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Alachua County Library District

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Title: Alachua County Library District  
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Subject: Alachua, Florida, High Springs, Florida, Gainesville, Florida
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Alachua County Library District

The Alachua County Library District is an independent special taxing district and the sole provider of public library service to approximately 250,000 citizens of Alachua County, Florida. This includes all of the incorporated municipalities in the county. It maintains a Headquarters Library and four other branches in Gainesville. There are branch locations in seven of the eight other incorporated municipalities in the county. ACLD also operates a branch at the county jail, and two bookmobiles.


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The Alachua County Library District has twelve locations. In Gainesville alone there are five locations, including the Headquarters Branch in downtown Gainesville, Millhopper Branch in northwest Gainesville, Tower Road Branch in unincorporated Alachua county southwest of Gainesville, Library Partnership Branch in northeast Gainesville, and Cone Park Branch in east Gainesville. The district also operates branches in the Alachua County municipalities of Alachua, Archer, Hawthorne, High Springs, Micanopy, Newberry, and Waldo, and a branch at the Alachua County Jail. The district operates two bookmobiles which visit more than 25 locations in the county from two to five times a month.[1][2][3]

Hours of Operation
Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Headquarters 9:30-9:00 9:30-9:00 9:30-9:00 9:30-9:00 9:30-6:00 9:30-5:00 1:00-5:00
Alachua 11:00-7:00 11:00-7:00 11:00-7:00 11:00-7:00 11:00-5:00 11:00-5:00 1:00-5:00
Archer 10:00-7:00 10:00-7:00 10:00-7:00 10:00-7:00 Closed Closed 1:00-5:00
Cone Park 10:00-6:00 10:00-6:00 10:00-6:00 10:00-6:00 10:00-5:00 10:00-5:00 Closed
Hawthorne 10:00-7:00 10:00-7:00 10:00-7:00 10:00-7:00 1:00-5:00 1:00-5:00 1:00-5:00
High Springs 10:00-5:00 10:00-8:00 10:00-5:00 10:00-8:00 10:00-5:00 10:00-2:00 1:00-5:00
Library Partnership 9:00-6:00 9:00-6:00 11:00-7:00 11:00-7:00 9:00-5:00 10:00-3:00 Closed
Micanopy 11:00-7:00 1:00-7:00 1:00-7:00 1:00-7:00 Closed Closed 1:00-5:00
Millhopper 9:30-8:30 9:30-8:30 9:30-8:30 9:30-8:30 9:30-5:00 9:30-5:00 1:00-5:00
Newberry 10:00-8:00 10:00-8:00 10:00-8:00 10:00-8:00 10:00-5:00 10:00-5:00 1:00-5:00
Tower Road 9:30-8:30 9:30-8:30 9:30-8:30 9:30-8:30 9:30-5:00 9:30-5:00 1:00-5:00
Waldo 12:30-7:00 12:30-7:00 12:30-7:00 12:30-7:00 Closed Closed 1:00-5:00


The Alachua County Library District traces its origins to 1905, when the Twentieth Century Club in Gainesville started a subscription library. The Gainesville Public Library, which was a subscription library operated by the Library Association, opened in 1906. The Twentieth Century Club donated the books from its subscription library, and the new library also received books from the library of the East Florida Seminary, which had been absorbed by the newly founded University of Florida. The Gainesville Public Library became a free library in 1918, supported by funds from city taxes, and in a building constructed with the aid of a Carnegie grant. The library became a department of the City of Gainesville in 1949. A branch of the Gainesville Public Library, the Carver Branch Library, was opened in 1953 to provide library services to the African-American population of Gainesville. The Carver Branch closed in 1969, after the main library had been desegregated. In 1958, the City of Gainesville and Alachua County agreed to jointly operate the library for the whole county. Branch libraries were opened in High springs, Hawthorne and Micanopy the next year, and a bookmobile was put into service. Alachua County joined with Bradford County to operate the Santa Fe Regional Library. After Bradford County withdrew from the Regional Library, the Alachua County Library District was formally established in 1986. The Millhopper and Tower Road branches opened in 1992, and the branches in Alachua, Archer, Newberry and Waldo were all opened by 1997. The Library Partnership Branch opened in 2009, and the Cone Park Branch in 2011. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 21, 2013 for the permanent Cone Park Branch Library which will be located near the Eastside Community Center in Gainesville.[4][5][6]

Library cards

Library cards are free to any resident of the State of Florida and to non-residents who own property in Florida. Out of state residents may get a card by paying a fee. A potential user must register in person with proper identification and proof of residency or of ownership of property in the state.[7]

Checkouts and returns

The Library District does not have late fees. Five or more overdue items or $50.00 worth of overdue materials will block borrowing privileges until the items are returned or paid for.[8][9]

Library support

The Library District is supported by the Friends of the Library (established in 1954) with a bi-annual book sale, the largest of its kind in the state of Florida, and the ACLD Foundation, which raises money through the sale of name plaques and author galas.[4][10][11]



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