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ATC code J01

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Title: ATC code J01  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Infobox drug/testcases5, ATC code J, Infobox drug/ATC, Infobox drug/ATC/doc, Infobox drug/doc/parameters
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ATC code J01


  • J01A Tetracyclines 1
    • J01AA Tetracyclines 1.1
  • J01B Amphenicols 2
    • J01BA Amphenicol 2.1
  • J01C Beta-lactam antibacterials, penicillin 3
    • J01CA Penicillins with extended spectrum 3.1
    • J01CE Beta-lactamase-sensitive penicillins 3.2
    • J01CF Beta-lactamase-resistant penicillins 3.3
    • J01CG Beta-lactamase inhibitors 3.4
    • J01CR Combinations of penicillins, including beta-lactamase inhibitors 3.5
  • J01D Other beta-lactam antibacterials 4
    • J01DB First-generation cephalosporins 4.1
    • J01DC Second-generation cephalosporins 4.2
    • J01DD Third-generation cephalosporins 4.3
    • J01DE Fourth-generation cephalosporins 4.4
    • J01DF Monobactam 4.5
    • J01DH Carbapenem 4.6
    • J01DI Other cephalosporins and penems 4.7
  • J01E Sulfonamide and trimethoprim 5
    • J01EA Trimethoprim and derivatives 5.1
    • J01EB Short-acting sulfonamides 5.2
    • J01EC Intermediate-acting sulfonamides 5.3
    • J01ED Long-acting sulfonamides 5.4
    • J01EE Combinations of sulfonamides and trimethoprim, including derivatives 5.5
    • QJ01EQ Sulfonamides 5.6
    • QJ01EW Combinations of sulfonamides and trimethoprim, including derivatives 5.7
  • J01F Macrolide, lincosamide and streptogramin 6
    • J01FA Macrolides 6.1
    • J01FF Lincosamides 6.2
    • J01FG Streptogramins 6.3
  • J01G Aminoglycoside antibacterials 7
    • J01GA Streptomycin 7.1
    • J01GB Other aminoglycosides 7.2
  • J01M Quinolone antibacterials 8
    • J01MA Fluoroquinolone 8.1
    • J01MB Other quinolones 8.2

J01A Tetracyclines

J01AA Tetracyclines

J01AA01 Demeclocycline
J01AA02 Doxycycline
J01AA03 Chlortetracycline
J01AA04 Lymecycline
J01AA05 Metacycline
J01AA06 Oxytetracycline
J01AA07 Tetracycline
J01AA08 Minocycline
J01AA09 Rolitetracycline
J01AA10 Penimepicycline
J01AA11 Clomocycline
J01AA12 Tigecycline
J01AA20 Combinations of tetracyclines
QJ01AA53 Chlortetracycline, combinations
J01AA56 Oxytetracycline, combinations

J01B Amphenicols

J01BA Amphenicols

J01BA01 Chloramphenicol
J01BA02 Thiamphenicol
J01BA52 Thiamphenicol, combinations
QJ01BA90 Florfenicol
QJ01BA99 Amphenicols, combinations

J01C Beta-lactam antibacterials, penicillins

J01CA Penicillins with extended spectrum

J01CA01 Ampicillin
J01CA02 Pivampicillin
J01CA03 Carbenicillin
J01CA04 Amoxicillin
J01CA05 Carindacillin
J01CA06 Bacampicillin
J01CA07 Epicillin
J01CA08 Pivmecillinam
J01CA09 Azlocillin
J01CA10 Mezlocillin
J01CA11 Mecillinam
J01CA12 Piperacillin
J01CA13 Ticarcillin
J01CA14 Metampicillin
J01CA15 Talampicillin
J01CA16 Sulbenicillin
J01CA17 Temocillin
J01CA18 Hetacillin
J01CA19 Aspoxicillin
J01CA20 Combinations
J01CA51 Ampicillin, combinations

J01CE Beta-lactamase-sensitive penicillins

J01CE01 Benzylpenicillin
J01CE02 Phenoxymethylpenicillin
J01CE03 Propicillin
J01CE04 Azidocillin
J01CE05 Pheneticillin
J01CE06 Penamecillin
J01CE07 Clometocillin
J01CE08 Benzathine benzylpenicillin
J01CE09 Procaine benzylpenicillin
J01CE10 Benzathine phenoxymethylpenicillin
J01CE30 Combinations
QJ01CE90 Penethamate hydroiodide
QJ01CE91 Benethamine penicillin

J01CF Beta-lactamase-resistant penicillins

J01CF01 Dicloxacillin
J01CF02 Cloxacillin
J01CF03 Methicillin
J01CF04 Oxacillin
J01CF05 Flucloxacillin
J01CF06 Nafcillin

J01CG Beta-lactamase inhibitors

J01CG01 Sulbactam
J01CG02 Tazobactam

J01CR Combinations of penicillins, including beta-lactamase inhibitors

J01CR01 Ampicillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR02 Amoxicillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR03 Ticarcillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR04 Sultamicillin
J01CR05 Piperacillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR50 Combinations of penicillins

J01D Other beta-lactam antibacterials

J01DB First-generation cephalosporins

J01DB01 Cefalexin
J01DB02 Cefaloridine
J01DB03 Cefalotin
J01DB04 Cefazolin
J01DB05 Cefadroxil
J01DB06 Cefazedone
J01DB07 Cefatrizine
J01DB08 Cefapirin
J01DB09 Cefradine
J01DB10 Cefacetrile
J01DB11 Cefroxadine
J01DB12 Ceftezole

J01DC Second-generation cephalosporins

J01DC01 Cefoxitin
J01DC02 Cefuroxime
J01DC03 Cefamandole
J01DC04 Cefaclor
J01DC05 Cefotetan
J01DC06 Cefonicide
J01DC07 Cefotiam
J01DC08 Loracarbef
J01DC09 Cefmetazole
J01DC10 Cefprozil
J01DC11 Ceforanide
J01DC12 Cefminox
J01DC13 Cefbuperazone
J01DC14 Flomoxef

J01DD Third-generation cephalosporins

J01DD01 Cefotaxime
J01DD02 Ceftazidime
J01DD03 Cefsulodin
J01DD04 Ceftriaxone
J01DD05 Cefmenoxime
J01DD06 Latamoxef
J01DD07 Ceftizoxime
J01DD08 Cefixime
J01DD09 Cefodizime
J01DD10 Cefetamet
J01DD11 Cefpiramide
J01DD12 Cefoperazone
J01DD13 Cefpodoxime
J01DD14 Ceftibuten
J01DD15 Cefdinir
J01DD16 Cefditoren
J01DD17 Cefcapene
J01DD51 Cefotaxime, combinations
J01DD54 Ceftriaxone, combinations
J01DD62 Cefoperazone, combinations
QJ01DD90 Ceftiofur
QJ01DD91 Cefovecin
QJ01DD99 Ceftiofur, combinations

J01DE Fourth-generation cephalosporins

J01DE01 Cefepime
J01DE02 Cefpirome
J01DE03 Cefozopran
QJ01DE90 Cefquinome

J01DF Monobactams

J01DF01 Aztreonam
J01DF02 Carumonam

J01DH Carbapenems

J01DH02 Meropenem
J01DH03 Ertapenem
J01DH04 Doripenem
J01DH05 Biapenem
J01DH51 Imipenem and enzyme inhibitor
J01DH55 Panipenem and betamipron

J01DI Other cephalosporins and penems

J01DI01 Ceftobiprole medocaril
J01DI02 Ceftaroline fosamil
J01DI03 Faropenem

J01E Sulfonamides and trimethoprim

Subgroups J01EA–E are only included in the human ATC classification.

J01EA Trimethoprim and derivatives

J01EA01 Trimethoprim
J01EA02 Brodimoprim
J01EA03 Iclaprim

J01EB Short-acting sulfonamides

J01EB01 Sulfaisodimidine
J01EB02 Sulfamethizole
J01EB03 Sulfadimidine
J01EB04 Sulfapyridine
J01EB05 Sulfafurazole
J01EB06 Sulfanilamide
J01EB07 Sulfathiazole
J01EB08 Sulfathiourea
J01EB20 Combinations

J01EC Intermediate-acting sulfonamides

J01EC01 Sulfamethoxazole
J01EC02 Sulfadiazine
J01EC03 Sulfamoxole
J01EC20 Combinations

J01ED Long-acting sulfonamides

J01ED01 Sulfadimethoxine
J01ED02 Sulfalene
J01ED03 Sulfametomidine
J01ED04 Sulfametoxydiazine
J01ED05 Sulfamethoxypyridazine
J01ED06 Sulfaperin
J01ED07 Sulfamerazine
J01ED08 Sulfaphenazole
J01ED09 Sulfamazon
J01ED20 Combinations

J01EE Combinations of sulfonamides and trimethoprim, including derivatives

J01EE01 Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim
J01EE02 Sulfadiazine and trimethoprim
J01EE03 Sulfametrole and trimethoprim
J01EE04 Sulfamoxole and trimethoprim
J01EE05 Sulfadimidine and trimethoprim
J01EE06 Sulfadiazine and tetroxoprim
J01EE07 Sulfamerazine and trimethoprim

QJ01EQ Sulfonamides

QJ01EQ01 Sulfapyrazole
QJ01EQ02 Sulfamethizole
QJ01EQ03 Sulfadimidine
QJ01EQ04 Sulfapyridine
QJ01EQ05 Sulfafurazole
QJ01EQ06 Sulfanilamide
QJ01EQ07 Sulfathiazole
QJ01EQ08 Sulfaphenazole
QJ01EQ09 Sulfadimethoxine
QJ01EQ10 Sulfadiazine
QJ01EQ11 Sulfamethoxazole
QJ01EQ12 Sulfachlorpyridazine
QJ01EQ13 Sulfadoxine
QJ01EQ14 Sulfatroxazol
QJ01EQ15 Sulfamethoxypyridazine
QJ01EQ16 Sulfazuinoxaline
QJ01EQ17 Sulfamerazine
QJ01EQ18 Sulfamonomethoxine
QJ01EQ19 Sulfalene
QJ01EQ21 Sulfacetamide
QJ01EQ30 Combinations of sulfonamides
QJ01EQ59 Sulfadimethoxine, combinations

QJ01EW Combinations of sulfonamides and trimethoprim, including derivatives

QJ01EW03 Sulfadimidine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW09 Sulfadimethoxine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW10 Sulfadiazine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW11 Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprime
QJ01EW12 Sulfachlorpyridazine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW13 Sulfadoxine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW14 Sulfatroxazol and trimethoprim
QJ01EW15 Sulfamethoxypyridazine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW16 Sulfaquinoxaline and trimethoprim
QJ01EW17 Sulfamonomethoxine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW18 Sulfamerazine and trimethoprim
QJ01EW30 Combinations of sulfonamides and trimethoprim

J01F Macrolides, lincosamides and streptogramins

J01FA Macrolides

J01FA01 Erythromycin
J01FA02 Spiramycin
J01FA03 Midecamycin
J01FA05 Oleandomycin
J01FA06 Roxithromycin
J01FA07 Josamycin
J01FA08 Troleandomycin
J01FA09 Clarithromycin
J01FA10 Azithromycin
J01FA11 Miocamycin
J01FA12 Rokitamycin
J01FA13 Dirithromycin
J01FA14 Flurithromycin
J01FA15 Telithromycin
QJ01FA90 Tylosin
QJ01FA91 Tilmicosin
QJ01FA92 Tylvalosin
QJ01FA93 Kitasamycin
QJ01FA94 Tulathromycin
QJ01FA95 Gamithromycin
QJ01FA96 Tildipirosin

J01FF Lincosamides

J01FF01 Clindamycin
J01FF02 Lincomycin
QJ01FF52 Lincomycin, combinations

J01FG Streptogramins

J01FG01 Pristinamycin
J01FG02 Quinupristin/dalfopristin
QJ01FG90 Virginiamycin

J01G Aminoglycoside antibacterials

J01GA Streptomycins

J01GA01 Streptomycin
J01GA02 Streptoduocin
QJ01GA90 Dihydrostreptomycin

J01GB Other aminoglycosides

J01GB01 Tobramycin
J01GB03 Gentamicin
J01GB04 Kanamycin
J01GB05 Neomycin
J01GB06 Amikacin
J01GB07 Netilmicin
J01GB08 Sisomicin
J01GB09 Dibekacin
J01GB10 Ribostamycin
J01GB11 Isepamicin
J01GB12 Arbekacin
J01GB13 Bekanamycin
QJ01GB90 Apramycin
QJ01GB91 Framycetin

J01M Quinolone antibacterials

In ATCvet, this subgroup is named "QJ01M Quinolone and quinoxaline antibacterials".

J01MA Fluoroquinolones

J01MA01 Ofloxacin
J01MA02 Ciprofloxacin
J01MA03 Pefloxacin
J01MA04 Enoxacin
J01MA05 Temafloxacin
J01MA06 Norfloxacin
J01MA07 Lomefloxacin
J01MA08 Fleroxacin
J01MA09 Sparfloxacin
J01MA10 Rufloxacin
J01MA11 Grepafloxacin
J01MA12 Levofloxacin
J01MA13 Trovafloxacin
J01MA14 Moxifloxacin
J01MA15 Gemifloxacin
J01MA16 Gatifloxacin
J01MA17 Prulifloxacin
J01MA18 Pazufloxacin
J01MA19 Garenoxacin
J01MA21 Sitafloxacin
QJ01MA90 Enrofloxacin
QJ01MA92 Danofloxacin
QJ01MA93 Marbofloxacin
QJ01MA94 Difloxacin
QJ01MA95 Orbifloxacin
QJ01MA96 Ibafloxacin
QJ01MA97 Pradofloxacin

J01MB Other quinolones

J01MB01 Rosoxacin
J01MB02 Nalidixic acid
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