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Bill Deal & the Rhondels were formed in 1959[1] in Portsmouth, Virginia, crossing blue-eyed soul and beach music. They had three hit singles in 1969, "I've Been Hurt" (U.S. #35), "What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am" (U.S. #23) and "May I" (U.S. #39).[2] The band disbanded in 1975, but reformed at various times until the death of Bill Deal in 2003.[1]


  • Bill Deal (born July 8, 1944, died December 10, 2003) - vocals, organ, electric piano, bass pedals (1959-1983)[3][4][5][1]
  • Ammon Tharp - lead vocals, drums (1959-1977)[3][4][5][1]
  • George Bell - saxophone (1961-1963)[4][5]
  • Ronnie Hallman - trumpet (1961-1963)[4][5]
  • David Williams - trumpet (1961-??; 1975-1977)[5][4]
  • Ken Dawson - trumpet (1963-1970)[3][4]
  • Don Quisenberry - bass (1964-1978)[3][4]
  • Rollie Ligart - trumpet (1965-1969)[4]
  • Mike Kerwin - guitar, trumpet (1965-1978)[3][4]
  • Tom Pittman - saxophone (1966-1969)[4]
  • Ronny Rosenbaum - trombone (1966-1971)[3][4]
  • Bob Fisher - saxophone, guitar (1969-1976)[3][4]
  • Jeff Pollard - trumpet (1969-1973)[3][4]
  • Gary Hardy - trumpet (1971-1976)[4]
  • Freddy Owens - saxophone, vocals (1971-1979)[4][5]
  • Tom Cole - drums (1980-1983)
  • And many others[4]


Tragedy struck in 1979 when Rhondels' band member Freddy Owens, who joined the band after 1970 and who played sax and bass, was murdered in a robbery and rape of his wife at a Richmond motel while the band was playing in the capital city.[6] While Bill Deal kept going on with the Rhondels for another four years, he never really got over this incident and quit the music business in 1983.[1]


Bill Deal and the Rhondels, Vintage Rock, Heritage HTS 35,003, 1969

The material for this album was recorded in New York City between July 25, 1968 (May I) and March 10, 1969 (multiple), with the most tracks recorded at Bell Sound Studio on March 10, 1969.[7] The Swinging Tight track, recorded March 10, 1969, is distinct from the similarly-named track on the second album, below.[7]

Side 1

  1. I've Been Hurt
  2. Touch Me
  3. Hooked On A Feeling
  4. I've Got To Be Me
  5. Nothing Succeeds Like Success
  6. Soulful Strut

Side 2

  1. Hey Bulldog
  2. Swinging Tight
  3. May I
  4. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  5. Are You Ready For This
  6. I've Got My Needs
  7. Change My Mind

The Best of Bill Deal & The Rhondels, Heritage HTS 35,006, 1970

The material for this album, which substantially overlaps the Vintage Rock album, was recorded in New York City between July 25, 1968 (May I) and October 30, 1969 (Harlem Shuffle), with the most tracks recorded at Bell Sound Studio on March 10, 1969.[7] The Swingin' Tight track, recorded on October 3, 1969, is distinct from the similarly named track on the first album, above.[7]

Side 1

  1. What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am
  2. Touch Me
  3. Harlem Shuffle
  4. May I
  5. I've Got My Needs
  6. Ain't Too Proud to Beg

Side 2

  1. Nothing Succeeds Like Success
  2. Swingin' Tight
  3. Hey Bulldog
  4. Are You Ready For This
  5. Tuck's Theme
  6. I've Been Hurt

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