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Bandai Visual

Bandai Visual Co., Ltd.
Business corporation
Industry Anime production, animation and distribution
Film production and distribution
Software & programming
Founded August 23, 1983
Headquarters Ebisu First Square
Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Kazumi Kawashiro, President and CEO
Number of employees
Parent Bandai Namco Holdings
Subsidiaries Lantis
Website Bandai Visual Co., Ltd. Official Website

Bandai Visual Co., Ltd. (バンダイビジュアル株式会社 Bandai Bijuaru Kabushiki Gaisha), is a Japanese Strategic Business Unit. Its subsidiaries include the Emotion Music Company, Limited, (whose logos also include the Moai from Easter Island), and Lantis Company, Limited music publishing labels.

It is involved in the production and distribution of several anime titles, including those it has directly produced itself and anime series produced by the anime studio Sunrise, a subsidiary of Bandai.


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Bandai Visual is currently a fully owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings.[5][6][7] Bandai Namco announced on November 8, 2007 that it would buy the voting shares it did not own between that date and December 10, 2007 and turn the company into a wholly owned subsidiary.[8][9] On December 18, 2007, Bandai Namco announced that it owned 93.63%[10] of Bandai Visual's shares since the end of November.[8] The remaining shares were delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange on February 15, 2008 after Bandai Namco acquired the remaining 10% of the shares.


Bandai Entertainment

Bandai Entertainment is a defunct subsidiary of Bandai America, founded in 1998.[11][12] Their first releases were under the label up until 1999 when Bandai Entertainment started releasing its titles. Despite its name it was not directly established by Bandai Visual. Originally separate from Bandai Visual USA, Namco Holdings announced that Bandai Entertainment would absorb Bandai Visual USA in 2008.[13] Headquartered in Cypress, California, it licensed anime properties from various Japanese companies for North American distribution; most of those licenses coming from Bandai and its sister company Sunrise. The company also licensed manga series for release with English translation, and published American-made graphic novels.[14] As with many North American anime distributors, Bandai Entertainment offered a 'fan support' program to facilitate public screenings of licensed content at anime clubs and anime conventions.[15] The company confirmed on January 2, 2012 that they would stop offering new DVD, Blu-ray disc and manga releases by February, but would continue to produce their current library of content. Bandai Entertainment was restructured to focus on licensing anime to other companies.[16] On August 30, 2012, Bandai Entertainment announced that it will discontinue distributing their home video and print catalog on March 1, 2013. They made their final shipment to retailers on November 30, 2012.[17] Many former Bandai Entertainment titles have been re-licensed by companies like Funimation Entertainment, Discotek Media, Nozomi Entertainment & Sentai Filmworks.

Bandai Visual USA

Bandai Visual USA was established in 2005 to distribute and market Bandai Visual's productions in North America.[18] Bandai Visual USA's anime products were distributed in North America initially by Image Entertainment and later, Geneon Entertainment USA and in Europe by Beez Entertainment.[19][20] On May 23, 2008, Bandai Namco Holdings announced that Bandai Visual USA would be merged into Bandai Entertainment.[13] Bandai Visual USA was dissolved on July 1, 2008 and absorbed by Bandai Entertainment.

Beez Entertainment

Beez Entertainment was the European branch for Bandai Visual that also distributed anime and music and were also owned by Bandai Namco Holdings.[21] The name is an acronym for Bandai Entertainment European Zone. Following the discontinuation of Bandai Entertainment, Beez has also stopped releasing anime in the European market. [22]


In August 2009, Bandai Visual had their first music release on US iTunes with Lantis Sounds. In September 2009, Bandai Visual teamed up with NAMCO for their periodic release of game sounds (classic and new) to iTunes USA.[23][24]


Bandai Visual's headquarters are in Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo.[25] When Bandai Visual was established in August 1983, its headquarters was in Kōjimachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo. In December of that year the headquarters moved to Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo and in June 1984 to another building in Roppongi. In May 1985 the headquarters moved to Shibuya, Tokyo and in March 1990 to Shinjuku, Tokyo. In August 1991 the headquarters moved to Taitō, Tokyo and in March 1994 to another location in Taitō. In September 2004 the headquarters moved to the Shiodome Sumitomo Building in Shiodome, Minato, Tokyo.[26] The headquarters moved to the current location in November 2014.[25]


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