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Avery Ryan

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Title: Avery Ryan  
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Avery Ryan

Avery Ryan
CSI: Cyber character
First appearance "Kitty" (CSI)
"Kidnapping 2.0" (Cyber)
Portrayed by Patricia Arquette
City Quanitco
Occupation FBI Agent
psychologist (formerly)
Rank Special Agent in Charge, FBI Cyber
Duration 2014-present
Seasons CSI: 14, 15
Cyber: 1, 2
Total episodes 2 (CSI)
17 (Cyber)
19 total

Avery Ryan is a fictional character in CSI: Cyber. She was a psychologist in New York until she was hacked and one of her patients was murdered because of it. Avery made her first appearance during the backdoor pilot of CSI: Cyber which was entitled "Kitty". Avery is notable within the series for taking chances on former hackers (known as blackhats) and for the fact that she herself has been hacked. Avery has so far appeared in 2 episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and every episode of CSI: Cyber.


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Opening narration

Avery narrates the opening of CSI: Cyber between season 1, episode 1, and season 2, episode 1.

"My name is Avery Ryan. I was a victim of cybercrime. Like you, I posted on social media, checked my bank account online and even kept confidential files of my psychological practice on my computer. Then I was hacked. And as a result one of my patients was murdered. My investigation into her death led me to the FBI where I joined a team of criminal experts who wage a war against a new breed of criminal hiding on the deep web. Infiltrating our daily lives in ways we never imagined. Faceless, nameless, lurking inside our devices. Just a keystroke away."


Patricia Arquette's casting was announced on 6th March 2014.[1] The character is based on Irish Cyber psychologist Mary Aiken.


Avery Ryan worked as a psychiatrist in New York when her practice database was hacked and a patient was murdered. After the FBI failed to catch the person responsible, she volunteered herself to head a division dedicated to solving Cyber Crime. Avery also had a daughter named Hannah, who died, and an ex-husband, who she divorced as a result of the death.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Seasons 14 - 15

Avery is introduced during "Kitty", in which she travels to Las Vegas to assist D.B. Russell and his team in the hunt for a cyber criminal manipulating powerful men into communicating with a "node", before blackmailing and threatening them. During the investigation, Ryan develops a strong working relationship with Russell, resulting in her consulting on the Gig Harbor case later that same year ("The Twin Paradox").

CSI: Cyber

Season 1

Avery Ryan heads a team of Special Agents and former black hat hackers who are recruited as part of her 'Hack for Good' program. In "Kidnapping 2.0", Ryan heads an investigation into a series of hacked baby monitors and the kidnapping of a child. Avery believes it may only be part of a wider conspiracy, and as such follows the case nationwide, eventually rescuing the kidnap victim. In "Killer En Route", when investigating murders using a taxi service app, Avery once again empathizes with the murderer when she had learned that he lost his child, while in "URL Interrupted", she helps one of her former patients when his daughter runs away due to being cyberbullied. It is later revealed that Avery becomes personally involved in cases involving children due to the death of her daughter ("Family Secrets"). During "Family Secrets", Avery finally meets and confronts the person who hacked her practice, it is revealed that the hacker has subsequently continued to stalker Ryan, and he takes her hostage. As her team try to track her down, it is revealed that she has an ex-husband, and their marriage broke up due to the death of her daughter.

Season 2

Following the departure of Simon Sifter, Avery gains autonomy over Cyber's budget and hires D.B. Russell, with whom she worked in Las Vegas. The two continue to have a strong working relationship, racing cockroaches and flying drones ("Why-Fi"). Ryan considers taking over Sifter's vacant position, but decides she is needed on the street. She and Russell are later caught in the crossfire when a small town erupts in racial tension ("Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes"). Ryan notes that since rejecting the Deputy Directorship, she is looked upon more unfavorably by senior FBI officials ("Red Crone"). In "Red Crone", she notes that while she values the rules she sets forth for her black-hats, she is also willing to overlook transgressions in order to facilitate their happiness.


When speaking at an Oscar receiving. It was said "Launching a new CSI during Hollywood's awards season would seem daunting, but "I haven't had a chance to get nervous," she says on Cyber's set in late January, after collecting Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild supporting-actress awards but before her big Oscars win."[2] Doing the show, Arquette expressed fears of being hacked she said "'My phone doesn't have email. My phone doesn't have apps,' she admitted. 'I threw away 30,000 emails. I'm like the Hillary Clinton of television. I only use my phone as a telephone. Crazy idea.'[3]


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