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Battle of I-75

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Title: Battle of I-75  
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Subject: Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Falcons
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Battle of I-75

Bowling Green–Toledo football rivalry
File:Bowling green text logo.gif File:Ut logo pd.jpg
Bowling Green Falcons Toledo Rockets
First Meeting 1919 (Toledo, 6-0)
Last Meeting 2013 (Toledo, 28-25)
Next Meeting 2014
Overall Series Bowling Green, 39-35-4
Current Streak Toledo, 4
Longest Winning Streak Bowling Green, 11 (1955–1966)

Peace Pipe Trophy (1980-2010)
Trophy Series Toledo, 16-15
Final Holder Toledo

Battle of I-75 Trophy (2011-Present)
Trophy Series Toledo, 3-0
Current Holder Toledo

The Bowling Green–Toledo football rivalry is annual college football rivalry game between Mid-American Conference members Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and the University of Toledo (UT). The universities are separated by 25 miles (40 km) along Interstate 75 (I-75). The Bowling Green Falcons and Toledo Rockets have exchanged two traveling trophies; the Peace Pipe Trophy (1980–2010), and the Battle of I-75 Trophy (2011–present).


The game is sometimes referred to as The Black Swamp Showdown and the Battle of I-75, as the cities of Toledo and Bowling Green are both located on I-75, just 25 miles (40 km) apart, and in the Black Swamp area of Northwest Ohio.

The rivalry between UT and BGSU goes back to 1919. The games were (and to an extent still are) marked by a passionate fan following and a hatred for the respective opponent. In 1935, fans rioted following a 63–0 blowout win by UT and as a result, BGSU and UT did not resume the rivalry until 1948 (although Toledo did not field a football team during WWII from 1943–1945).

Traveling trophies

Peace Pipe Trophy

In 1948, the smoking of a six-foot peace pipe was instated as a gesture of goodwill between the two basketball teams at half-time of the annual game. The peace pipe would be kept by the winning university until the teams played again the following season. The tradition came to an abrupt end in 1969 when the pipe was stolen from the UT offices. It was never recovered and the thief never caught.

In 1980, a scale-down replica was fashioned and placed on top of a trophy created by former UT football player Frank Kralik. The Peace Pipe Trophy is a miniature replica of an American Indian peace pipe sitting atop a trophy with both teams' logos. Kralik donated the trophy to the university to be given to the winner of each year's football game, which like many other college football rivalries is usually the last game of the regular season for both teams. Though the two schools play in different divisions in the Mid-American Conference, they have yet to meet in the MAC Championship Game.

The awarding of the Peace Pipe Trophy was discontinued after the 2010 game. The schools agreed to change the trophy after conversations with members of the American Indian community. Taken into consideration was the spiritual symbolism of the peace pipe to the American Indian community, as well as the NCAA's push to remove inappropriate American Indian nicknames and symbols associated with member's athletic teams.[1] The Peace Pipe Trophy will be permanently housed in the Toledo football trophy case as the Rockets won the most recent battle for the Peace Pipe in 2010.

Battle of I-75 Trophy

Beginning in 2011, the two schools started playing for the Battle of I-75 Trophy. Sponsored by Taylor Kia Automotive Group, it replaced the Peace Pipe Trophy. The Battle of I-75 Trophy was designed by Jeff Artz, who also designed the Fred Biletnikoff Award (awarded to America's top college football wide receiver).[2]

Toledo won the most recent meeting, 28-25, and currently holds a 3-0 advantage in the Battle of I-75 Trophy series. Toledo leads the rivalry 19-15 overall.

Game results

Bowling Green victories shaded in ██ orange. Toledo victories are shaded ██ blue.

# Date Site Winning team Losing team Series
1 October 11, 1980 Toledo Bowling Green 17 Toledo 6 BG 1–0
2 October 24, 1981 Bowling Green Bowling Green 38 Toledo 0 BG 2–0
3 October 23, 1982 Toledo Toledo 24 Bowling Green 10 BG 2–1
4 October 8, 1983 Bowling Green Toledo 6 Bowling Green 3 Tied 2–2
5 October 6, 1984 Toledo Toledo 17 Bowling Green 6 UT 3–2
6 November 11, 1985 Bowling Green Bowling Green 21 Toledo 0 Tied 3–3
7 November 15, 1986 Toledo Toledo 22 Bowling Green 3 UT 4–3
8 October 17, 1987 Bowling Green Bowling Green 20 Toledo 6 Tied 4–4
9 September 24, 1988 Toledo Toledo 34 Bowling Green 5 UT 5–4
10 October 14, 1989 Bowling Green Bowling Green 27 Toledo 23 Tied 5–5
11 October 13, 1990 Toledo Toledo 19 Bowling Green 13 UT 6–5
12 October 19, 1991 Bowling Green Bowling Green 24 Toledo 21 Tied 6–6
13 October 17, 1992 Toledo Bowling Green 10 Toledo 9 BG 7–6
14 October 2, 1993 Bowling Green Bowling Green 17 Toledo 10 BG 8–6
15 October 15, 1994 Toledo Bowling Green 31 Toledo 16 BG 9–6
16 October 21, 1995 Bowling Green Toledo 35 Bowling Green 16 BG 9–7
17 October 5, 1996 Toledo Toledo 24 Bowling Green 16 BG 9–8
18 October 25, 1997 Bowling Green 24 Toledo 35 Bowling Green 20 Tied 9–9
19 October 17, 1998 Toledo Toledo 24 Bowling Green 16 UT 10–9
20 October 2, 1999 Bowling Green Bowling Green 34 Toledo 23 Tied 10–10
21 November 22, 2000 Toledo Toledo 51 Bowling Green 17 UT 11–10
22 November 23, 2001 Bowling Green Bowling Green 56 Toledo 21 Tied 11–11
23 November 30, 2002 Toledo Toledo 42 Bowling Green 24 UT 12–11
24 November 29, 2003 Bowling Green 22 Bowling Green 31 Toledo 23 Tied 12–12
25 November 23, 2004 Toledo Toledo 49 Bowling Green 41 UT 13–12
26 November 22, 2005 Bowling Green Toledo 44 Bowling Green 41 UT 14–12
27 November 21, 2006 Toledo Toledo 31 Bowling Green 21 UT 15–12
28 November 23, 2007 Bowling Green Bowling Green 37 Toledo 10 UT 15–13
29 November 28, 2008 Toledo Bowling Green 38 Toledo 10 UT 15–14
30 November 27, 2009 Bowling Green Bowling Green 38 Toledo 24 Tied 15–15
31 November 17, 2010 Toledo Toledo 33 Bowling Green 14 UT 16-15
32 October 15, 2011 Bowling Green Toledo 28 Bowling Green 21 UT 17-15
33 September 15, 2012 Toledo Toledo 27 Bowling Green 15 UT 18-15
34 October 26, 2013 Bowling Green Toledo 28 Bowling Green 25 UT 19-15

Eventual MAC Champions
Lost in MAC Championship Game (1997–present)


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