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Adelitas Way


Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way
Adelitas Way at Uproar Festival 2012 DeJesus (Far left),Zakaryan (Right)
Background information
Origin Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Genres Alternative metal, hard rock, post-grunge
Years active 2005–present
Labels Virgin, Capitol
Associated acts Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge, Halestorm
Members Rick DeJesus
Trevor Stafford
Robert Zakaryan
Derek Johnston
Past members Chris Iorio
Creighton Bibbs
Keith Wallen

Adelitas Way is a hard rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada formed in 2005. The band's lineup currently consists of lead vocalist Rick DeJesus, guitarist Robert Zakaryan, bassist Derek Johnston and drummer Trevor Stafford.[1]


Early Years (2005-2008)

In 2005, Rick DeJesus, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania moved to Las Vegas. Later that year, he did the first ever AW demos at Minds Eye recording studios with Larry Elyea in Phoenix, Arizona. Rick recorded several songs he wrote including "Crush","All Falls down" and "Brother". DeJesus would go to places like Wal-Mart, the mall, and The Vegas Strip and hand out over 8,000 demos to people in order to spread their music. In 2006, Rick, would name the band Adelitas Way after an unfortunate incident he experienced in Tijuana, Mexico earlier in that same year. DeJesus played at local shows, clubs and bars in Vegas and California with various temporary unofficial band members. The band, at that time included guitarist Chris Iorio as one of the band's first members. One of Adelitas Way's first songs "Move On" was aired on Las Vegas rock station KOMP in 2006, and Won a year end award for being requested so much.

During a road trip to Los Angeles, the band took a detour to San Diego. When DeJesus decided to take a nap in the back of the van, they were getting arrested in Mexico. Corrupt cops robbed the band of their belongings, Rick woke up and secretly stashed away money in his socks. Freaked out, the band went to the first bar they saw in Tijuana to have a beer and calm their nerves. It was the Adelita Bar. “There were a bunch of young, really pretty girls and I realized it was basically a brothel,” explains Rick. “I chatted with one girl, questioning why she was living this life. And I wrote a song about it. The band name emerged from the sad stories behind the ‘Way’ they lived at the Adelita bar—Adelitas Way.[2]

Over the course of 2007 Huntington Beach native, Trevor Stafford joined DeJesus as the band's official drummer and they began playing together. The band went on regional tours, and created a huge buzz they signed with Virgin Records in 2008 after Dejesus met A&R Kim Stephens.

Adelitas Way (2009-2010)

The band began working on their debut album in in late 2008. As 2009 approached, bassist Derek Johnston and guitarist Keith Wallen joined Adelitas Way, completing the original line up. On April 17, 2009 they released their first single "Invincible". They broke into mainstream after the song's numerous television appearances. "Invincible" was the official theme song for WWE Superstars on WGN America as well as being featured in the Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 video game, MTV as well as the CSI Miami Finale.[3] They also wrote a song called "It's A New Day" which was the theme song for WWE superstars Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase, Jr. from June 15, 2009-September 13, 2010.

On July 14, 2009, their self-titled album was released. As of 2013,band has toured with Shinedown, Guns N' Roses, Creed,10 Years, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Seether, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin,Deftones,Trapt, Puddle of Mudd, Sick Puppies, Staind, Alter Bridge,Skillet, Halestorm,and others.[1] Less than 5 months after their first album was released guitarist Chris Iorio left the band for personal reasons. Shortly after the band replaced Iorio with The Leo Project's former guitarist Creighton Bibbs for the remaining of the tour. On February 23, 2010, their second single "Last Stand" was released.Their song "Scream" was featured as a soundtrack for Saw 3D in October of 2010.

Home School Valedictorian (2011-2012)

On January 31, 2011, the band revealed their sophomore album Home School Valedictorian.The album was originally planned to be released on May but was pushed to June 7th.Before the band released the album they recruited Robert Zakaryan as the band's newest Lead Guitarist. Adelitas Way's first single off the second album Home School Valedictorian, "Sick", was released on March 11, 2011. It was the band's first #1 hit at Active Rock Radio that summer.It was followed up by "The Collapse" on late August that same year which hit #2 at active rock radio. On February 16, 2012 "Criticize" was announced as the 3rd single off Home School Valedictorian, and reached #1 on the active rock chart, becoming the bands second #1 single from Home School Valedictorian.[4] "Alive" was announced as the 4th and final single from Home School Valedictorian released on August 13, 2012 and it reached #6 on the U.S active Rock chart in spring of 2013.

Third Album (2013-present)

On November 23rd, 2012, the band quoted on their Facebook page "New album, mid 2013 who wants it?", hinting the development of a third album was underway. Writing began at the very end of 2012 and continued through July 2013. On May 7, 2013, guitarist Keith Wallen revealed through his Facebook page that he was leaving the band to pursue his own personal goals. In late July it was announced that Grammy Award winning rock producer Nick Raskulinecz would be producing their third album. Recording is scheduled to begin on early September in Nashville, Tennessee. On September 11,2013 7 song titles from the new album have been revealed via Instagram:"Dog On a Leash","We Came","Undercover You","Save The World","Deserve This","Stuck",and "Different Kinda Animal".[5] Their next upcoming single from their upcoming album is expected to be released in January of 2014,with the new album coming out around April, through Virgin Records/CMG.[6]

Style and Influences

Adelitas Way's musical style ranges from a combination of 70s indie funk and 90s hard rock with band influences like Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Foo Fighters,Metallica, Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots and others.

Band members

In an interview with Amy Harris at Rock on the Range in June 2010, lead vocalist Rick Dejesus stated that Chris Iorio had left the band due to an inability to cope with life on the road. "The road is not made for everyone. Some people can live in a van. We drove in from Buffalo last night and played right away. We get no sleep. For some people the lifestyle catches up with them. We leave our family, our homes, our friends and you are out on the road in a different city every night. Some people when they get out here they realize it is not for them".[7]

Current members

Former members


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