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Albanian Naval Force

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Title: Albanian Naval Force  
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Subject: List of Italian Coast Guard vessels, Albanian Armed Forces, Navies by country, Patrol boat, Military of Albania
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Albanian Naval Force

Albanian Naval Forces
Forca Detare
Active 1925 – today
Country  Albania
Allegiance Republic of Albania
Type Navy
Part of Albanian Armed Forces
Anniversaries December 25 – Navy's Foundation Day
Equipment 31 vessels
Naval Ensign
Naval Ensign (1958–1992)
Naval Ensign (1954–1958)

The Albanian Naval Force (Albanian: Forca Detare) is the naval branch of the Albanian military. Their name was changed from the Albanian Naval Defense Forces in 2010.[1] The Albanian Navy Headquarters is located in Durrës, and operates 2 bases: Kepi i Palit base in Durrës, and Pashaliman in Vlora.

The vessels of the Albanian Navy Force are mostly patrol craft and support craft, most of which were donated by Italy and the United States. Most former Soviet or Chinese boats have been retired from service. Only 1 Soviet built minesweeper remains in service, pending the arrival of 4 large Damen Stan Type 4207 patrol boats from the Netherlands.

The Navy performs mainly duties, based on the concept of "one Force, two Missions." The legal framework has been updated in order to facilitate these missions and EU-NATO integration. Turkey and Greece are also assisting Albania in a common effort to modernize the current Naval Academy and rebuild the repair facilities in the Pashaliman district. The Navy is also responsible for aids to navigation, including lighthouses.[2]


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Until 1996 Albania had more than 145 vessels in service. 45 of them were small, fast Chinese Type 25 Huchuan Class PHT torpedo boats, carrying two/four 533 mm Torpedoes, and some Shanghai-class coastal ASW patrol craft. The glory of the fleet were 4 Soviet built Whiskey class submarines, a direct result of an Albanian-Soviet dispute over their ownership, after Albania withdrew from the Warsaw Pact (1961) and the Soviets abandoned the Pashaliman base. The submarines were put into full service thanks to Chinese assistance, but by the end of 80's their efficiency was in doubt due to Albanian isolation and the end of Chinese help. Officially, the submarines were retired in 1998. Now, the Albanian Navy operates a fleet of patrol crafts and vessels.

Albanian Navy pilots aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1)


Patrol craft

Class Photo No. Ship Year
Coastal patrol vessels
Damen Stan 4207
Iliria P 131 Iliria 2008 Built in Netherlands
P 132 Oriku 2011 Built in Albania (Pashaliman Naval Base)
P 133 Lisus 2012 Built in Albania (Pashaliman Naval Base)
P 134 Butrinti 2014[3] Built in Albania (Pashaliman Naval Base)
T43 class
Patrol boat M-111 M-111 1960 Soviet built at Izhora Leningrad (Pontonny Shipyard) and to be retired
Project 122bis
Patrol boat P 207 P 207 1960 Soviet built at Zelenodolsk and 1 of 6 built for Albania (2 returned to Soviet Union)
Patrol boats
Seaspectre Mk III
Patrol boat R 215 R 215
R 216
1999 1 of 3 from the United States; built either by Marinette Marine or Peterson Builders 1968–1975
R 118 1999 1 of 3 from the United States; built either by Marinette Marine or Peterson Builders 1968–1975
Patrol Craft, Coastal
Patrol boat R 117 R 117 45' PCC Class From US Coast Guard
R 217 45' PCC Class From US Coast Guard
Super Speranza
Italian patrol boat CP 231 R ???
R 123
R 124
R 225
R 226
2002 Donated by Italy
Type 227 ex-Italian Coast Guard
Built by Cantieri Rodriguez with Iveco Aifo 828SRM,4 between 1966–1969 and 1 in 1980
ex CP 224, delivered 2008
ex CP 229, delivered 18.6.2002
ex CP 124, delivered 18.6.2002
ex CP 225
ex CP 226, delivered 18.6.2002
44' Archangel
Archangel 03 5 boats Donated by the US government,3 in August 2010 and 2 more in 14 March 2013,for drug interdiction.[4] Built by SAFE Boats International
Classe 2000
R 125
R 126
R 127
R 128
R 224
R 227
R 228
2002 Donated by Italy
Type 2000 ex-Italian Coast Guard
ex CP 2008, delivered in 2004
ex CP 2020, delivered in 2004
ex CP 2021, delivered in 2004
ex CP 2034, delivered in 2004
ex CP 2010, delivered 18.6.2002
ex CP 2007, delivered in 2004
ex CP 2023, delivered in 2004

Service craft

Type Class In Service Note
Service repair vessel Landing Craft, Tank, Mk 3

Converted to support vessel
1 Donated by Italy
ex MOC 1203 Italian Navy
Delivered 18.6.2002
Diving support vessel Project 522 Nyryat I
1 Nyryat class from the Soviet Union
Torpedo recovery vessel Project 368 Poluchat
1 From the Soviet Union
Anti-pollution boat 3 2 donated by Italy
Type Siman C.1297
Delivered 26.8.2009 and 9.9.2009 [5]
Minesweeper Project 501 (PO-2)
survey boat 1 Donated by Italy
Delivered in 2003 [6]
lighter 1

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