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Adobe Acrobat Connect

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Title: Adobe Acrobat Connect  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Adobe Systems, Teleconference, Web conferencing, Breeze, Edufire
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Adobe Acrobat Connect

Adobe Connect
Developer(s) Adobe Systems (formerly Macromedia)
Stable release 9 / 2012;  (2012)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Novell SUSE Linux
Type Collaborative software
Web conferencing
License Trialware

Adobe Connect (formerly Presedia Publishing System, Macromedia Breeze, and Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro) is software used to create information and general presentations, online training materials, web conferencing, learning modules, and user desktop sharing. The product is entirely Adobe Flash based. All meeting rooms are organized into 'pods'; with each pod performing a specific role (i.e. chat, whiteboard, note, etc.). The recommended database for backend support is Microsoft SQL Server.

Adobe Connect was formerly part of the Adobe Acrobat family and has changed names several times.

The product was first developed by a startup called Presedia, which created the Presedia Publishing System and included a first generation PowerPoint-to-Flash Plugin, which became Adobe Presenter, and a training module. Macromedia acquired Presedia and added on a real-time web conferencing component, called Breeze Live (later renamed Breeze Meeting).

In version 5, Macromedia Breeze included four applications: Breeze Presenter, Breeze Training, Breeze Meeting, and Breeze Events (new in version 5). Following the acquisition by Adobe, Macromedia Breeze Meeting was initially rebranded to Adobe Connect, then Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional (with an SMB version named Adobe Connect), is now rebranded as Adobe Connect. The full product line includes rebranded versions of Breeze Training, Breeze Meeting Breeze Presenter, and Breeze Events. There is also a sister product called Adobe ConnectNow which is part of the, a suite of cloud-based applications provided by Adobe.


Adobe Connect includes the following applications:

  • Adobe Connect Events (formerly Breeze Events)
  • Adobe Connect Training (formerly Breeze Training)
  • Adobe Presenter (formerly Breeze Presenter)

Related Products

  • Adobe Acrobat Connect - A product version targeted at SMB, since replaced by Adobe Connect Now
  • Adobe Connect Now - Adobe Acrobat Connect replacement, part of
  • Adobe Captivate - A rapid eLearning tool with capability to publish directly the Connect server


Acrobat Connect Pro includes the following features in addition to Acrobat Connect:

  • Unlimited and customizable meeting rooms
  • Multiple meeting rooms per user
  • Breakout sessions within a meeting
  • VoIP
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Meeting recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Notes, chat, and whiteboards
  • User management, administration, and reporting
  • Polling
  • Central content library
  • Collaboration Builder SDK

Third party integrations

  • DoceboLMS (Saas/Cloud Learning Management System)
  • SAP (Learning Management System)

History and marketplace competition

Prior to September 2006 when Macromedia products were added to the Acrobat product line, Adobe Connect was Macromedia Breeze.[1] It was renamed subsequent to Adobe's purchase of former competitor Macromedia. The rebranded Breeze products were renamed Adobe Connect 6.

The products were rolled into the Adobe Acrobat Product line in version 7 and renamed Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional.

In version 7.5, the product was renamed Adobe Connect.

Version history

Adobe Connect version history
Date released Product version (service packs) Applications
2012 Adobe Connect 9.0 New Event Registration system and Large Webinar support
November 2010 Adobe Connect 8.0 TBD
November 2009 Adobe Connect 7.5 (SP1: April 2010) Meeting, Training, Events, Adobe Presenter, Communication Server, Edge Servers
May 2008 Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional 7 (SP1: Dec 2008, SP2: Feb 2009, SP3: July 2009) Note: "Professional" was later shortened to "Pro") Meeting, Training, Events, Adobe Presenter, Communication Server, Edge Servers
December 2006 Adobe Connect 6 (SP1: Feb 2007 SP2: July 2007, SP3: Jan 2008) Meeting, Training, Events, Adobe Presenter, Communication Server, Edge Servers (rebranded to Adobe)
May 2005 Macromedia Breeze 5 (SP1: Jan 2006, SP2: Mar 2006 SP2 Security Update: Oct 2006) Meeting (formerly Breeze Live), Training, Events (new), Breeze Presenter, Communication Server, Edge Servers (new)
July 2003 Macromedia Breeze 4 Breeze Live (new), Training, PowerPoint Plug-In (rebranded Macromedia)
Unknown Presedia Publishing System Training, PowerPoint Plug-In

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