Battle of firebase anaconda

Coordinates: 32°8′N 66°0′E / 32.133°N 66.000°E / 32.133; 66.000

Battle of Firebase Anaconda
Part of the War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
Date August 8, 2007
Location Uruzgan province, Afghanistan
Result U.S-Afghan victory.
 United States,
Afghanistan Afghan National Army
Afghanistan Taliban insurgents
Unknown ~75[1]
Casualties and losses
None 20[1]

The Battle of Firebase Anaconda was a military engagement that took place on August 8, 2007.[2] A group of roughly 75 Afghan militants mounted a rare frontal assault on a United States' Firebase Anaconda, but were repulsed with approximately 20 fatalities. No Americans were killed.

The attack was rare in that instead of using asymmetric warfare tactics such as launching mortars at the base and quickly retreating, the Taliban forces' staged a direct assault on U.S.-led forces.


The attacking force never got past the "Entry Control Point", and failed to penetrate the base's defences.[1][3]


A month after the initial assault, a secondary attempt was made to overrun one of the Firebase's outer observation posts after a mortar attack. Ten militants were killed, again without inflicting any Coalition casualties.[4]


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