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1977 In Film

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The year 1977 in film involved some significant events, the biggest and most important of which was the release of Star Wars.


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  • Awards 3
  • Notable films released in 1977 4
  • Births 5
  • Notable deaths 6
  • Film debuts 7
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Highest-grossing films (U.S.)

The top ten 1977 released films by box office gross in North America are as follows:
Highest-grossing films of 1977
Rank Title Studio Domestic gross
1. Star Wars Lucasfilm / 20th Century Fox $786,535,665[1]
2. Smokey and the Bandit Universal Pictures $126,737,428[2]
3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Columbia Pictures $116,395,460[3]
4. The Goodbye Girl Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Warner Bros. / Rastar $102,000,000[4]
5. Saturday Night Fever Paramount Pictures $94,213,184[5]
6. Oh, God! Warner Bros. $51,061,196[6]
7. A Bridge Too Far United Artists $50,750,000[7]
8. The Deep Columbia Pictures $47,346,365[8]
9. The Spy Who Loved Me United Artists $46,838,673[9]
10. Annie Hall United Artists $38,251,425[10]



Academy Awards:

Best Picture: Annie Hall - Rollins-Joffe, United Artists
Best Director: Woody Allen - Annie Hall
Best Actor: Richard Dreyfuss - The Goodbye Girl
Best Actress: Diane Keaton - Annie Hall
Best Supporting Actor: Jason Robards - Julia
Best Supporting Actress: Vanessa Redgrave - Julia
Best Foreign Language Film: Madame Rosa (La Vie devant soi), directed by Moshé Mizrahi, France

Golden Globe Awards:

Best Picture: The Turning Point
Best Actor: Richard Burton - Equus
Best Actress: Jane Fonda - Julia
Musical or comedy:
Best Picture: The Goodbye Girl
Best Actor: Richard Dreyfuss - The Goodbye Girl
Best Actress (tie): Diane Keaton - Annie Hall
Best Actress (tie): Marsha Mason - The Goodbye Girl
Best Director: Herbert Ross - The Turning Point
Best Foreign Language Film: A Special Day, Italy

Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival):

Father and Master (Padre padrone), directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Italy

Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival):

The Ascent (Voskhozhdeniye), directed by Larisa Shepitko, USSR

Notable films released in 1977

USA unless stated






















Notable deaths

Month Date Name Age Country Profession Notable films
January 6 Niall MacGinnis 63 Ireland Actor
12 Henri-Georges Clouzot 69 France Director, Screenwriter
14 Peter Finch 60 UK Actor
18 Yvonne Printemps 82 France Actress, Singer
February 17 Edward G. Boyle 78 Canada Production Designer
18 Andy Devine 71 USA Actor
27 Allison Hayes 46 USA Actress
28 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson 71 USA Actor
March 25 Nunnally Johnson 79 USA Screenwriter, Director
April 21 Gummo Marx 83 USA Actor, Agent
28 Ricardo Cortez 76 USA Actor
May 10 Joan Crawford 71 USA Actress
31 William Castle 63 USA Producer, Director
June 2 Stephen Boyd 45 Ireland Actor
3 Roberto Rossellini 71 Italy Director, Screenwriter
5 Luis César Amadori 75 Italy/Argentina Director, Screenwriter
13 Matthew Garber 21 UK Actor
14 Alan Reed 69 USA Actor
14 Robert Middleton 66 USA Actor
19 Geraldine Brooks 51 USA Actress
July 2 William H. Ziegler 67 USA Film Editor
22 Erik Chitty 70 UK Actor
August 3 Alfred Lunt 84 USA Actor
16 Elvis Presley 42 USA Actor, Singer
17 Delmer Daves 73 USA Screenwriter, Director
19 Groucho Marx 86 USA Actor, Screenwriter
19 Peter Dyneley 56 UK Actor
21 Danny Lockin 34 USA Actor
22 Sebastian Cabot 59 UK Actor
29 Jean Hagen 54 USA Actress
September 2 Stephen Dunne 59 USA Actor
8 Zero Mostel 62 USA Actor
October 3 Tay Garnett 83 USA Director
14 Bing Crosby 74 USA Actor, Singer
31 Joan Tetzel 56 USA Actress
November 9 Gertrude Astor 90 USA Actress
25 Richard Carlson 65 USA Actor
30 Olga Petrova 93 UK Actress, Screenwriter
December 4 Leila Hyams 72 USA Actress
19 Jacques Tourneur 73 France Director
25 Charlie Chaplin 88 UK Actor, Director, Screenwriter
26 Howard Hawks 81 USA Director
28 Charlotte Greenwood 87 USA Actress

Film debuts


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