year

Date Show Debut
January 17 The Voice of Firestone 1943
Let's Rhumba 1946
January 26 Face to Face
March Hour Glass
May 16 Pinwright's Progress (UK)
May 18 I Love to Eat
May 27 Serving Through Science
July 1 Cash and Carry
October Geographically Speaking
Unknown Campus Hoopla



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