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683 Series

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Title: 683 Series  
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Subject: 681 series, 287 series, Home Liner, West Japan Railway Company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Rolling Stock Company
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683 Series

683 series
683-2000 series on Shirasagi service, July 2007
In service 2001–Present
Manufacturer Hitachi, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kinki Sharyo, Nippon Sharyo
Family name A-train
Replaced 485 series
Constructed 2001–2011
Number built 270 vehicles
Number in service 261 vehicles (JR West)
9 vehicles (Hokuetsu Express)
Formation 3/5/6/9 cars per trainset
Operator JR West (2001–)
Hokuetsu Express (2005–)
Depot(s) Kyoto, Kanazawa
Line(s) served Tōkaidō Main Line, Kosei Line, Hokuriku Main Line, Nanao Line, Shinetsu Main Line, Jōetsu Line, Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line
Car body construction Aluminium alloy, double-skin
Maximum speed 160 km/h (100 mph) (683-4000/5000/8000 series)
130 km/h (80 mph) (683-0/1000/2000/3000 series)[1]
Traction system Variable frequency (3-level IGBT)
Electric system(s) 20 kV AC 60 Hz / 1,500 V DC overhead
Current collection method WPS27C scissors-type pantograph
WPS28D single-arm pantograph (683-4000/5000 series)
Braking system(s) Regenerative brake, electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, snow-resistant brake
Safety system(s) ATS-SW, ATS-P
Multiple working 681 series
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

The 683 series (683系) is a dual-voltage electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and Hokuetsu Express on limited express services in Japan.


  • 683-0 series (Thunderbird)
  • 683-1000 series (Thunderbird)
  • 683-2000 series (Shirasagi and Thunderbird)
  • 683-3000 series (Shirasagi and Thunderbird)
  • 683-4000 series (Thunderbird)
  • 683-5000 series (Thunderbird)
  • 683-8000 series (Hokuetsu Express Hakutaka)


JR West

  • Thunderbird
  • Shirasagi
  • Biwako Express
  • Ohayō Express
  • Oyasumi Express

Hokuetsu Express

  • Hakutaka

JR Central

  • Home Liner Ōgaki rapid service
  • Home Liner Sekigahara rapid service


The various formations are configured as follows.

3-car sets

Thunderbird sets

Designation Tpc M T'c
Numbering KuHa 682-500 MoHa 683-1300 KuHa 683-700
Designation Tpc T Mc
Numbering KuHa 682-2700 SaHa 683-2400 KuMoHa 683-3500

Shirasagi sets

Designation Mc T Tpc
Numbering KuMoHa 683-3500 SaHa 683-2400 KuHa 682-2700

Hakutaka sets

Designation T'c M Tpc
Numbering KuHa 683-8700 MoHa 683-8000 KuHa 682-8500

The KuHa 682 cars are each fitted with one scissors-type pantograph.

5-car sets

Shirasagi sets

Designation Mc T Tp M Tpsc
Numbering KuMoHa 683-3500 SaHa 683-2500 SaHa 682-2200 MoHa 683-3400 KuRo 682-2000

The SaHa 682 and KuRo 682 cars are each fitted with one scissors-type pantograph.

6-car sets

Thunderbird sets

Designation Tsc Tp M T Tp Mc
Numbering KuRo 683 SaHa 682 MoHa 683-1000 SaHa 683-300 SaHa 682 KuMoHa 683-1500

Hakutaka sets

Designation Mc Tp T M Tp Tsc
Numbering KuMoHa 683-8700 SaHa 682-8000 SaHa 683-8000 MoHa 683-8300 SaHa 682-8000 KuRo 683-8000

The SaHa 682 cars are each fitted with one scissors-type pantograph.

9-car sets

Thunderbird sets

Designation Tsc Tp M Tp M T T Tp Mc
Numbering KuRo 683-4500 SaHa 682-4300 MoHa 683-5400 SaHa 682-4400 MoHa 683-5000 SaHa 683-4700 SaHa 683-4800 SaHa 682-4300 KuMoHa 683-5500

The SaHa 682 cars are each fitted with one single-arm pantograph.



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