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Title: Addanki  
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Subject: Kavitrayam, Reddy, Reddy dynasty, Tanguturi Prakasam, Prakasam district, Doddavaram, Andhra Pradesh Legislature, Tellapadu, Gana Deva Maha Pathrudu, History of Andhra Pradesh
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Location in Andhra Pradesh, India

Coordinates: 15°49′00″N 79°59′00″E / 15.8167°N 79.9833°E / 15.8167; 79.9833Coordinates: 15°49′00″N 79°59′00″E / 15.8167°N 79.9833°E / 15.8167; 79.9833

Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Prakasam
Talukas Addanki
Population (2001)
 • Total 34,000[1]
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 523201
Telephone code 08593
Peaceful place to live in Addanki

Addanki, is a town and a Mandal headquarters in Prakasam district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[2] Population of the town in 2001 is 34,000.[3]


Addanki town located at 15°49′00″N 79°59′00″E / 15.8167°N 79.9833°E / 15.8167; 79.9833.[4] It has an average elevation of 24 meters (82 ft). It is located between Guntur (70 km) and Ongole(36 km) and Narasaraopet (50 km) three major towns.

Villages in Addanki(Mandal)

  • Bommanampadu
  • Cheruvukommupalem
  • Jarlapalem
  • Perayapalem
  • Timmayapalem
  • sankhavarappadu(reddy palem)
  • (Dhenuvakonda)
  • (kothareddypalem)

Assembly Constituency

Addanki is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. There were 2,04,757 registered voters in the Addanki constituency in the 2009 elections. Addanki, Ballikurava, Korisapadu, Panguluru, and Santamaguluru are the 5 mandals that come under Addanki Assembly Constituency. Addanki assembly comes under Bapatla parliament constituency.

List of Elected Members:

1 Nagineni Venkaiah (Dhenuvakonda) 1957 Kisan Lok Party
2 Patibandla Ranganayakulu 1962 CPI
3 Dasari Prakasam 1967 Congress
4 Dasari Prakasam 1972 Congress
5 Karanam Balarama Krishna Murthy 1978 Congress
6 Bachina Chenchu Garataiah 1983 TDP
7 Bachina Chenchu Garataiah 1985 TDP
8 Jagarlamudi Raghava Rao 1989 Congress
9 Bachina Chenchu Garataiah 1994 TDP
10 Bachina Chenchu Garataiah 1999 TDP
11 karanam balarama krishna murthi 2004 TDP
12 Gottipati Ravi Kumar(Bujji) 2009 Congress
13 2014

Kavitrayam - Errana

Errana was a great Telugu poet in the court of Prolaya Vemareddy (1325–1353), the founder of Reddy dynasty. Prolaya Vema Reddy established The Reddy Dynasty (1325–1424) with capital of Addanki of his Kingdom. Later it was shifted to Kondaveedu. Yerrana was also known as Yellapregada or Errapregada. He was honored with the title Prabandha Parameshwara (the supreme lord of Prabandha) and Shambudasusu. He belongs to the Kavitrayam (Trinity of poets) who translated the Mahabharata. He was a poet in Peda komati Vema Reddy's court. He completed the translation by finishing the remaining part of 3rd chapter.

The Sanskrit Mahabharata was translated into Telugu over a period of several centuries (11th to 14th centuries AD). Errana was one of the kavitrayam (the trinity of poets) who translated Mahabharatam. The other two poets were Nannaya and Tikkana. Nannaya translated two and a half parvamulu (Chapters) of Mahabharatam. Tikkana translated the remaining chapters starting from the 4th, leaving the half finished third parvam, Aranya Parvamu (the chapter of Forest), for Errana. Errana started the remaining half of the Aranya Parvamu with the style of Nannaya and ended it with the style of Tikkana as a bridge between the parts translated by Nannaya and Tikkana. He used half Sanskrit and half Telugu in his Telugu translation of Sanskrit Mahabharatam. (The chapters or divisions in RAMAYANA called as 'Kandams' and chapters or divisions of MAHABHARATAM called as 'Parvams')

Education Institutions in Addanki

There are many Govt and Private education institutions in Addanki, from Nursery to Post Graduation. Addanki is center for more than 50 villages around the Town. So every one like to study in Addanki.

Colleges in Addanki

PG Colleges

  • AIMS -Addanki Institute of Management & Science -2009 (MCA & MBA)
  • KRKR -Katta Rama Koteswara Rao Govt PG College -2009 (MA &
  • NTR _ college for PG studies _ 2009 (M.Sc )

Degree Colleges

  • KRK Govt Degree College -1984 (BA,B.Com,B.Sc)
  • NTR Memorial Degree College -1996 (BA,B.Com,B.Sc)
  • Sri Prasannajaneya Degree College -2005 (BA,B.Com,B.Sc)

Intermediate Colleges

  • Sri Prakasam Govt Junior College -1974
  • Sri Govinda Parameswari junior College -2001
  • Viswabharathi junior college -2003
  • Bharath junior College -1994
  • Gayathri junior College for Girls -2002
  • Sri Prakasam Govt Vocational Jr College -1979 (CP&M,OA,WS&SE)

Other Colleges

  • Sri Saibaba ITC College -
  • Govt Addanki Polytechnic College -2009 (DCME, DECE) -SVU(202)
  • Govt Ayurveda College -2008

Schools in Addanki

1 Ravindrabharathi School TM AIDED 1-7 Bungalow Road 1
2 Prakasam Boys High School 0816606 High School 1-10 Bungalow road 2 Holly Faith EM School EM UN AIDED 1-10 SBI Bank Road
3 Prakasam Girls High School 0816606 High School 1-10 Main Road 3 Bell & Bennit School EM UN AIDED 1-10 Gas Gudem, Ramnagar
4 KakaniPalem ZP High School 0816603 High School 6-10 Singarakonda Road 4 Navabharath High School EM & TM UN AIDED 1-10 KOTHAPET
5 APSWR School For Girls 0816613 High School 6-10 Singarakonda 5 Viswabharathi Resi School EM UN AIDED 1-10 Vasavi Nagar
6 Sri Prakasam High School 0816608 High School 6-10 Oil Mill Road End 6 Nagarjuna IIT Concept School EM UN AIDED 1-10 Ram Nagar
7 Viswabharathi U.H School 0816612 High School 1-10 Vasavi Nagar 7 Sri Lakshmi Narayana Concept School EM UN AIDED 1-10 Beside Post office lane
8 M.P.U.P School 08816311 U.P School 1-7 Chilaka Vari Street 8 Bhavishya IIT Concept School EM UN AIDED 1-10 Sri Nagar Colony
9 M.P.U.P School 08816308 U.P School 1-7 Gurakaya Palem 9 Orchids IIT Concept School EM UN AIDED 1-10 Poturaju Gandi Road
10 M.P Primary School 0816031 Primary School 1-5 Kakani Palem 10 Novodaya Public School EM UN AIDED 1-9 Bungalow Road
11 M.P Primary School 0816042 Primary School 1-5 Ram Nagar 11 St.Arnold' High School EM UN AIDED 1-10 Kalavakuru Road
12 M.P Primary School 0816043 Primary School 1-5 Pasumarthi Palem 12
13 M.P Primary School 0816044 Primary School 1-5 R.K Puram 13 Lakshmi High School TM UN AIDED 1-10 Bungalow Road
14 M.P Primary School 0816049 Primary School 1-5 Gajula Palem 14 Adarsha Public School TM UN AIDED 1-10 Beside NTR College
15 M.P Primary School 0816059 Primary School 1-5 Kottapeta 15 Nehru UP School TM AIDED 1-7 Near MRO Office
16 M.P Primary School 0816060 Primary School 1-5 Nanburivari Palem 16 Tagore UP School TM AIDED 1-7 Near Govr Hospital
17 M.P Primary School 0816061 Primary School 1-5 Kattakrinda Palem 17
18 M.P Primary School 0816062 Primary School 1-5 Rajeev Nagar 18 Prakasam UP School TM AIDED 1-7 Adarsha School Campus
19 M.P Primary School 0816063 Primary School 1-5 NTR Colony 19 Lakkaraju Ramaiaha School TM AIDED 1-7 Bhavani Centre
20 Govt School For Tribal 0816066 Primary School 1-5 Yanadi Colony 20 Munnangi Lakshmana Kavi Memorial Aided Elementary School TM AIDED 1-5 Battulapalem/Kattakrinda Palem
21 APSWR School for Girls 0816072 Primary School 1-5 Singarakonda 21 Chaitanya School for Deaf TM UN AIDED 1-10 Old Court Center
  • for more information -

Anganwadi Centers

The main objective of this programme is to cater to the needs of the development of children in the age group of 3–6 years. The Pre-school activities strengthen the child to get ready for primary school education with required skills to performance better candidate for school entry and also better performance for regular attendance in school. Centers L.E.F NAGAR(SUBBAMMA-CHENCHAMMA)- Ganuga Palem, Gouda Palem, Gorakaya Palem, Gajula Palem, Monditoka Palem, Pasumarthi Palem, Gorla Mitta, Rajeev Colony, Rama Krishna Puram. Kothapeta (Dayamani), Sanjeevanagar(.....), Indiranagar (Leela)

Social welfare Hostels

There are 5 social welfare Hostels in Addanki mandal. All are located in Addanki town only.

  • BC-Boys (vasavi nagar)
  • BC-Girls (Near telephone exchange office)
  • SC-Boys-1 (kakanipalem zp high school campus)
  • SC-Boys-2 (ysr colony, ramnagar)
  • SC-Girls (Near poturaju gandi)

Singarakonda Temple

Singarakonda is a spiritual spot and piligrim center located about 5 km North of Addanki in the Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh in India.

Singarakonda is famous for two reasons. One of the reasons is that Lord Hanuman is located on the bank of Bhavanasi lake at the bottom of the hill Singarakonda and the second reason is that there is one Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple is located on the hilltop. The Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple on top of the hill. This temple of the top of the hill said to have built in 14th Century A.D as per the available literature. It was built and developed by King Devarayalu.

Tirunallu will be performed every year on Palguna Shudda Pournima day since 1955. Hanumath Jayanthi will be performed every year on Vysakha Bahula Dasami day. This festival is very famous where people from all sections across the nearest districts come and participate.Electrically decorated Prabha's are very famous on this occasion.

Singarakonda is located very near to Addanki mandal. It is 290 km from Hyderabad, 110 km from Vijayawada, 36 km from Ongole and 5 km from Addanki. Lots of travelling ways can be found from Addanki to Singarakonda. The nearest Airport is Vijayawada. Nearest Bus station is Addanki. Buses from Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Ongole to Addanki are available. Nearest Railway station is Ongole. All the express trains and passenger trains going from Hyderabad & Vijayawada to Chennai stop at Ongole

Famous Temples in Addanki

  • Sri Madhava Swami Devalayam - Opp Attulurivari veedhi, Gandhi Bomma center, Main Road.
  • Sri Kanyaka Perameswari Devalayam - Opp Attulurivari veedhi,Gandhi Bomma center, Main Road
  • Sri Brahmam gari Devalayam - Beside Chand Rice mill
  • Sri Saibaba Devalayam - Old Court Center
  • Sri Shivalayam - Gajulapalem & Indira Nagar
  • Sri Subramanya Swami Devalayam - Old Court Center
  • Sri Kondanda ramaswamy Devalayam - Kasyapuram Road, Gollapalem, Bhavani Center
  • Sri Lakshmi Narashimha Swamy Devalayam - Uara Cheruvu, Damavari Palem
  • Sri Ayyappa Swamy Devalayam - Singarakonda
  • Sree Veerabrahmendra swamy temple
  • sree durga temple-near saibaba temple,ramakrishna street

Famous Churches in Addanki

  • Telugu Baptist Project Church - Kattakrinda Palem
  • Berracha Church - Sanjeevanagar
  • Covenant church- Ramnagar
  • Hosanna church- Police quartures

Banks in Addanki

  • State Bank of India
  • State Bank of India( ADB (AGRI DEV BRANCH))
  • State Bank of Hyderabad
  • Andhra Bank
  • Bank of India(BOI)
  • Indian Bank
  • HDFC bank
  • Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank

Cultural Organizations

Addanki people are very much interested to encourage the Cultural activities organized by the people. Some of the organizations are.....

  • Rotary Club of Singarakonda (Addanki) --- Syed Moulali, P L V Narasimha Rao
  • Addanki Kala Sagar --------------- Mattupalli Prabhakara Rao, Panthangi Anjaneyulu
  • Jana Chaitanya Vedika ----------- Annamneni Venkata Rao
  • Errrana Petham --------------------- Dr.Beram Sundara Rao
  • Srujana Saahithi Samithi -------- N bala Subramanyam,S Anilkumarsuri
  • Jaanapada Kala Petham --------- Dr.U.Devapalana, Vidhwan Jyothi Chandra Mouli,
  • Ghantasala Gana Bharathi-------- Motupalli Rama Das,Dharmavarapu Sravankumar
  • Addanki sahiti sravanthi -------------- Chandaluri Naryanarao, R.V.raghava Rao
  • Addanki Sahiti Samakhya ---------- Vidhwan Jyothi Chandra Mouli, Puttamraju Chalapatirao,Dharmavarapu Sravana


Addanki is located on the Hyderabad - Chennai National Highway. There is no railway line in Addanki, but it is well connected by road to all other major and small cities in Andhra Pradesh as well as other capitals like Chennai, Bangalore and holy places like Tirumala and Srisailam. The nearest railway lines are Ongole & Guntur & Narasaraopet. Ongole is 35 km far and Guntur is 70 km Narasaropet is 50 km far from Addanki. Nearest airport is Vijayawada & Guntur airport which is about 100 km far and other one is Chennai airport which is about 350 km far from Addanki.

Generally people use APSRTC buses for transportation. There are many private bus operators operating buses to Hyderbad every day. Addanki bus depot has more than 100 buses in different categories like Palle Velugu, Deluxe, Express, Super Luxury buses. These buses cater to the needs of thousands of commuters every day. Addanki Bus Depot is one of the most profitable depots in AP. APSRTC vehicles has the series "Z" in the Registration numbers. For example "AP 11 Z 2010". Addanki Bus depot Enquiry Numbers are Land - 08593-223362 and Mobile – 995922597. APSRTC online reservation counter is available at Addanki bus station.

IMP Areas in Addanki

Dwaraka nagar, Damavari palem, Kakani palem, Kattakinda palem, Balija palem, AbhyudayaNagar,ChaitanyaNagar,Narravari palem, sanjeev nagar,Sri nagar,BhavaniCenter,ChandRiceMill Street,Beraka Nagar,Nagulabanda, Namburivari palem, Vasavi nagar, Pasumarthi palem, Gorakaya palem, NTR colony, SBI colony, YSR colony, Kothapeta, Indira nagar, Gopalarao gari veedhi, Poturaju gandi, Banglow road, Ganuga palem, Chakali palem, Perika palem, Yanadi colony, Battula palem, Garatiah colony, Attuluri VARI veedhi, LEF nagar, Sriram nagar, chilakavari vedhi, Dudekula palem, Oil mill road, Power Office road, Mujavari palem, New dvpalem, Sastri veedhi, Abdhudaya nagar, Brahananda reddy colony, Bereka nagar, Gajula palem ........


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