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Battle of Mount Scorobas


Battle of Mount Scorobas

Battle of Mount Scorobas
Date 88 BC
Location }
Result Pontic victory
Pontus Rome
Commanders and leaders
Archelaus Manius Aquilius

The Battle of Mount Scorobas was a battle fought in 88 BC between Rome and Pontus during the First Mithridatic War. The Romans were led by Manius Aquilius, while the Mithridatic forces were led by Archelaus. Pontus was victorious.

After the battle M. Aquillius fled and attempted to make his way back to Italy. At Lesbos he was captured and delivered to Mithridates. After being taken to the mainland, he was then placed on a donkey and paraded back to Pergamon. Aquillius was then moved to and executed at the Theater of Dionysus which sits on a hill of the Acropolis. A large bonfire was made in the center and Aquillius was dragged behind a horse rode by a soldier. Aquillius was dragged around the bonfire as gold coins were melted down in crucibles. Aquillius was then held down and the molten hot gold was poured down his throat for an agonizing death.

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