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Ansys, Inc.
Type Public
Traded as NASDAQ: ANSS
Industry Computer software
Founded Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. (1970)
Headquarters Cecil Township, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Key people Peter J. Smith, Chairman
James E. Cashman III, CEO
Products Ansys Multiphysics, CFD, Fluent, Workbench, HFSS, SIWave
Revenue IncreaseUS$896M (FY 2014)[1]
Operating income IncreaseUS$336M (FY 2014)[2]
Net income IncreaseUS$258M (FY 2014)[3]
Total assets IncreaseUS$2.80B (FY 2014)[4]
Total equity IncreaseUS$2.22B (FY 2014)[4]
Employees +2,600 (2014)
Ansys CFD
Stable release 15.0 / December 2013
Operating system Unix, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Type Computational fluid dynamics software
License Commercial software

Ansys, Inc. is an engineering simulation software (computer-aided engineering, or CAE) developer headquartered south of Pittsburgh in the Southpointe business park in Cecil Township, Pennsylvania, United States. One of its most significant products is Ansys CFD, a proprietary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) program.


  • Products 1
    • Ansys CFD 1.1
    • Other Ansys software 1.2
  • History 2
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Ansys CFD

Ansys CFD allows engineers to test systems by simulating fluid flows in a virtual environment — for example, the fluid dynamics of ship hulls; gas turbine engines (including the compressors, combustion chamber, turbines and afterburners); aircraft aerodynamics; pumps, fans, HVAC systems, mixing vessels, hydrocyclones, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Other Ansys software

Simulation Technology: Structural Mechanics, Multiphysics, Fluid Dynamics, Explicit Dynamics, Electromagnetics, Hydrodynamics (AQWA). Workflow Technology: Ansys Workbench Platform, High-Performance Computing, Geometry Interfaces, Simulation Process & Data Management.

Ansys, Inc. headquarters building in Cecil Township, Pennsylvania.


The company was founded in 1970. by Dr. John A. Swanson as Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc (SASI). Its primary purpose was to develop and market finite element analysis software for structural physics that could simulate static (stationary), dynamic (moving) and thermal (heat transfer) problems. SASI developed its business in parallel with the growth in computer technology and engineering needs. The company grew by 10 percent to 20 percent each year, and in 1994 it was sold to TA Associates. The new owners took SASI’s leading software, called ANSYS®, as their flagship product and designated ANSYS, Inc. as the new company name.


Ansys has acquired a number of companies since 2000, including ICEM CFD Engineering, CADOE S.A., of Lyon, France, a company specializing in parametric analysis, and with numerous French clients, including Michelin, Renault and Airbus,[5] and CFX (2003); Century Dynamics, Harvard Thermal, and Fluent Inc. (2006); Ansoft Corporation (2008); Apache Design Solutions (2011); Esterel Technologies (2012); EVEN and Reaction Design (2013);[6] and Spaceclaim Corporation (2014).[7]

Ansys was listed on the

  • Ansys website; product page

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