Alpha phi omega national conventions

National conventions in Alpha Phi Omega are biennial gatherings of the respective national organization of the fraternity, in which official business is conducted and brothers from the various chapters in the organization meet to share ideas, expanding leadership, friendship, and service. In the very early years, decisions of the National Fraternity were conducted by mail. The first actual assembly of delegates in a convention was held in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 1–2, 1931. Seven of the fraternity's eighteen chapters were represented at this convention by a total of 23 students and advisors.[1]

Alpha Phi Omega of the United States conducts biennial national conventions in even-numbered years, and as of 2013, forty-two conventions have been held. The last convention held was in Anaheim, California and the next will be held in Chicago, Illinois. Conventions were not held in 1942 and 1944 due to World War II, and a special Constitutional Convention was held in 1967. Alpha Phi Omega of the Philippines conducts biennial national conventions in odd-numbered years, and as of 2009, twenty-five conventions have been held.[1]

In the US, national conventions are officially called to order by an opening ceremony in which the Eternal Flame of Service is brought forth by members of the Delta Omega chapter at the University of Houston. This tradition was started after the twenty-first national convention in Dallas, Texas. In the early hours of December 30, 1970, the delegates of the Delta Omega chapter met in a ceremony in the suite of H. Roe Bartle, with the newly elected members of the National Board of Directors and National President Aubrey B. Hamilton. Bartle lit a small blue candle then he in turn used to light a hurricane lamp, which was then passed from the blue candle to each of the board members' candles. He then joined the board members to light two four foot candles. The flame was then taken to Houston and allowed to burn while awaiting the completion of the Eternal Flame site.[2]

Convention attendance has grown considerably through the years. In 1932, there were 88 members attending the convention[3] and the largest convention attendance in the US to date has been 2,316 in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2002, and the largest number of chapters represented was 235 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2000.[1]

United States

Number Location Theme Notable Events Dates Attendance (attendees/chapters) Refs
1st Mailed Ballot 01926-12-01Dec 1926  ?/1 [4]
2nd Cornell University Held Concurrently with 5th National Training Conference for Scout Executives 01928-09-01Sep 1928 and 01928-12-01Dec 1928[a]  ?/6 or 7 [4]
3rd Jefferson Hotel,[5]
St. Louis, Missouri
01931-03-01Mar 1, 193101931-03-02Mar 2, 1931 23/9 [4][6]
4th Hotel La Salle,
Chicago, Illinois
01932-12-28Dec 28, 193201932-12-29Dec 29, 1932 88 [3][4]
5th Hotel President,
Kansas City, Missouri
01934-12-28Dec 28, 193401934-12-29Dec 29, 1934 230/21 chapters, 14 interest groups [4][7]
6th Camp Manatoc,
Akron, Ohio
Tenth Anniversary Celebration. 01936-09-04Sep 4, 193601936-09-06Sep 6, 1936  ?/26 [4]
7th Hotel DeSoto,
St. Louis, Missouri
01938-12-28Dec 28, 193801938-12-29Dec 29, 1938 274/51 [4]
8th Antlers Hotel,
Indianapolis, Indiana
Service: Our Contribution to Americanism on College campuses. 01940-12-28Dec 28, 194001940-12-29Dec 29, 1940 312/54 [4][8]
9th[b] President Hotel,
Kansas City, Missouri
Service: Our Contribution to a Peaceful World. 01946-12-28Dec 28, 194601946-12-29Dec 29, 1946 349/71 [4][8]
10th Hotel La Salle,
Chicago, Illinois
To Put Service to Others Ahead of Selfish Aims. 01948-12-28Dec 28, 194801948-12-30Dec 30, 1948 602/121 chapters [4][6][8]
11th Fort Des Moines Hotel,
Des Moines, Iowa
25th Anniversary: The Past, Present and Future of Alpha Phi Omega. 01950-12-28Dec 28, 195001950-12-30Dec 30, 1950 ~600/119 [4][8]
12th Deshler-Wallick Hotel,
Columbus, Ohio
Service Above Selfish Aims. 01952-12-28Dec 28, 195201952-12-30Dec 30, 1952 ~500/135 [4][8]
13th Schroeder Hotel,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Service Past, Present and Future. 01954-12-28Dec 28, 195401954-12-30Dec 30, 1954 ~500/121 [4][8][9]
14th Wilton Hotel,[10]
Long Beach, California
01956-08-28Aug 28, 195601956-08-30Aug 30, 1956 300+/85 [4][11]
15th Stephen F. Austin Hotel,
Austin, Texas
The Lone Star State in '58. 01958-08-29Aug 29, 195801958-09-01Sep 1, 1958 400+/97 [4]
16th Benjamin Franklin Hotel,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
35th Anniversary 01960-12-28Dec 28, 196001960-12-30Dec 30, 1960 843/156 [4]
17th University of Kansas City and Bellerive Hotel,
Kansas City, Missouri
Lead in Service. 01962-12-27Dec 27, 196201962-12-29Dec 29, 1962  ?/156+ [4][8][12]
18th Brown Palace Hotel,
Denver, Colorado
40th Anniversary 01964-12-27Dec 27, 196401964-12-29Dec 29, 1964 713/163 [4][8][9]
19th Radisson Hotel,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
In Brotherhood- Carry On. 01966-12-27Dec 27, 196601966-12-29Dec 29, 1966 1,000+/210+ [4][8][13]


University of Oklahoma,
Norman, Oklahoma
Constitutional Convention 01967-12-27Dec 27, 196701967-12-29Dec 29, 1967 247/247 [4][8]
20th Shoreham Hotel,
Washington, D.C.
Hand in Hand In Service. 01968-12-27Dec 27, 196801968-12-29Dec 29, 1968 1,603/273 (record attendees until 1992) [4][8][14]
21st Marriott Motor Hotel,
Dallas, Texas
The Three Worlds of Alpha Phi Omega, Tell It Like It Is, Let's Be Significant. 01970-12-27Dec 27, 197001970-12-29Dec 29, 1970 [4][8]
22nd Denver Hilton,
Denver, Colorado
Extend A Helping Hand To Your Fellow Man. 01972-12-27Dec 27, 197201972-12-29Dec 29, 1972 ~1,000 [4][8]
23rd Stouffer’s Riverfront Inn,
St. Louis, Missouri
Golden Opportunities to Serve. 01974-12-27Dec 27, 197401974-12-29Dec 29, 1974 900+ [4][8][9]
24th Marriot Motor Hotel,
Atlanta, Georgia
Service - The Spirit of '76. 01976-12-27Dec 27, 197601976-12-29Dec 29, 1976 ~1,100 [4][8]
25th Opryland Hotel,
Nashville, Tennessee
A Bold Heritage - A Bright Future. 01978-12-27Dec 27, 197801978-12-29Dec 29, 1978 ~1,000 [4][8]
26th Marriott Hotel,
Los Angeles, California
Lighting the World Through Service. 01980-12-27Dec 27, 198001980-12-29Dec 29, 1980 632 [4]
27th Hyatt Regency Hotel,
Kansas City, Missouri
Show Me Service. 01982-12-28Dec 28, 198201982-12-30Dec 30, 1982 922 [4][8]
28th Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill,
Washington, D.C.
A Monument to Service. 01984-12-28Dec 28, 198401984-12-30Dec 30, 1984 1,425 [4][8][9]
29th Hyatt Regency Houston,
Houston, Texas
Service - The Finest Frontier. 01986-12-28Dec 28, 198601986-12-30Dec 30, 1986 1,334/149 [4][8]
30th Denver Marriott City Center,
Denver, Colorado
Service Above All. 01988-12-27Dec 27, 198801988-12-30Dec 30, 1988 993/128 [4][8]
31st Clarion Hotel,
St. Louis, Missouri
Service - Gateway to Our Future. 01990-12-27Dec 27, 199001990-12-30Dec 30, 1990 1,430/188 [4][8]
32nd Park Plaza and Hotel,
Boston, Massachusetts
Leading the Way to Service. 01992-12-27Dec 27, 199201992-12-30Dec 30, 1992 2,000/~220 [4][8][14]
33rd Hyatt Regency DFW Airport,
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Deep in the Heart of Service. 01994-12-27Dec 27, 199401994-12-30Dec 30, 1994 1,940/222 (75th cd says ~1,600) [4][9][15]
34th Hyatt Regency,
Phoenix, Arizona
Rising to Serve. 01996-12-27Dec 27, 199601996-12-30Dec 30, 1996 1,585/~210 [4][16]
35th Hyatt Regency,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Leadership, Friendship and Service: SnowBalled Into One. 01998-12-27Dec 27, 199801998-12-30Dec 30, 1998 1,781/227 [4][17]
36th Philadelphia Marriott Downtown/Center City,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Celebrating our Heritage, Forging Our Future. 02000-12-27Dec 27, 200002000-12-30Dec 30, 2000 2,086/235 [1][4][18]
37th Sheraton New Orleans Hotel,
New Orleans, Louisiana
Brotherhood on the Bayou 02002-12-27Dec 27, 200202002-12-30Dec 30, 2002 2316 [1][19]
38th Adam's Mark,
Denver, Colorado
Service at its Peak 02004-12-27Dec 27, 200402004-12-30Dec 30, 2004 1,488 [20][21]
39th Galt House,
Louisville, Kentucky
Unbridled Service 02006-12-27Dec 27, 200602006-12-30Dec 30, 2006 1,652 [22]
40th Sheraton Boston,
Boston, Massachusetts
Revolutionary Brotherhood 02008-12-27Dec 27, 200802008-12-30Dec 30, 2008 2,075 [23]
41st Hyatt Regency Atlanta,
Atlanta, Georgia
Dream * Lead * Serve 02010-12-27Dec 27, 201002010-12-30Dec 30, 2010 [23]
42nd Anaheim Marriott Hotel,
Anaheim, California
Time to Shine[24] 02012-12-27Dec 27, 201202012-12-30Dec 30, 2012 [23][25][26][27]
43rd Hyatt Regency O'Hare,
Chicago, Illinois
TBD 02014-12-27Dec 27, 201402014-12-30Dec 30, 2014

a. ^ Convention held in September 1926 concurrently with Fifth National Training Conference of Scout Executives. This Conference was held from 01928-09-06Sep 6, 192801928-09-12Sep 12, 1928 The detailed voting occurred by Mail Ballot held in 01926-12-01Dec 1926.[4][28]

b. ^ Conventions were not held during World War II (1942 and 1944).[1] The 1942 Convention was planned for Kansas City, Missouri[29] and changed by vote of the chapters to a mail ballot at the request of the Office of Defense Transportation (ODT).[30]

c. ^ The 1967 Constitutional Convention in Norman, OK is not considered a National Convention, as it was a special conference. Only one delegate per chapter were allowed.[1]


National conventions for Alpha Phi Omega Philippines are biennial gatherings which are currently conducted in odd numbered years. It is where official business is conducted by the General Assembly composed of brothers and sisters from the various chapters and alumni/alumnae associations meeting to share ideas, and to expand leadership, friendship, and service.

Number Location Theme Dates Chair Host Refs
1st Philippine Normal College Auditorium, Ermita, Manila Unity for Service 01953-09-13Sep 13, 1953 Librado I. Ureta, Alpha ’50 Beta Chapter [31][32][33][34]
2nd Boy Scouts of the Philippines Building, Ermita, Manila 01955-12-17Dec 17, 195501955-12-18Dec 18, 1955 Epsilon Chapter [33][34][35][36]
3rd Boy Scouts of the Philippines Building, Ermita, Manila and University of the Philippines, Diliman Diliman, Quezon City 01958-12-06Dec 6, 195801958-12-07Dec 7, 1958 Eta Chapter [33][34]
4th University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Los Baños, Laguna 01960-12-18Dec 18, 196001960-12-19Dec 19, 1960 Theta Chapter [33][34]
5th National University, Sampaloc, Manila Revitalizing the Alpha Phi Omega Spirit 01962-12-22December 22, 1962-01962-12-23December 23, 1962 Beta Chapter [33][34][37]
6th Mapúa Institute of Technology, Intramuros, Manila Humility, Integrity, Honesty for a Better Nation 01965-03-06Mar 6, 196501965-03-07Mar 7, 1965 Ignacio J. Sevilla, Sr., Alpha ’50 Delta chapter [33][34][38][39]
7th Far Eastern University, Sampaloc, Manila For God and Country 01968-12-15December 15, 196801968-12-16December 16, 1968 Alpha chapter [33][34][39]
8th UPLB, Los Baños, Laguna Alpha Phi Omega Answers the Nation’s Call 01971-12-17December 17, 197101971-12-19December 19, 1971 Rolando V. Virtucio, Theta ’62 Theta chapter [33][34][39]
9th [d] Baptist Camp, Mariveles, Bataan Alpha Phi Omega: Its Role in Contemporary Philippines 01976-03-25March 25, 197601976-03-28March 28, 1976 Librado I. Ureta, Alpha ’50 National Council [33][34][40]
10th Camp 7, Minglanilla, Cebu Towards the Strengthening of Organizational Leadership in the Alpha Phi Omega in the Next Decade 01979-03-30March 30, 197901979-04-01Apr 1, 1979 Manuel A. Reyes, Alpha Zeta ’66 Region VII & National Council [33][34][41]
11th Kabataang Barangay Training Center, Malasag, Cagayan de Oro City The Fraternity and Sorority: Their Relevance and Challenges in the 80’s 01981-12-27December 27, 198101981-12-30December 30, 1981 Angel A. Tuason, Eta ’71 Region X & National Council [33][34][41]
12th Bagong Lipunan Settlement Project, Bamban, Tarlac Continuing Accent on Organizational Development and Service 01983-05-27May 27, 198301983-05-29May 29, 1983 Jose V. Cutaran, Alpha Pi Region III & National Council [33][34]
13th Boy Scouts of the Philippines Camp, Mount Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna Alpha Phi Omega Ideology: A New Dimension Towards Genuine Service and Commitment 01985-12-14December 14, 198501985-12-16December 16, 1985 Marlyn A. Pimentel-Neri, Theta ’70 National Council [32][33][34]
14th People's Center Tacloban City/Commission on Audit Training Center, Palo, Leyte Professionalism (in A PHI O) toward National Solidarity 01987-12-19December 19, 198701987-12-21December 21, 1987 Jose Antonio L. Dimaano, Pi ’74 Region VIII & National Council [33][34]
15th Camp Alano, Toril, Davao City Service for Peace (Paglilingkod Para sa Kapayapaan) 01989-05-26May 26, 198901989-05-28May 28, 1989 Paul A. Balagat, Alpha Omicron ’69 Region XI & National Council [32][33][34]
16th Bulwagang Balagtas, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila, Santa Mesa, Manila Reflections: The APhiO Culture (Balik-Tanaw:Ang Kulturang APhiO) 01991-05-24May 24, 199101991-05-26May 26, 1991 Angel A. Lansi, Jr., Gamma Pi ’78 NCR & National Council [33][34]
17th University of the Philippines, Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo The Alpha Phi Omega and the Filipino Values 01993-05-21May 21, 199301993-05-23May 23, 1993 Marlyn A. Pimentel-Neri, Theta ’70 Region VI & National Council [33][34]
18th Feliciano and Sons Convention Center, Tetuan, Zamboanga City Think Global, Act Local 01995-05-27May 27, 199501995-05-29May 29, 1995 Ronald S. Devesa, Pi ’67 Region IX & National Council [32][33][34][42]
19th Baguio City, Benguet Brotherhood…Its True and Honorable Essence in Retrospect 01997-05-02May 2, 199701997-05-04May 4, 1997 Jose Antonio L. Dimaano, Pi Region I & National Council [32][33][34][43]
20th Greenheights Convention and Business Center, Buhangin, Davao City Towards the Golden Year: A Force to Reckon With 01999-05-07May 7, 199901999-05-09May 9, 1999 Agaton C. Labrador, Jr., Nu ’74 Region XI [32][33][34]
21st George Dewey Convention Center, Subic Bay Freeport, Olongapo City, Zambales Zoom! Into the 21st Century 02001-05-25May 25, 200102001-05-27May 27, 2001 Noraida P. Velarmino, Alpha Sigma ’82 Region III & National Council [32][34][44]
22nd Garden Royale Convention Center, Goldenfields Commercial Complex, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Capturing a New Generation of Leaders 02003-05-22May 22, 200302003-05-25May 25, 2003 Teddie Elson E. Rivera, Alpha Rho ’71 Region VI-B & National Council [34][42][45]
23rd Provincial Convention Center Capitol Hills and New Surigao City Government Complex, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte APO Now and Beyond: Sustaining the Gains of Leadership, Friendship and Service 02005-05-25May 25, 200502005-05-28May 28, 2005 Luzviminda F. Fopalan-Lumang, Theta ’63 Surigao City AA, Epsilon Gamma Chapter & National Council [34][44][46][47]
24th Tagaytay International Convention Center, Tagaytay City, Cavite Bridging Generations Through Service. 02007-05-03May 3, 200702007-05-06May 6, 2007 Hilda A. Sacay-Clave, Alpha Mu ’77 Kabite AA, Sigma AA & Mississauga AA [34][44][48][49]
25th Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center, Boracay Island, Aklan Great Leap Forward, Towards Excellence 02009-05-28May 28, 200902009-05-31May 31, 2009 Nobella S. Tombokon, Psi '70 APO Boracay [50]
26th Grand Caprice Convention Center, Limketkai Center, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City One Vision in The Second Decade of the Third Millennium 02011-05-26May 26, 201102011-05-29May 29, 2011 Erlinda S. Unabia, Alpha Rho '79 APO-OCA (Alpha Phi Omega Oro City Alumni Association) [51][52]
27th Legazpi City, Albay Together as one: Rooted and Grounded on Service 02013-05-23May 23, 201302013-05-26May 26, 2013 George Gerald "Donjie" Baccay Gamma Xi AA (Gamma Xi Alumni Association) [53][54]

d. ^ 1973(?) Convention was temporarily suspended due to the imposition of Martial Law by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Group assembly without approval punishable by incarceration.[40]


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