Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport

Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
Established 1972
Type Regional Organization
President Prof. Dr. Ismail Abd elGhafar
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Campus Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said, Aswan, Latakia
Affiliations IMO

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (Arabic: الأكاديمية العربية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا والنقل البحري‎) is a regional university operated by the Arab League which is known for its programs in Marine Transportation, Business, and Engineering.


  • Maritime Transport & Technology
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Management & Technology
  • Computing & Information Technology
  • Graduate School of Business
  • International Transport & Logistics
  • Language & Communication
  • Fisheries Technology & Aquaculture


  • Maritime Safety Institute [Alexandria].
  • Productivity & Quality Institut [Alexandria].
  • Technical & Vocational Institute [Alexandria].
  • Institute of International Transport & Logistics [Alexandria & Cairo].
  • Port training Institute [Alexandria & Port Said].
  • Institute for Language Studies [Alexandria & Cairo].
  • Investment & Finance Institute [Alexandria].
  • Arab Institute for Trade & Commodities Exchange [Alexandria].
  • Maritime of Upgrading Studies [Alexandria].


  • Project Incubation Center Alexandria.
  • Industry Service Center Alexandria.
  • Marine Hotel Center 'Alexandria.
  • Information and Documentation Center Alexandria.
  • Multimedia Center Alexandria.
  • Regional informatics Center Alexandria.
  • Computer Services Center Alexandria.
  • Computer Networks & Data Center Alexandria.
  • Research & Consultation Center Alexandria & Portsaid].
  • Business Development Center Alexandria.
  • Regional Center for Disaster Risk reduction [Alexandria].
  • Arab Center for Transport Study [Alexandria].
  • Arab Center for Media [Alexandria].


  • International Education Programs Deanery Alexandria.
  • Community Service and Continuing Education Alexandria.
  • Deanery of Postgraduate Studies Alexandria.
  • Deanery of Student Affairs [Alexandria].
  • Deanery of Sports [Alexandria].


  • Integrated Simulators Complex Alexandria & Portsaid.
  • International Maritime Organization Compound Alexandria.


Inside the State Country:

  • Alexandria(Main HeadQuarter).
  • Cairo.
  • PortaSaid.
  • SouthValley.
  • Smart Village
  • Outside the State Country:

Lattakia (syria).

Branches Under Construction:

  • Yemen
  • Sudan.

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