Arab Canadians
Total population
Arabic, Canadian English, Canadian French
Christianity · Islam · Judaism · Druze.
Related ethnic groups
Iraqi diaspora  · Egyptian diaspora  · Lebanese diaspora  · Palestinian diaspora  · Moroccan diaspora  · Syrian diaspora

Arab Canadians come from all of the countries of the Arab World. According to the latest 2006 census the Arab Canadian population is 470,580.[2] The large majority of the Canadians of Arab origin population live in either Ontario or Quebec.

2011 census

The distribution of the Arab population of Canada according to the 2001 census was as follows

Province Arabs 2001 % 2001 Arabs 2011 % 2011
Quebec 73,345 1.0% 166,260 2.2%
Ontario 88,545 0.8% 151,645 1.2%
Alberta 19,320 0.7% 34,920 1.0%
British Columbia 6,605 0.2% 14,090 0.3%
Nova Scotia 3,610 0.4% 6,285 0.7%
Manitoba 1,230 0.1% 3,240 0.3%
Saskatchewan 900 0.1% 2,095 0.2%
New Brunswick 580 0.1% 1,380 0.2%
Newfoundland and Labrador 270 0.1% 370 0.1%
Prince Edward Island 175 0.0% 200 0.1%
Northwest Territories 80 0.2% 110 0.3%
Nunavut 10 0.0% 15 0.0%
Yukon 10 0.0% 0 0.0%
Canada 194,685 0.7% 380,620 1.2%

Notable individuals


  • Kevin O'Leary - entrepreneur and reality television personality (Dragons' Den, Shark Tank) (of Lebanese & Irish descent)


Political Activists

  • Maher Arar - human rights activist; deportation and tortured victim in Syrian jail (of Syrian descent)
  • Monia Mazigh - human rights activist and New Democratic Party candidate (of Tunisian descent)
  • Samah Sabawi - Palestinian rights activist and playwright


  • Anisa Mehdi, Emmy Award winning film director, journalist and director of Inside Mecca (of Iraqi descent)
  • Donald Shebib - documentary filmmaker (of Lebanese descent)


  • Paul Anka - Singer (of Lebanese descent)
  • Belly Rap/Hip Hop artist (of Palestinian descent)
  • Andy Kim - pop singer/songwriter (of Lebanese descent)
  • K.Maro - rapper (of Lebanese descent)
  • Kristina Maria - rapper (of Lebanese descent)
  • Massari - pop and hip-hop singer (of Lebanese descent)
  • The Narcicyst - rapper (of Iraqi descent)
  • Vaï - rapper, hip hop singer (of Moroccan descent)
  • Karl Wolf - singer (of Lebanese descent)


  • Nazem Kadri - professional hockey player (of Lebanese descent)
  • John Hanna - professional hockey player (of Lebanese descent)
  • Alain Nasreddine - professional hockey player (of Lebanese descent)
  • Ed Hatoum - professional hockey player (of Lebanese descent)
  • David Azzi - professional player in Canadian Football League (of Lebanese descent)
  • Joey Haddad - professional hockey player (of Lebanese descent)
  • John Hanna - professional hockey player (of Lebanese descent)
  • Fabian Joseph - former professional hockey player (Canada men's national ice hockey team) (of Lebanese descent)
  • Ramzi Abid - professional hockey player (of Tunisian descent)
  • John Makdessi - professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter (of Lebanese descent)
  • Jean Sayegh - water polo player (of Lebanese descent)


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  • Canadian Arab Federation official website
  • National Council on Canada-Arab Relations official website
  • Ottawa Arab Forum


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