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Anxi Protectorate

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Title: Anxi Protectorate  
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Subject: Tarim Basin, History of Xinjiang, Shule County, Suyab, Yenisei Kirghiz, Xinjiang
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Anxi Protectorate

Template:Chinese The Protectorate General to Pacify the West, Grand Protectorate General to Pacify the West, or Anxi Protectorate (640–790) was a Chinese outpost established by Tang Dynasty in 640 to control the regions of Tian Shan, the Pamir Mountains and the Tarim Basin.[1] The head office was first established at the Chinese prefecture Xizhou, but was later shifted to Kucha and situated there for most of the period.[2] The Four Garrisons of Anxi were later installed to consort the military government.

List of protector generals

List of Chinese grand and assistant protectors of Pacify the West:[3]

  • Yang Zhou (杨胄) 651-662
  • Su Haizheng (苏海政) 662
  • Gao Xian (高贤) 663
  • Pilou Shiche (匹娄式彻) 664
  • Pei Xingjian (裴行俭) 665
  • Tao Dayou (陶大有) 666-667
  • Dong Baoliang (董宝亮) 668-671
  • Yuan Gongyu (袁公瑜) 671-677
  • Du Huanbao (杜环宝) 677-678, 681-682
  • Wang Fangyi (王方翼) 679-681
  • Li Zulong (李祖隆) 683-686
  • Wang Shiguo (王世果) 686-687
  • Yan Wengu (阎温古) 687-689
  • Tang Xiujing (唐休璟) 689-690
  • Jiu Bin (咎斌) 690-693
  • Xu Qinming (许钦明) 694-695
  • Gongsun Yajing (公孙雅靖) 696-698
  • Tian Yangming (田扬名) 698-704
  • Guo Yuanzhen (郭元振) 705-708, 709-710
  • Zhou Yiti (周以悌) 708-709
  • Zhang Xuanbiao (张玄表) 710-711
  • Lu Xiujing (吕休璟) 712-716
  • Guo Qianguan (郭虔瓘) 715-717, 720-721
  • Li Cong (李琮) 716
  • Tang Jiahui (汤嘉惠) 717-719, 730
  • Zhang Xiaosong (张孝嵩) 721-724
  • Du Xian (杜暹) 724-726
  • Zhao Yizhen (赵颐贞) 726-728
  • Xie Zhixin (谢知信) 728
  • Li Fen (李玢) 727-735
  • Zhao Hanzhang (赵含章) 728-729
  • Lu Xiulin (吕休琳) 729-730
  • Lai Yao (莱曜) 730-731
  • Xu Qinshi (徐钦识) 731-733
  • Wang Husi (王斛斯) 733-738
  • Ge Jiayun (盖嘉运) 738-739
  • Tian Renwan (田仁琬) 740-741
  • Fumeng Lingcha (夫蒙灵詧) 741-747
  • Gao Xianzhi 747-751
  • Wang Zhengjian (王正见) 751-752
  • Feng Changqing 752-755
  • Liang Zai (梁宰) 755-756
  • Li Siye 756-759
  • Lifei Yuanli (荔非元礼) 759-761
  • Bai Xiaode (白孝德) 761-762
  • Sun Zhizhi (孙志直) 762-765
  • Guo Xin (郭昕) 762-787

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