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Title: Ancamna  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Loucetios, Smertrios, Treveri, Sea and river goddesses, Shortpages/Mythology/Celtic/Brythonic/Continental
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Depiction of Ancamna and Mars Smertrius from Freckenfeld in the ancient territory of the Nemetes.


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Works cited

Inciona is also apparently invoked along with Lenus Mars Veraudunus on a bronze ex voto from Luxembourg;[7] it is unclear what connection, if any, exists between Inciona and Ancamna. Jufer and Luginbühl link Ancamna with two other consorts of the Gaulish Mars, Litavis and Nemetona, noting that none of these appear to be warrior goddesses themselves; instead, they suggest that Ancamna might have been associated with a spring.[3] Edith Wightman considers the couple Mars Loucetius and Nemetona to be "closely similar to if not identical with, Lenus and Ancamna".[8]

[6] like those offered to the Xulsigiae at the Lenus Mars temple complex in Trier.genius cucullatus Among the few statuettes left as votive offerings left at the sanctuary of Mars Smertulitanus and Ancamna at Möhn is one of a [5][4]

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