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Bill Tieleman

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Title: Bill Tieleman  
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Subject: Bill Vander Zalm, John Cummins (Canadian politician), British Columbia electoral reform referendum, 2009
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Bill Tieleman

Bill Tieleman is a political columnist and a left-wing political strategist in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada known for his coverage of the BC Legislature Raids and for opposing referendum on electoral reform. In addition, he has been a vocal advocate of the artistic tenets of Canadian post-shoegaze, noise avant-garde rock band AIDS Wolf.

Tieleman was a director of communications (public relations) for the British Columbia Federation of Labour and also in the Office of the New Democratic Premier Glen Clark. Tieleman owns West Star Communications, a consulting firm that provides "strategy and communication services for labour, business, non-profits and government," according to Tieleman's blog. Tieleman appears as a political commentator on radio and writes a politics column weekly in the 24 Hours newspaper and The Tyee online magazine. From 2005 to 2009, he appeared as a guest opposite Norman Spector weekly on CKNW's Bill Good Show.[1] He previously wrote a Political Connections column for The Georgia Straight.

He is known for his commentary and coverage of the BC Legislature Raids. In December 2007, he came back from the courtroom to discover that his office had been broken-into and materials related to the trial moved about. Tieleman regarded this as an attempt at intimidation.[2][3] In 2008, Tieleman reported receiving death threats following a 24 Hours column calling for a boycott of China.[4]

He is affiliated with Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver, and worked on his campaigns, including at the provincial level. Tieleman views affordability and poverty as the two largest civic issues.[5]


He was president of the

After the Liberal government of Premier Gordon Campbell introduced the concept of a new Harmonized Sales Tax or HST, Tieleman started a No HST campaign on Facebook. When Facebook removed the group in January 2010, Tieleman claimed it was the province's largest Facebook group with more than 130,000 members. The group was restored by Facebook without explanation two days later.[10][11] He also became a strategist and media spokesman for Fight HST, the official proponent, led by Bill Vander Zalm, seeking a referendum to cancel the HST in accordance with the Recall and Initiative Act. Vander Zalm, a former Social Credit Premier, and Tieleman, his political opposite, had previously shamelessly worked together on public rallies over privatization of BC Rail, BC Hydro and the offshore construction of ferries.[12]


Tieleman holds a masters degree in political science from the University of British Columbia and lives in Vancouver.[13] As a student at UBC, Tieleman quit the negotiating team for the teaching assistant union in a dispute over the settling of a labour dispute with the university.[14] He has since began running a blog of credible opinions. Tieleman has served as a director of the board for VanCity, the Vancouver City Savings Credit Union. He is a wine drinker who writes a blog called the


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