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Title: Allagadda  
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Subject: Ahobilam, Kurnool district, List of National Highways in India, Andhra Pradesh Legislature, Koilkuntla, Brahmamgarimatham
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Location in Andhra Pradesh, India

Coordinates: 15°04′25″N 78°16′57″E / 15.073518°N 78.282424°E / 15.073518; 78.282424Coordinates: 15°04′25″N 78°16′57″E / 15.073518°N 78.282424°E / 15.073518; 78.282424

Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Kurnool
 • Type Nagara Panchayati
 • Body None
 • M P Sri S P Y Reddy
 • M L A Smt Bhuma Shobha Nagi Reddy
 • Total 6 km2 (2 sq mi)
Elevation 166.5 m (546.3 ft)
 • Total 37,660 (2,011 Census)
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration AP 21XX XXXX

Allagadda is a mandal in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located 112 km from Kurnool on RAYALASEEMA EXPRESS HIGHWAY and is the border of the districts Kurnool and Kadapa. Allagadda is notorious for its political factions once and now it is famous for sculptures.


Allagadda is situated on the bank of river Vakkileru. It is located after 118 km from Kurnool, heading to Kadapa. Allagadda is on Raylaseema Express Highway. The highway was transformed into 4 lanes. The famous Temple Tirupathi is 228 km from there. The nearest railway station is Nandyal.


Allagadda was initially named Avulagadda (Avula means cows and Gadda means place). It was so named because there were once a large number of cows in the area. While the people called it "Aavulagadda", the British understood it as "Allagadda" and so the name was understood as Allagadda. Allagadda is famous for stone art(sculpture) and Daru shilpam (wooden sculpture) India. Traditional sculpture, the traditional sculptors form this town are Mahasilpi Durugadda Balaveerachri (1926–1986), who was won the award in First world Telugu conferences in 1975, and facilitated in Andhra Pradesh Rajatotsav celebrations in 1983. Another famous traditional sculptor was Durugadd Ramachari (1935–2008) who served as professor in Telugu University.

The main contribution of Allagadda traditional sculptors are mainly Mahanandi Ramalayam (the ceiling in the mandapa and garbhagriha the exceptional work of art of them), Srisailam Bhramarambha gudi, Chagalamarry Ammavarisala, Ramalayam at Brahamgari Matam (situated in Kadapa District) etc., in almost all those places you can find their portraits carved on the pillars by themselves, their tradition was of Vijayanagara style and unfortunately due to commercialization of traditional art practice, now they are influenced by Calendar art or Jaipur style of work.

Here politics played a main role in change of bus-depot. MLA's are coming and going but there is no change in the situation of development. For some families the surname became same as the village name who contributed well for shaping the village. There are so many chances for development in stones industries and sculpting is one of the great art of Allagadda but no one is trying to give the assistance for the people who are living on this art.

AHOBILAM is one of the most famous (historic temple) Lord Narasimha Swami temple which is very near to Allagadda (22 K.M. Approximately). There are two Ahobilans, one is Lower Ahobilam and other is Higher Ahobilam which is located after 8 K.M. from Lower Ahobilam. The god is in a cave and very beautiful place to visit.[1]


Allgadda having four nationalised Banks, and Three other banks. 1 State Bank of Inida Main Branch (IFSC CODE : SBIN0000784) T B Road. 2 Anhdra Bank (IFSC CODE : ANDB0000020) T B Road. 3 SBI Bazar Brach (IFSC CODE : SBIN0014171) Pata Kandukuru Road. 4 State Bank of Hyderabad (IFSC CODE : SBHY0021651) Kadapa Raod. 5 Andhra Pragati Grameena Bank, T B Road. 6 HDFC Bank T B Road. 7 KDCC Bank, T B Road There are five ATM centers. One is at S.B.I. Main Branch, the second is at 4 roads circle by Andhra Bank, the third is by HDFC (opposite S.B.I. main branch) fourth is at S.B.I. Bazar Branch, Pata Kandukur Road and fifth is SBI ATM at Opp Jr College


Allagadda is mostly known to the Telugu people as Bombula Gadda (bombs' place) as it was very notorious for factional fights. Clashes between political parties often resulted in throwing bombs at each other's (in 1970-1995). These bombs were country made and were called natu bombulu (hand-made bombs).

Assembly constituency

Allagadda is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

  • 1955 - Chintakuntla Pedda Timma Reddy (Indian National Congress) (As SIRIVELLA MLA) (3-3-1955 to 1-3-1962) (2555 Days)
  • 1962 - Sitiri Jayaraj (SC) (Indian National Congress) (03-03-1962 to 28.02.1967) (1823 Days)
  • 1967 - Gangula Timma Reddy (Independent) (01-03-1967 to 14-03-1972)
  • 1972 - Somula Venkat Subba Reddy ([Independent) (14-03-1972 to 01-03-1978)
  • 1978 - Gangula Timma Reddy (Independent)(05-03-1978 to 1979) (2487 Days)
  • 1980 - Gangula Pratap Reddy (Indian National Congress I) (1979 to 07-01-1983) (By Election)
  • 1983 - Somula Venkta Subba Reddy (Telugu Desam Party) (08-01-1983 to 23-11-1984) (2863 Days)
  • 1985 - Gangula Pratap Reddy (Indian National Congress) (08-03-1985 to 28-11-1989)
  • 1989 - Bhuma Veera Sekhar Reddy (Telugu Desam Party) (30-11-1989 to 07-07-1991) (584 Days)
  • 1992 - Bhuma Venkata Nagi Reddy (Telugu Desam Party) (By Election) (1-2-92 to 10-12-94)
  • 1994 - Bhuma Venkata Nagi Reddy (Telugu Desam Party) (12-12-94 to 15-10-96) (1716 Days)
  • 1997 - Bhuma Shobha Nagi Reddy (Telugu Desam Party) (By Election) (DOE : 6.2.1997, DOC : 8.2.1997])
  • 1999 - Bhuma Shoba Nagi Reddy (Telugu Desam Party [DOE : 5.9.1999, DOC : 6.10.1999])
  • 2004 - Gangula Prathap Reddy (Indian National Congress[DOE : 26.4.2004, DOC : 11.5.2004])(4596 Days)
  • 2009 - Bhuma Shoba Nagi Reddy (Praja Rajyam Party)
  • 2012 - Bhuma Shoba Nagi Reddy (YSR Congress Party)(By Election [DOE : 12.6.2012, DOC : 15.6.21012])

Educational institutions

Colleges 1 Sri Ankala Reddy Memorial College of Education 2 Sri Ankala Reddy Memorial degree College(AIDED) (Shaik kareemulla 2007 Batch) 3 ALFA Engineering College and Technology (on NH18 Highway) 4 K.V.Subba Reddy Degree College (B.Ed. college well known in and around the place).

Junior Colleges 1 Yeddula Papamma Pedda Madduleti Reddy Government Junior College (oldest college in place) 2 Sri Raghavendra Junior College 3 S.S.R Junior College- near RTC bus stand(Principal G SREEKANTH REDDY, top college in Allagadda) 4 Pragna Junior College- near bus stand (Principal HEMALATHA REDDY.P no:1,college in Allagadda town) 5 KVN D.Ed College 6 Sri Raghavendra College of Education & D.Ed College

High Schools 1 Yeddula Papamma Pedda Madduleti Reddy Government High School (oldest school in Allagadda) 2 Z.P. High School (boys), Palasagaram Road 3 Sri Raghavendra Public School - Satram Street 4 Sri Bharathividya Mandir - Satram Street. 5 Sri B.B.R High School, near old bus stand. 6 YPR ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, TB Road 7 Sri Lakshmi Raghavendra Public School,Near R.T.C.Bus stand. 8 St.Anns Public School,Near NH-18. 9 SRI SAI PUBLIC SCHOOL,Near R.T.C Bus Stand. 10 Sri Viswasanthi High School 13 Ravi Aided School 14 Krushi Vidyanikethan High School 15 SRI VIGNANA BHARATHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, TB Road 16 Z.P.H.High School (girls) 17 Goutam Model School

Religious places

  • AHOBILAM (Lord Narasimha temple), 22 km from Allagadda
  • Kanyaka Parameswari Temple (Ammavari shala) and in the same premises we do have Sri Krishna temple (called Geetha Bhavan by the localites)
  • Sivalayam Temple (Recently has been reconstructed and Venkateswara swamy temple is also built in the same premises)Old Name Lakshamma Temple (or) Amurutha Lingeswara Swamy Temple
  • Sri Anjaneya swamy temple (this is where Lord Narasimha Swamy’s idol is kept for darshan during the time of Jatara on the first day in town)
  • Gayathri Devi temple (on NH18 Highway Near Gayathri Puram)
  • Ganga Bhavani Temple - Patha kandukuru (5KM towards Jammalamadugu vaya Suddapalli)
  • Veerabrahmendra Swamy Temple - Patha kandukuru (5KM towards Jammalamadugu vaya Suddapalli)
  • Saibaba temple (in Mall REddy Veda Nagar)
  • Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple - Padakandla
  • Kalyana venkateswara swami temple - Padakandla
  • Sri Ramadevalayam - (Jamunastreet)By Mr.Hussanaiah. An oldest temple in allagadda which make you feel pretty good and peaceful. As usual it has n number of vanara sianyam support(Monkeys)
  • Sri Gokulakrishna Devalayam -(Jamunastreet by Mr.Hussanaiah (Basha))
  • Sri Lingamaiah swamy temple (Renovated and holds idols of many deities as well as trees like devaganneru, shami, tulasi and etc. enclosed in same place. The lord is an incarnation of god shiva and has a legacy of so many folk tales)
  • Recently ISKON temple foundation stone laid Opp SMR Pipes Factory.
  • Kasintala 2 km away from Allagadda
  • Every year Ahobila Brahmostavalu happens in February month for 1 Week.
  • CSI Church, old bus stand
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Makkah Maseed
  • Madina Masjid
  • Noorani Masjid
  • Rahmania Masjid
  • Gousia Masjid
  • Khankha
  • Emmanuel Town Church
  • Gayathri Temple, Sri Laxmi Narasimha Nagar, Kadapa road.
  • Ayyapaswamy Temple, T.B.Road

Temples in Chagalamarri

  • Ayyapaswamy Temple
  • Kanyaka parameswari
  • Chagalamma Temple

Kalikamatha temple

Allagadda is known place for traditional vishwabrahmana Stone and wood sculptors. Allagadda sculptors are credited for being the chief sculptors of many famous temples around the world.Allagadda, also, hosts one of the ancient and most powerful temples of kurnool(Dt), Shri kalikamatha temple.Shri kalikamatha temple located at Vishwarupanagar in Allagadda. The temple is spread across an acre of land and is regarded as the powerful goddess by the devotees.


  • Allagadda
  • Alamuru
  • Ahobilam
  • Santhinagar
  • Muthaluru
  • Bachapuram
  • Krishnapuram
  • Gumpraman Dinne
  • Yerragudi Dinne
  • Mandaluru
  • S Lingamdinne
  • Marripalle
  • Yadawada
  • Obulampalli
  • Mittapalle
  • Padakandla
  • Patha Kandukur
  • Kota Kandukur
  • Bachepalli
  • Pedda / chinna Chinta kuntla
  • Pedda bodhnam
  • G Jambuladinne
  • Gopalapuram
  • Gubhagundam
  • Rudra Varam(Mandal)
  • Kondumaya Palle
  • D.kottala
  • T. Kottala
  • Sri Rangapuram
  • Yella Vattula
  • Ammi Reddy Nagaram
  • Gopala Puram
  • Perai Palli.
  • Bathaluru
  • chandaluru
  • Nakkaladinna
  • Obulampalle
  • Padakandla
  • Chinna/Pedda Kandukuru
  • Chinta Kommadinne
  • Chagalamarri (Mandal)
  • Kolumulapeta
  • Chinnavangalli
  • Peddavangalli
  • Chakravarthula palli
  • (There is one Asramam called Kasireddy nayana Asramam between Chakravathula palli and Muthyalapadu . Kasireddy Nayana is a famous god in Andhra Pradesh, there are many nithya annadana sathrams in Andhrapradesh.)
  • Chintalacheruvu.
  • Muduralapalli
  • Kotapadu
  • Kamineni Palli
  • Kotakandukuru
  • Nallagatla
  • Peddachintakunta
  • Peraipalli
  • R Krishnapuram
  • Sirivella
  • Yadawada
  • Bagyanagaram
  • Govinda palle
  • muthyalapadu
  • Thodendla pally

Devotional places:

  • Ahobilam
  • Yellala

Dornipadu (Mandal)

  • Ramachandrapuram
  • Chakaraju Vemula
  • W. Kotapalle
  • Madduru
  • Yerraguntla
  • palasagaram
  • R.Papampalle
  • Uyyalawada (Mandal)
  • Rampalli
  • Kondu palle
  • Pampalle
  • sarvaipalli
  • Burrareddy Palle
  • Bhagyanagar
  • T.Kottala
  • Narsepalle


  • The famous known Telugu culture is being followed by people's of Allagadda for many years now.


  • Ramalaxmi
  • AV theatre
  • Lakshmi prasanna
  • Bhavani (Previously it was Ramesh)
  • Sri Rama Mini palace
  • Prathap (Previously it was Sivaram)

Theaters in Chagalamarri

  • Nobel
  • Chakrapani
  • Big Cinemas

Normally people speak Telugu with a different slang (Rayalaseema).



  • "Rise and Fall of Allagadda" by Guru Venkatesh
  • "Allagadda: Heaven on Earth" by Guru Venkatesh
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