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Blood Hook

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Title: Blood Hook  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Hayward, Wisconsin, Kevin Murphy (actor), Jim Mallon, Zeisters
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Blood Hook

Blood Hook
Directed by Jim Mallon
Produced by David Herbert
Written by Larry Edgerton
John Galligan
Starring Mark Jacobs
Lisa Todd
Patrick Danz
Sara Hauser
Christopher Whiting
Music by Kevin Murphy
Thomas A. Naunas
Cinematography Marsha Kahm
Edited by Marsha Kahm
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release dates 1987
Running time 92 minutes
Language English

Blood Hook is a 1986 horror film distributed by Troma Entertainment. The film was premiered at the MIFED Film Market in October 1986 and released in the USA in April 1987.


The plot of the film revolves around a murderer killing fishermen with an over-sized fishhook during a Wisconsin fishing festival. The movie was shot on location in the community of Hayward, Wisconsin; the town's landmark giant fiberglass muskie is prominently featured in the film. The production was originally entitled Muskie Madness, and many of the films crew will still refer to it by that title, however when picked up for distribution Troma insisted the title be changed. Though very much a low-budget production Blood Hook is distinguished from the other slasher flicks of the time by its quirky sense of macabre, tongue-in-cheek humor.


Blood Hook is only available on Region 2.


  • Mark Jacobs ........Peter van Cleese
  • Lisa Todd...........Ann Colbert
  • Patrick Danz........Rodney
  • Sara Hauser.........Kiersten
  • Christopher Whiting...Tom 'Finner' Finnegan
  • Don Winters.........Leroy Leudke
  • Paul Drake..........Wayne Duerst
  • Bill Lowrie.........Evelyn Duerst
  • Sandy Meuwissen.....Beverly 'Bev D.' Duerst
  • Dale Dunham.........Denny Dobyns
  • Paul Heckman........The Sheriff
  • Don Cosgrove........Roger Swain
  • Bonnie Lee..........Shiela Swain
  • Greg Nienas.........Irving 'Irv' Swain
  • Julie Vortanz.......Ruth-Ann Swain
  • Donald Franke.......Grandfather van Cleese
  • Ryan Franke.........Young Peter van Cleese
  • Dana Remker.........Dickie Duerst
  • John Galligan.......Emcee
  • Ron Kaiser..........Emcee


Although the film wasn't successful, its director, Jim Mallon, and composer/key grip Kevin Murphy later went on to work on the popular cult television program Mystery Science Theater 3000. Movie poster illustrated by artist Tricia Zimic.


The film has been released on VHS by several companies including Paramount Home Entertainment and Troma Entertainment. It was released on DVD as part of the Troma Triple B-Header set in 2004.[1]

Other Uses

The film was used as background footage in the NBC television series Parks and Recreation: Season 5, episode 5. The cast is watching the film on a projector screen during a Halloween party, however the name of the film they are watching is referred to as "Death Canoe 4: Murder at Blood Lake."


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