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1969 Pacific Conference Games

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Title: 1969 Pacific Conference Games  
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Subject: Debbie Brill, 1981 Pacific Conference Games
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1969 Pacific Conference Games

I Pacific Conference Games
The host stadium
Host city Tokyo, Japan
Date(s) 26–27 September
Main stadium National Olympic Stadium
Events 32

The 1969 Pacific Conference Games was the first edition of the international athletics competition between five Pacific coast nations: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. It was held from 26–27 September at the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.[1][2] A total of 20 men's and 12 women's athletics events were contested.[3]


  • Medal summary 1
    • Men 1.1
    • Women 1.2
  • References 2

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Ivory Crockett (USA) 10.4  Greg Lewis (AUS) 10.6  Masahide Jinno (JPN) 10.6
200 metres  Peter Norman (AUS) 21.0  Greg Lewis (AUS) 21.0  Ivory Crockett (USA) 21.3
400 metres  Len van Hofwegen (USA) 46.6  Jay Elbel (USA) 47.6  Tony Powell (CAN) 48.1
800 metres  Ralph Doubell (AUS) 1:48.0  Keith Wheeler (AUS) 1:48.9  Lowell Paul (USA) 1:48.9
1500 metres  Tony Benson (AUS) 3:43.8  Dick Tayler (NZL) 3:44.7  Norm Trerise (CAN) 3:45.4
5000 metres  Tracy Smith (USA) 13:40.2  Rex Maddaford (NZL) 13:45.8  John Coyle (AUS) 13:48.0
10,000 metres  Ken Moore (USA) 29:01.2  Tsugumichi Suzuki (JPN) 29:01.4  Dave Lotty (AUS) 29:02.4
110 m hurdles  Gary Power (USA) 14.1  Mal Baird (AUS) 14.4  Dale Frederick (AUS) 14.5
400 m hurdles  Gary Knoke (AUS) 51.0  Bill Hooker (AUS) 52.7  Brian Donnelly (CAN) 52.9
3000 metres steeplechase  Kerry O'Brien (AUS) 8:35.4  Tony Manning (AUS) 8:35.6  Taketsugu Saruwatari (JPN) 8:35.8
4×100 m relay  Australia (AUS)
Greg Lewis
Phil May
Peter Norman
Murray Tolbert
40.8  Japan (JPN) 40.9  United States (USA) 41.2
4×400 m relay  United States (USA) 3:07.4  Canada (CAN) 3:12.7  Australia (AUS)
Ralph Doubell
Bill Hooker
Phil King
Gary Knoke
High jump  Lawrie Peckham (AUS) 2.14 m  Phil Shinnick (USA) 2.06 m  Hidehiko Tomizawa (JPN) 2.06 m
Pole vault  Kyoichiro Inoue (JPN) 5.10 m  Bob Seagren (USA) 4.90 m  Kiyoshi Niwa (JPN) 4.90 m
Long jump  Phil May (AUS) 7.74 m  Shinji Ogura (JPN) 7.58 m  Hiroomi Yamada (JPN) 7.56 m
Triple jump  Phil May (AUS) 16.53 m  Yukito Muraki (JPN) 16.36 m  Toshiaki Inoue (JPN) 15.88 m
Shot put  Les Mills (NZL) 18.90 m  Brian Oldfield (USA) 18.85 m  Dave Steen (CAN) 18.54 m
Discus throw   )CAN( 56.00 m  Tim Vollmer (USA) 54.96 m  Dave Steen (CAN) 54.94 m
Hammer throw   )USA( 65.00 m  Yoshihisa Ishida (JPN) 64.74 m  Shigenobu Murofushi (JPN) 63.32 m
Javelin throw  Milt Sonsky (USA) 80.36 m  Hisao Yamamoto (JPN) 75.34 m  Sig Koscik (AUS) 73.84 m


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Marion Hoffman (AUS) 11.7  Penny Haworth (NZL) 11.9  Stephanie Berto (CAN) 11.9
200 metres  Raelene Boyle (AUS) 23.9  Marion Hoffman (AUS) 24.1  Penny Haworth (NZL) 24.3
400 metres  Kathy Hammond (USA) 53.4  Lorraine Wilson (NZL) 54.5  Nancy Shafer (USA) 54.6
800 metres  Cheryl Peasley (AUS) 2:04.7  Doris Brown (USA) 2:05.4  Nancy Shafer (USA) 2:06.5
1500 metres  Doris Brown (USA) 4:19.9  Val Robinson (NZL) 4:23.0  Francie Larrieu (USA) 4:28.5
100 m hurdles  Pam Kilborn (AUS) 13.3  Penny McCallum (AUS) 14.0  Mamie Rallins (USA) 14.2
4×100 m relay  Australia (AUS)
Raelene Boyle
Marion Hoffman
Jenny Lamy
Diane Pease
45.1  Canada (CAN) 46.0  New Zealand (NZL) 46.4
High jump  Debbie Brill (CAN) 1.71 m  Carolyn Wright (AUS) 1.71 m  Susan Baster (NZL)
 Diane Jones (CAN)
1.60 m
Long jump  Willye White (USA) 6.26w m  Hiroko Yamashita (JPN) 6.11 m  Brenda Eisler (CAN) 5.98 m
Shot put  Barbara Poulsen (NZL) 14.90 m  Lynn Graham (USA) 14.84 m  Diane Charteris (NZL) 14.48 m
Discus throw  Jean Roberts (AUS) 51.14 m  Carol Martin (CAN) 45.72 m  Diane Charteris (NZL) 45.28 m
Javelin throw  Jay Dahlgren (CAN) 54.40 m  Petra Rivers (AUS) 52.58 m  Chris Thompson (AUS) 50.76 m


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