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Adaptations of Barbara Gordon in other media
Created by Gardner Fox
Carmine Infantino
Original source Comics published by DC Comics
First appearance Detective Comics #359 (January 1967)
Films and television
Film(s) Batman & Robin (1997) (renamed Barbara Wilson)
Batman (1966)
Batman: The Animated Series (1992)
Birds of Prey (2002)
The Batman (2004)
Beware the Batman (2013)
Video game(s) Batman: Dark Tomorrow (2003)
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu (2003)

This article focuses on the adaptations of the fictional comic-book superheroine Barbara Gordon into popular media. Originally created in 1967, the character has since featured in live action television series such as Batman and Birds of Prey, as well as in animated television series such as Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, and The Batman in her alter-egos as both Batgirl and Oracle.

Live action television


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Librarian Barbara Gordon (and her alter ego Batgirl) was portrayed by Yvonne Craig in the third season of the Batman television series (1967–1968), where she appeared in all 26 episodes. Her Batgirl costume incorporated a long red wig to hide her real avocado-style, black hair.

In a promotional short,[1] librarian Barbara Gordon encounters millionaire Bruce Wayne and his "youthful ward" Dick Grayson at the Gotham City Public Library. As Gordon and Wayne become acquainted, Killer Moth and his henchmen (in full costume) discuss a plan of attack. One henchman suggests taking Bruce Wayne hostage, but Killer Moth shows reluctance, due to Wayne's alleged friendship with Batman. Moth directs the group to kidnap Wayne's business acquaintance instead, who also happens to be a billionaire. When Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson realize the presence of their adversaries, they quickly leave the library to change into Batman and Robin.

Meanwhile, Gordon is locked in the library's office by Killer Moth's henchmen, however, it is revealed there is a secret chamber within the office where she changes into Batgirl. When Batman and Robin arrive to apprehend Moth and his gang, all parties are shocked at the arrival of a Batgirl. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl defeat the villains with relative ease and Batgirl vanishes without revealing her secret identity. Batgirl's costume in the episode closely resembles that later seen in the series, though the design of her mask changes. The short also featured a unique version of the Batman theme, ending with the lyric "Batgirl!" rather than the usual "Batman!" (and accompanied by an appropriately modified Batman logo).

The promotional short was able to renew the series for a third season and add Batgirl to its regular cast. Batgirl's official debut was in the episode "Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin."[2] The Penguin kidnaps Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara, binds her to a chair and gags her, and hides her in the next-door apartment which is being redecorated. The dynamic duo make it their mission to rescue her. The Penguin plans to marry her, thinking that becoming Commissioner Gordon's son-in-law would make him immune from arrest. He ungags her and forces her to agree to this by threatening to have Gordon killed. Pretending to be locked behind a secured door, Barbara makes her transformation into Batgirl and assists Batman and Robin in defeating the Penguin as they have been gassed and hung over a vat of acid. During the episode, Alfred Pennyworth discovers her secret identity - but he vows never to reveal it. He claims she left a few minutes ago when the fight has finished, by whch time Barbara has changed back.

During the third season, Batgirl aided Batman and Robin in solving several mysteries and even saved them from near death by herself on several occasions. Unfortunately, Batgirl's addition to the cast was not enough to save the series from cancellation. Although the promotional short has been mistakenly thought of as a pilot for Batgirl's own spin-off, it is highly unlikely ABC would have agreed to give her own series since Batman had been in danger of cancellation since the end of its first season. According to the book DC Comics: Sixty Years of the World's Favorite Comic Book Heroes, Batgirl's addition to the cast "was a sign of desperation. Ratings were down and there was hope that a new character might give the show a shot in the arm."[3]

Yvonne Craig once again appeared as Batgirl in a 1972 television commercial supporting women's rights (specifically, equal pay).[4]

The 2003 made-for-TV film Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt included scenes recreating the filming of the 1960s TV series. Erin Carufel plays Yvonne Craig/Batgirl in that film.

Birds of Prey

In 2002, Barbara Gordon (played by Dina Meyer) appeared as one of the main characters in the WB television series, Birds of Prey.[5] The series was loosely based on the comic book of the same name.

In the 70 minute pilot episode, Alfred Pennyworth narrates the events which have led to the formation of the Birds of Prey. Years ago, when Batman defended the streets of Gotham City, he fathered a daughter to Catwoman which he never knew about. After the birth of her daughter Helena, Selena Kyle gave up her life as Catwoman and raised her child as a single mother. Bruce Wayne, apparently oblivious to the fact that he has a child, continues to fight crime in Gotham as Batman. Alfred tells that he "had trained many protégés over the years and one of them was Barbara Gordon, who called herself Batgirl." As Batman and Batgirl continued to fight the Joker for control of the city, the battle came to an end with Joker's loss. However, the Joker swore revenge not on Batman himself, but on those he loved. While a hit-man was sent to murder Catwoman, the Joker, in a scene adapted directly from The Killing Joke, guns down Barbara at her apartment. With Gordon paralyzed and Kyle dead, Batman abandons Gotham never to be seen again.

Seven years later, in the present day, Barbara Gordon has now become "Oracle" and has adopted and trained Helena Kyle; the vigilante known as The Huntress. They soon adopt Dinah Redmond and the three vow to protect the city of New Gotham. During the series, Oracle is briefly reunited with Black Canary, described as her original partner in Birds of Prey (and the mother of Dinah Redmond), and in one episode dons the Batgirl costume once more in order to face off with Lady Shiva (while using an electronic device that allows her to temporarily walk again). In the final episode, she is able to improve her spine replacement device enough to engage in combat for several minutes though she collapses at the end of the battle. The series would last a total of thirteen episodes, leaving the mystery of Batman's whereabouts unresolved. However, a phone conversation with Alfred in Wayne Manor implies that the Dark Knight has monitored Birds of Prey activities in the city and knows of his daughter's existence.

Laeta Kalogridis planned several series highlights for the second season, including Dick Grayson's reintroduction (prompting a Barbara/Helena argument), as well as Koriand'r possibly appearing. Ollie Queen/Green Arrow would have joined Dinah, and thus the series would have progressed with a Cassandra Cain episode as well.


The Adventures of Batman

The Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl made her first animated appearance in the 1968 series The Adventures of Batman. Jane Webb provided her voice. Barbara Gordon, this time working in the District Attorney's office, made several appearances in both her civilian persona and as her alter ego in the 1977 Saturday morning animated series The New Adventures of Batman. Adam West and Burt Ward reprised their roles to provide the voices for Batman and Robin, but Melendy Britt voiced Batgirl.

Super Friends

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Although not appearing in the television show, Batgirl does appear in some of the merchandise produced for the show.

DC animated universe

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Barbara Gordon has also appeared as Batgirl in Bruce Timm's DC animated universe. Melissa Gilbert voiced her in Batman: The Animated Series.[6] Mary Kay Bergman provided her voice in the animated movie Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. Tara Strong provided her voice for The New Batman Adventures. An older Barbara Gordon, now Police commissioner, appeared in Batman Beyond, voiced first by Stockard Channing and later by Angie Harmon. Harmon reprised her role in the film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and Tara Strong provided the voice of the younger Barbara Gordon during flashback sequences.

Batman: The Animated Series

In Batman: The Animated Series, Barbara Gordon is introduced in the two-part episode "Heart of Steel,"[7] where she assists Batman in saving her father from the evil A.I. supercomputer HARDAC (although in Fox Kids' original broadcast order, her first appearance was in the episode "I Am the Night"). Barbara makes her first appearance as Batgirl in a later two-part episode, "Shadow of the Bat," in which Commissioner Gordon is framed for corruption. Barbara contacts Batman and asks him to appear at a public rally to support Gordon, but Batman declines, citing more important things to do in investigating who framed Gordon. Barbara then decides to impersonate Batman at the rally, intending only to be seen in the shadows. However, when there is a drive-by shooting, she leaps into action to assist. Robin appears as well, and attempts to grab her, but only succeeds in ripping the back of her mask, causing her hair to spill out. Media articles the next day ask the question "Who is Batgirl?" Barbara decides she can accomplish her goal with greater ease as Batgirl than as a civilian, and redesigns her costume so that it contrasts more from Batman's. She discovers that Gill Mason of the GCPD is behind the frame-up (under Two-Face's orders) and goes to rescue her father, only to complicate the rescue already underway by Batman and Robin. In the end, Batgirl is the one who captures Mason. Although Batman had been critical of her at first, he changes his mind after witnessing her capabilities. Barbara's final appearance in the series is in the episode "Batgirl Returns," in which she is seen having a flirting relationship with Dick Grayson, her classmate at Gotham State University.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

In Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, Barbara Gordon is kidnapped by an associate of Mr. Freeze because she is an exact match for a transplant needed to save Freeze's wife. The bulk of the film showcases Barbara Gordon (not in her Batgirl costume, although she is first seen wearing her Batgirl costume while fighting a thug) using her skills to evade Mr. Freeze while trying to escape his hideout. Despite being against Mr. Freeze, Barbara admits that she feels sorry for his wife and is willing to do the transfusion, but only in a hospital. Eventually, Batman and Robin locate her, and the three of them manage to destroy Mr. Freeze's hideout and escape.[8] It is also shown in this film that Barbara is in a relationship with Dick Grayson. A computer screen gives her age as 20.

The New Batman Adventures

During The New Batman Adventures (and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman) Tara Strong voiced Barbara.[9] After making only a few appearances in Batman: The Animated Series, Batman allows her into the Batcave, and she becomes a main character and is Batman's main partner during The New Batman Adventures. Batgirl was made an addition to the cast with producer Bruce Timm stating, "The consumer products division and the people at the WB wanted to make sure kids would watch the show, so they strongly suggested we include Batgirl and Robin as a way of courting young girl audiences as well as young boys...We liked the Batgirl character and I certainly didn't mind putting her in the show."[10] It is also shown in the series that her previous relationship with Dick did not last. "You Scratch My Back" emphasized this, portraying her relationship with Dick as strenuous. Also, in "Over the Edge" Dick states that he "can't believe it ended like this for us or Barbara." Along with all other characters in the series, Barbara's civilian and superhero identity were redesigned. Her Batgirl costume was changed to a black body suit with yellow gloves and boots to match her original comic book design.

Gotham Girls

Main article: Gotham Girls

Barbara Gordon is also a featured character in the Flash animated web series Gotham Girls (2002). A joint production of Warner Bros. and Noodle Soup Productions, the series stars Batgirl protecting Gotham City from the criminal activities of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Although not restricted to the animated continuity, the main characters were adapted from The New Batman Adventures.

Justice League

The character in this continuity also made several brief when Clark Kent asks his mother where Supergirl was. Mrs. Kent responded, "She's skiing with Barbara." Batgirl and Supergirl had been established as close friends in the New Batman Adventures episode "Girls' Night Out."

Justice League Unlimited

Originally, plans called for Barbara Gordon to appear in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Double Date" scripted by Birds of Prey author Gail Simone. The episode would have featured Oracle's animated debut, but because of the restrictions on Batman-related characters, Gordon was replaced with Green Arrow and The Question.[12]

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

In the movie Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Gordon appears briefly when she calls Bruce to find out who the Batwoman is. She expresses jealousy, and Bruce dodges the issue by faking cellular phone problems. This is the only scene in which Gordon appears. In the movie Barbara has a crush on Bruce which she expresses with hinting that she misses him. In the movie Barbara is unaware that Bruce is dating Kathleen Duquesne a.k.a. Batwoman.

Batman Beyond

Barbara Gordon appears in Batman: Beyond, no longer the dashing beautiful vigilante she was in her youth but a grim, bitter old woman, first voiced by Stockard Channing and later Angie Harmon. In "Rebirth", the pilot for Batman Beyond, an aging, retired Bruce Wayne tells Terry McGinnis to take evidence to "Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon." McGinnis is prevented from doing so, which leads to him becoming the new Batman. In later episodes, she reveals her history and revised feelings. She and Bruce developed a romantic relationship at one point, even leaving Dick Grayson to be with him, stating that "on the streets it was like ballet" but that "eventually it gets old." When Barbara finally wanted to be free of the life of being a vigilante, she gave Bruce an ultimatum, either Batman goes or she does. When Bruce refused to give up being Batman, Barbara left him. When asked by McGinnis why she hates Bruce, she counters by saying: "I don't hate him. I hate what he's become. Such a great man - so alone." Despite that she and Bruce are no longer together, she does care about him and wishes for him to be happy. She resents Wayne dragging another kid, as she believes he did with all his partners. Unlike her father, she states that vigilante justice "went out with the tommy gun" and insists Terry to give up. However, she develops respect for the new Batman when he assists her in defending her husband, Gotham District Attorney Sam Young, from the assassin Curaré. While she never officially endorses or helps him (she never uses or develops a Bat-Signal), she no longer threatens to turn him in and continually looks the other way, acknowledging his assistance in some cases even if she never asks for it. On one occasion, she was prepared to arrest Terry when she apparently witnessed him murder criminal bomber Mad Stan, despite the fact that his arrest would compromise her and Bruce's secret, but Bruce and Terry succeeded in revealing that Spellbinder had simply created an illusion of Mad Stan's death; she subsequently awarded Terry with a civic service award as an apology. The precise future of Babs' and Dick's relationship - and, indeed, Dick Grayson's final fate - remains unknown. However the story implies that Dick Grayson remains alive, quoting Barbara as telling Terry to try looking him up for some stories about how Bruce treated his partners.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the Joker kidnaps Tim Drake and brainwashes him into becoming "Joker Junior." Joker tells Drake to kill Batman, and he instead kills the Joker. During the battle, Barbara faces off against Harley Quinn, and watches as Harley plummets to her supposed death. Batman and Batgirl bury the Joker under Arkham Asylum and covers up the events with the aid of Commissioner Gordon. When the Joker seemingly returns from the dead, Terry goes to her when Bruce refuses to talk about how he knows that this cannot be the Joker. Although she initially refuses to talk to Terry, she later tells him the details of the final battle between Batman and the Joker when Bruce is recovering from Joker toxin, also temporarily taking Bruce's place in advising Terry when he tracks a couple of suspects as possible candidates for the Joker's true identity. At the conclusion of the film, she visits the now-recovering Tim Drake in the hospital, with Bruce also visiting his old partner to make the steps necessary to repair their old relationship. During the movie, it is implied that Barbara still cares and perhaps still harbors feelings for Bruce, as she is shown helping take care of him after the Joker tried to kill him. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

The Batman

In 2005, the Barbara Gordon Batgirl began appearing on The Batman animated series, voiced by Danielle Judovits.[13] She was first mentioned on the episode "Night and the City" and made her first appearance on the episode "Batgirl Begins - Part One." On the show, Barbara Gordon began as a teenage daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon and student of Gotham High. Though an excellent gymnast, she has lost interest in gymnastics; however, her father wants her to continue in the hope she might attend an Olympic Games.

Although not as interested in gymnastics, she finds police detective work fascinating - which worries her father. In addition to that, Barbara associates with her close friend Pamela Isley, a fellow student with a juvenile-detention record - something James Gordon does not like.

During a battle with Temblor in the Chlorogene lab, Barbara sees The Batman in action; after this, the seed to become Batgirl (or “Batwoman”, as she demands to be called until Commissioner James Gordon calls her by the name Batgirl) is planted. The battle also causes Pamela to become the teen villainess Poison Ivy after an experimental plant mutagen fell upon her. Batgirl arrives at Ivy's lair to help Batman save Gordon (though she originally wanted to save her friend from getting into more trouble), who she kidnapped earlier, only to find The Batman under Ivy's mind control. Batgirl is then forced to fight Batman. During the battle she beat Batman in hand-to-hand combat by kicking him into a pond, which freed him of Ivy's control. After she defeated Ivy and saved her father, The Batman decides not to tell Gordon that his daughter is Batgirl. That first adventure, Batgirl says, is "only the beginning". She aids The Dark Knight with numerous cases, proving herself as a trusted ally. Batman himself, despite never asking to have a partner, becomes fond of Barbara working with him - though he would not admit it. At one point, in the episode "A Dark Knight to Remember," she has figured out that Batman is secretly Bruce Wayne, as the billionaire is physically fit and can afford to purchase equipment that The Batman would require. However, Wayne suffered partial amnesia during that time, which made him lose the memory of his existence as The Dark Knight Detective, which threw Barbara off. After she and Batman saved Gotham from Maxie Zeus' siege in the episode "Thunder," The Dark Knight gave her his spare gadgets and accepted her as his partner. This marks the only time Batgirl is Batman's first sidekick as opposed to Robin.

Batman finally let Barbara in on his secret in the episode "Team Penguin," after getting a second partner, Robin. Deciding they needed team work training and to learn to trust one another more, the trio shares their secret identities (although Batgirl is reluctant to give up hers, Batman does it for her) and begins training. She and Robin develop a sibling-like relationship throughout the show, and annoyed when Robin calls her "Babs". In the two parter episode "The Joining", she participated in the battle to save Earth with Robin from the alien technological entity The Joining.

In the episode "Joker Express", Batgirl was under Joker's control and Batman and Robin have perforce to fight her. While Robin was almost killed, Batman fought Batgirl briefly. He defeated her by making Barbara inhale an incapacitating gas, which eventually restores her to normal after her body and mind begin to relax.

In the episode "Attack of the Terrible Trio", it is revealed that Barbara has graduated from Gotham High School at an early age and enrolled in Gotham University.

In the two-parter series finale episodes "Lost Heroes", Barbara and Robin once again join the battle against The Joining with the Justice League after they lost their powers. After The Joining is once again defeated, she and Robin discuss the idea of forming their own junior Justice League.

The episode "Artifact" shows that decades in the future, under mysterious circumstances, Barbara uses a wheelchair and adopts the "Oracle" identity. The adult version of Barbara was voiced by Kellie Martin. She manages the cyber realms and jokingly refers to Nightwing (Dick) as "Robin". It's also shown in the distant future that Batgirl, along with Batman and Robin, are now legends similar to Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Ironically she's know in these stories as "Batwoman" which was what she wanted to be called when she first helped Batman.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Jaime Reyes mentions Batgirl by name in the "Night of the Huntress!" episode. Batgirl appears in the teaser of "The Last Patrol!" voiced by Mae Whitman. She saves Batman from Killer Moth in a flashback. In a present-day scene of the teaser, she and Batman end up in one of Penguin's death traps. She returns in "The Criss Cross Conspiracy!", in which she and Nightwing have to work alongside Batman (in Batwoman's body) and Felix Faust to save Batwoman, who is trapped in Batman's body and at the mercy of the Riddler. Additionally, the fourth wall-breaking series finale, "Mitefall!", sees Bat-Mite altering reality in order to make Batman: The Brave and the Bold "jump the shark", so that it will be cancelled and replaced with a more serious Batman series. In the end, he succeeds, and an in-universe commercial for the (fictional) replacement series reveals that the new show will focus on Batgirl instead, with Batman as a supporting character. Bat-Mite's initial disappointment is then compounded by Ambush Bug, who points out that a darker, more serious series like the Batgirl show he has just instigated would not use a character as silly as Bat-Mite, leading the anti-hero to disappear into nothingness just before the end of the episode.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

While Barbara does not appear in the film, she is referenced when Jason Todd mentions to Batman about "friends the Joker has crippled".

Young Justice

Barbara appears in the Young Justice episode "Homefront", voiced by Alyson Stoner. She is portrayed as a student at the Gotham Academy alongside Dick Grayson and Artemis Crock. She also had a cameo appearance in episode 16 "Failsafe," standing in the crowd with Alfred. In the season 2 premiere, Batgirl has joined the Team during the five-year gap. She helps Wonder Girl rescue U.N. Secretary General Tseng from Lobo. In "Alienated" she had a cameo with the rest of the Bat-Family invading a Krolotean facility. Batgirl returns in "Beneath" as part of a team sent to investigate The Light's activities in Bialya.

Super Best Friends Forever

Barbara appears as one of the lead characters in Super Best Friends Forever. Tara Strong reprises her role from The New Batman Adventures.[14] She is cheerful, and a go-getter to the rest of the group.

Beware the Batman

Barbara appears in Beware the Batman as a teenager. It has been stated that she is good with computers and idolizes Katana, Batman's partner in the show.[15] She is voiced by Tara Strong, who reprises her role from The New Batman Adventures.[16]

Teen Titans Go!

Batgirl makes a cameo at Titans East's party in the Teen Titans Go! episode "Starliar". She is seen dancing next to Aqualad before Robin obnoxiously cuts in.


Batman & Robin

Main article: Batman & Robin (film)

Batgirl, portrayed by actress Alicia Silverstone, appears in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. The film's "Barbara Wilson" somewhat resembles the comics' Barbara Gordon. In the movie, Barbara is Alfred Pennyworth's niece rather than Commissioner Gordon's daughter, unlike in the comics. Her costume varies significantly from traditional versions, with no yellow coloring and a domino mask, also like Robin's instead of a cowl. She also has blonde hair instead of red hair. However, during the film's climax, she, Batman, and Robin wear silver riding costumes to protect them from Mister Freeze's ice. This costume features a full skull cap that more closely resembles Barbara Gordon's traditional mask, though she tosses it away a few seconds later and reverts to the domino mask. She mainly appears as Barbara Wilson until the latter half of the film, saving Batman and Robin from Poison Ivy, and helps Robin defeat Bane while Batman stops Mr. Freeze's plan.

Christopher Nolan trilogy

In Christopher Nolan's films, James Gordon's wife is named Barbara, as in the comics, but he also has a daughter in early childhood. In Batman Begins, a child appears briefly at Detective James Gordon's apartment. Through the window, the audience sees Gordon's wife nursing the infant. In The Dark Knight, Gordon has a somewhat older daughter (portrayed here by Hannah Gunn, and listed in the credits simply as "Gordon's daughter"), who sports Barbara's familiar red hair. In The Dark Knight Rises, it is mentioned that she now lives in Cleveland with her mother and brother, following her parents' divorce.

Video games

Barbara Gordon has also been adapted into several video games as both payable and non-playable characters. She appears as Oracle in the video game Batman: Dark Tomorrow[17] and as Batgirl in the video games Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu[18] and Batman Vengeance with Tara Strong reprising her role in the latter.[19] In Batman Vengeance, Batgirl is not playable; her role is comparable to Oracle's. These games are available on Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

Barbara is an unlockable character in: Lego Batman: The Videogame as Batgirl,[20] with vocal effects provided by Grey DeLisle, and can be played during free play. She shares Batman's attacks and suits.

She also appears as Oracle in Batman: Arkham Asylum voiced by Kimberly Brooks. She communicates with Batman over the radio during his time in the Asylum to help him deduce the Joker's latest plan. She never appears in person, but an artist's drawing of her is seen in her bio.

Oracle appears in Batman: Arkham City in the same role as the previous game voiced once again by Kimberly Brooks. For the first part of the game, Alfred serves as Batman's guide over the radio, and Oracle first appears in the Museum over the radio. No reason is given as to her absence up to that point. Digital concept art for the character was created, though her face is not seen. She and Riddler are the only bios for their face not to appear. She and Alfred talk to Batman over the radio helping him stop Hugo Strange, track other inmates and villains like Deadshot as well as intercepting radio broadcasts and aiding him in various side missions.

She appears as Oracle in DC Universe Online, voiced by Kathy Catmull.

She appears as Batgirl in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes as an unlockable character and a minor ally.

Barbara, as Batgirl, will appear as a playable character in the video game Young Justice: Legacy.

Barbara, as Batgirl, is the second DLC character to be released in Injustice: Gods Among Us, with Kimberly Brooks reprising her role. She is from the Regime universe, and her origin is altered. She originally supplied information to the Insurgency as Oracle, using her superior knowledge of technology to avoid detection by the Regime. However, after her father, Jim Gordon, was killed by Regime forces, she took up the mantle of Batgirl and set out to stop Superman and the Regime.[21]

Barbara Gordon appears, as a teenager, in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins. While her father is initially hostile to Batman, Barbara immediately expresses admiration of him, helping him access the National Criminal Database in the GCPD and asking for his help in searching for stolen evidence.


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