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Title: Bhastrika  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Ravi Shankar (spiritual leader), Rāja yoga, Pranayama
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Bhastrika (pronounced bah-STREE-kah),[1] is one of the most important pranayamas. It is a very mysterious pranayama and not much is known about it. However, many believe that it is a combination of Kapalbhati & Anulom Vilom pranyamas. It is a breathing technique where breathing is forcible and through the nose, with equal time for inhalation and exhalation.[2] Bhastrika Pranayama is aimed at keeping the inhalation cycle equal to exhalation, yet making breath deeper and longer. Deep breath inwards and long exhalation outwards with equal time intervals constitutes this pranayama technique.[3]

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