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2005 CIS Football All-Canadian Team


2005 CIS Football All-Canadian Team

Below is the 2005 CIS Football All-Canadian Team. The Canadian Interuniversity Sport Football All-Canadian Team is an honour given annually to the best college football players at Canadian Universities at their respective positions.


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2005 CIS Football All-Canadian Team

First Team

Ryan Pyear, QB, Laurier
Daryl Stephenson, RB, Windsor
David Stevens, RB, Saskatchewan
Andrew Fantuz, WR, Western
Ivan Birungi, WR, Acadia
Arjei Franklin, SB, Windsor
J-F Romeo, SB, Laval
Dominic Picard, C, Laval
Adam Krajewski, G, Simon Fraser
Kyle Koch, G, McMaster
Chris Sutherland, T, Saskatchewan
Chris Best, T, Waterloo
Martin Gagné, DE, Montréal
Kyle Markin, DE, Acadia
Michaël Jean-Louis, DT, Laval
Ryan Gottselig, DT, Saskatchewan
Patrick Donovan, LB, Concordia
Jason Pottinger, LB, McMaster
Stephen Wilson, LB, Regina
Eric Nielsen, CB, Acadia
Modibo Sidibe, CB, Concordia
Ian Logan, HB, Laurier
Sammy Okpro, HB, Concordia
Jason Milne, FS, Alberta
Special Teams
Mike Renaud, P, Concordia
Warren Kean, K, Concordia

Second Team

Scott Syvret, QB, Concordia
Nick Cameron, RB, Laurier
Joseph Mroué, RB, Montréal
Andrew Ginther, WR, Alberta
Jeff Keegan, WR, Guelph
Vaughan Swart, SB, McMaster
Mike Lindstrom, SB, UBC
Kevin Kelly, C, Ottawa
Adam Rogers, G, Acadia
Woodly Jean, G, Montreal
J.F. Morin-Roberge, T, Montreal
Derek Armstrong, T, StFX
Brandon Keks, DE, Laurier
Dan Federkeil, DE, Calgary
Miguel Robédé, DT, Laval
Simon Patrick, DT, Manitoba
David Lowry, LB, Alberta
Marc Trépanier, LB, Montréal
Matt Harding, LB, Mount Allison
Anthony Plante-Ajah, CB, Ottawa
Joel Lipinski, CB, Regina
Alexandre Vendette, HB, Laval
Steve Boyko, HB, Alberta
Jeff Smeaton, FS, Laurier
Special Teams
Luca Congi, P, Simon Fraser
Brian Devlin, K, Laurier

Notes and references

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