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Ber nebo neber

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Title: Ber nebo neber  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Deal or No Deal, Ota tai jätä, Miljoenenjacht, Sdelka ili ne, Trato Hecho (Argentina)
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Ber nebo neber

Ber nebo neber is the Czech Republic's version of Deal or No Deal airing on TV Prima. The show, hosted by Pavel Zuna, is filmed on a set similar to the United States set and uses the music from that version, but uses the case opening cue when a low amount is opened from the Canadian version. Players can win as little as 1 Kč (Czech koruna) (about 4¢ US, 0.03, 2p, and ¥5) to as much as 5,000,000 Kč (about US$232,000, €177,000, £119,000, and ¥27,000,000).


The game began with three contestants at three quiz podiums. In that situation, one of the contestants had to answer three questions correctly to proceed into the main game. For the new season, the host calls out the contestant's name, and the contestant comes to the stage. The contestant must choose one of 26 cases, with hopes of having the highest value. All contestants must eliminate a specific number of cases per round:

  • Round 1: 6 cases to open
  • Round 2: 5 cases to open
  • Round 3: 4 cases to open
  • Round 4: 3 cases to open
  • Round 5: 2 cases to open
  • Final four rounds consist of one case to open each round

After the selection of cases for each round, the banker (who is above the studio) will call down to the host using a phone on the podium, giving the contestant a bank offer. The host then opens a button cover at the center of the podium. The contestant can choose to push the metal button and take the offer or close the cover and continue the game. If the contestant takes the offer prior to the final round, the game continues to see if the contestant has a lower amount in his/her case. If the contestant rejects the final offer, the contestant will be allowed to keep their case or switch their case for the remaining case in play. The contestant then wins the amount that is in their case. The case is revealed to the audience when the amount in the case is lower than the offer or when the contestant wins any of the three top prizes, and the contestant opens the case when the case amount is higher than the bank offer, just like in the Estonian version of the show.

Case Values

There are 26 cases, and here is the amount table:

Kč 1
Kč 2
Kč 5
Kč 10
Kč 20
Kč 50
Kč 100
Kč 250
Kč 500
Kč 1000
Kč 2500
Kč 5000
Kč 7500
Kč 10 000
Kč 20 000
Kč 30 000
Kč 40 000
Kč 50 000
Kč 100 000
Kč 250 000
Kč 500 000
Kč 750 000
Kč 1 000 000
Kč 1 500 000
Kč 2 500 000
Kč 5 000 000

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