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Bickley-Warren Productions


Bickley-Warren Productions

Bickley-Warren Productions
Former type Production company
Industry Television production
Fate Disbanded
Founded September 20, 1991
Defunct July 17, 1998
Key people William Bickley
Michael Warren (founders)

Bickley-Warren Productions was a production company established in 1991, that was started and run by William S. Bickley, Jr. and Michael Warren. It first started to produce Family Matters and Step by Step, which were both created by Bickley and Warren. It was originally aimed at Lorimar Television until 1993 when Warner Bros. Television took over Lorimar. By 1997, Bickley-Warren ceased to exist when Michael Warren joined Miller-Boyett Productions, rebranding it Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions.


Before Bickley-Warren was ever established, founders/producers William Bickley and Michael Warren (who later joined Miller-Boyett) were writers and supervising producers for the Miller-Boyett produced Perfect Strangers, before becoming co-executive producers in the show's 1989-1990 season and executive producers/showrunners from the 1990-91 season until the 1993 series finale. At this time, Bickley and Warren went on to create shows for Miller/Boyett, starting with the Perfect Strangers spinoff Family Matters in 1989, which joined its parent show on ABC's TGIF lineup, and The Family Man in 1990, which aired for one season on CBS. Two years into the run of Family Matters, they formed a company that would be known as Bickley-Warren Productions, after they became the show's executive producers.

The company lasted for six years after which Warren joined Miller-Boyett Productions in 1998 (which was renamed Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions that year).

While Family Matters, Getting By and Step by Step were produced by the Bickley-Warren and Miller-Boyett production companies jointly, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper and Kirk were not produced in association with Miller-Boyett Productions, and Perfect Strangers was not produced by Bickley-Warren Productions (even though Bickley and Warren executive produced the series for the show's final three seasons, even after the formation of their production company), though all of their series under the Bickley-Warren banner were produced by Lorimar/Warner Bros. Television.

List of shows produced by Bickley-Warren Productions

Production team members

  • William S. Bickley Jr. - . Bickley began his writing career on the TV series Barefoot in the Park, later working as a writer and producer on Room 222, The Partridge Family and, then as producer on the first two seasons of Happy Days. After teaming with Michael Warren, he was an executive script consultant on the series. The two men produced Out of the Blue in 1979. Warren and Bickley later wrote for Happy Days and served as supervising producers, then by its sixth season, executive producers of Perfect Strangers, before creating Family Matters, The Family Man, Step By Step and Getting By between 1989 and 1993. Starting in 1993, Bickley also directed several episodes of Step By Step and Kirk. After the dissolution of Bickley-Warren in 1998, he wrote and produced the 2002 made-for-TV movie Anna's Dream.
  • Michael Warren - Warren began his career as an associate producer of The Partridge Family and later Happy Days starting with the second season, later an executive story consultant with William Bickley, then an executive script consultant. The two men produced Out of the Blue in 1979. Warren and Bickley later wrote for Happy Days and Perfect Strangers, before creating Family Matters, The Family Man, Step By Step and Getting By between 1989 and 1993. At that point, Bickley and Warren became squarely producers instead of producer/writers, before officially ending their partnership around the time of the cancellation of Family Matters and Step by Step and joining the Miller-Boyett team.

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