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Bibiana Beglau

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Title: Bibiana Beglau  
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Subject: Ricordare Anna, The Legend of Rita, Alexander Beyer, German radio actresses, Bibiana
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Bibiana Beglau

Bibiana Beglau

Bibiana Beglau (born 16 July 1971 in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony) is a German actress.


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  • Filmography (Selection) 2
  • Documentary Film 3
  • Theater (Selection) 4
  • Radio Play (Selection) 5
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Bibiana Beglau began appearing on the stages of German-speaking theater immediately upon being graduated from the Hamburg Hochschule for Music and Theater. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked with the directors responsible for transforming contemporary German theater and cinema. She performed regularly under the direction of Christoph Marthaler, Einar Schleef, Frank Castorf and Luk Perceval before winning national and international acclaim for her leading role in Volker Schlöndorff’s feature film The Legend of Rita.

Bibiana Beglau has been the recipient of many awards and commended as an actress for her outstanding performances, including the Berlinale Silver Bear for best actress, the Ulrich Wildgruber Prize and the Adolf Grimme Prize. Alongside theatrical engagements at all of the important German-speaking theaters including the Vienna Burgtheater, Schauspielhaus Zurich, Schaubühne Berlin or the Thalia Theater Hamburg, Bibiana Beglau has performed in many film and television productions including The Murderer and His Child, The Ninth Day, 3 Degrees Colder and Under the Ice.

Filmography (Selection)

  • 1995: Der Mörder und sein Kind (Director: Matti Geschonneck)
  • 1996: 2 ½ Minuten (Director: Rolf Schübel)
  • 1996: Absprung (Director: Hanno Brühl)
  • 1997: Gegen den Strom (Director: Thorsten Näter)
  • 1999: No Sex (Director: Josh Broecker)
  • 1999: Die Stille nach dem Schuss | The Legend of Rita (Director: Volker Schlöndorff)
  • 2000: Der Briefbomber (Director: Torsten C. Fischer)
  • 2001: Birthday (Director: Stefan Jäger)
  • 2001: Liebesschuld (Director: Ulrich Stark)
  • 2002: Hamlet - This is your family (Director: Peter Kern)
  • 2002: Nachtangst (Director: Michael Rowitz)
  • 2002: Ten Minutes Older (Director: Volker Schlöndorff)
  • 2003: Belmondo (Director: Annette Carle)
  • 2003: Tatort: Gefährliches Schweigen (Director: Martin Eigler)
  • 2003: Der Neunte Tag | The Ninth Day (Director: Volker Schlöndorff)
  • 2003: Kammerflimmern | Off Beat (Director: Hendrik Hoelzemann)
  • 2004: Tatort: Sechs zum Essen (Director: Fillipos Tsitos)
  • 2004: 3° Grad kälter (Director: Florian Hoffmeister)
  • 2005: Ricordare Anna (Director: Walter Deuber)
  • 2005: Unter dem Eis (Director: Aelrun Goette)
  • 2005: Der große Schlaf (Director: Mona Lenz)
  • 2006: Das Leuchten (Director: Krystof Zlatnik)
  • 2007: Il Pugno di Gesù | ‘Boxing Jesus’ (Director: Stefan Jäger)
  • 2009: Was Du nicht siehst (Director: Wolfgang Fischer)
  • 2010: Gier (Director: Dieter Wedel)
  • 2010: Machtergreifung (Director: Bernd Fischauer)
  • 2010: Tatort: Königskinder (Director: Thorsten Näter)
  • 2010: Der letzte Angestellte (Director: Alexander Adolph)
  • 2010: Tatort: Leben gegen Leben (Director: Nils Willbrandt)
  • 2010: Stubbe - Von Fall zu Fall: Verräter (Director: Peter Kahane)
  • 2011: Der kurze Ruhm des Alexander K. (Director: Manuel Fluryn Hendry)
  • 2011: Die Konterrevolution (Director: Bernd Fischerauer)
  • 2012: Die Machtergreifung (Director: Bernd Fischerauer)
  • 2012: Der Alte (Episode: Es ist niemals vorbei; Director: Hartmut Griesmayr)
  • 2012: Europas letzter Sommer (Director: Bernd Fischerauer)
  • 2012: SOKO Köln (Episode: In tödlicher Beziehung; Director: Manuel Fluryn Hendry)
  • 2012: Zappelphilipp (Director: Connie Walther)
  • 2013: Helmut Schmidt - Lebensfragen (Director: Ben von Grafenstein)
  • 2014: Der Kriminalist – Tod im Paradies (Director: Christian Görlitz)
  • 2014: Die Abrechnung (Director: Dror Zahavi)
  • 2014: Tatort – Der sanfte Tod; (Director: Alexander Adolph)
  • 2014: Willkommen im Klub; (Director: Andreas Schimmelbusch)
  • 2015: Axel der Held; (Director: Hendrik Hölzemann)
  • 2015: Der Andere - Schuld nach Ferdinand von Schirach; (Director: Maris Pfeiffer)
  • 2015: Die Liebe unserer Eltern; (Director: Thomas Szabo)
  • 2015: Schmutziges Blut; (Director: Friedemann Fromm)

Documentary Film

  • Abgeschminkt: Bibiana Beglau. Documentary about Bibiana Beglau, Germany 2006 (Script and Director: Johanna Schickentanz)

Theater (Selection)

Radio Play (Selection)

  • 57 Minuten 38 Sekunden Ewigkeit’ - ‘57 Minutes and 38 Seconds of Eternity’ (Production: Theaterhörbuch Verlag)
  • Der Verschollene - 'The Missing' by Franz Kafka (Produktion: SWR 2)
  • Gott ist ein DJ - ‘God is a DJ by Falk Richter’ (Production: Theaterhörbuch Verlag)
  • Liebeserklärungen einer Reisenden - ‘Love declarations of a traveler’ by Annemarie Schwarzenbach (Production: Kein und Aber Records)
  • Wie ein Stein im Geröll - ‘Like a stone in the debris’ by Maria Barbal (Production: DAV)
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë music by Anne Clark (Production: Der Hörverlag)
  • 'Ulysses' by James Joyce (Production: Südwestrundfunk, Deutschlandfunk)
  • 2011: 'Sklavenmarkt Deutschland'by Tom Schimmeck/Thilo Guschas; Director: Ulrich Lampen (NDR/ARD radiofeature)
  • 2013: 'Ich Wir Ihr Sie' by Inga Helfrich; Director: Inga Helfrich (Production: BR)
  • 2014: 'Die Quellen sprechen' Director: Ulrich Gerhardt (Production: Der Hörverlag)
  • 2014: 'Die Schuld einer Mutter' by Paula Daly (Production: Der Hörverlag)
  • 2015: 'Die Erfindung der Flügel' by Sue Monk Kidd (Production: Der Hörverlag)
  • 2015: 'Kein Ort Nirgends' by Christa Wolf (Production: Der Audio Verlag GmbH)

Awards (Selection)

  • 2000: Berlinale Silver Bear for dramatic performance in The Legend of Rita
  • 2000: Riga Filmfestival Award for dramatic performance in The Legend of Rita
  • 2000: European Actress of the Year (nomination) for dramatic performance in The Legend of Rita
  • 2000: Ulrich Wildgruber Award for dramatic performance in The Legend of Rita
  • 2007: Adolf-Grimme-Award for dramatic performance in Under the Ice
  • 2008: Audience Award for outstanding performances at Zurich Schauspielhaus in Macbeth
  • 2012: Kurt-Meisel-Award for outstanding performances in The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant and Kasimir and Karoline
  • 2014: Theater Heute Prize Actress of the Year for Faust, Journey to the End of the Night and Cement

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