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BoBo (band)

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Title: BoBo (band)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Bobo, Mandopop, Zhang Liyin, Jing Boran
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BoBo (band)

Origin People's Republic of China
Other name(s) BOBO组合
Occupation Singers, actors
Genre(s) Mandopop
Label(s) H.Y. Brothers
Years active 2007 - present
Current Members Jing Boran, Fu Xinbo

BOBO is a Chinese boy band composed of two members, Jing Boran (Chinese: 井柏然; ) and Fu Xinbo (Chinese: 付辛博; ).

The two became famous after competing in the 2007 My Hero (simplified Chinese: 07加油!好男儿; traditional Chinese: 07加油!好男兒) competition, with Jing Boran winning first and Fu Xinbo third. In 2008, the two released their own EP, Glory (simplified Chinese: 光荣; traditional Chinese: 光榮), and then the album, The Big World (Chinese: 世界之大; ). Since their debut, they have won multiple new artists awards.

In 2008, they performed during the pre-ceremony performance of the 2008 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony.[1] The two also began their acting career in 2008, with Fu Xinbo playing in I am Veeker (simplified Chinese: 微客帝国; traditional Chinese: 微客帝國) [2] and Jing Boran in A Tribute to Stephen Chow (simplified Chinese: 向周星驰致敬先; traditional Chinese: 向周星馳致敬先).[3]

Origin of the name

Both members of the group have a "bo" sound in their names. When combined, Jing Boran's Bo (Chinese: ) and Fu Xinbo's Bo (Chinese: ), form the name BOBO.


Jing Boran's fanclub is known as BBF, standing for BaBy Face because during the My Hero competition, one judge called Jing Boran Baby Face. Fu Xinbo's fanclub is known as BBT, standing for Bong Bang Tang, another term for lollipop. He was also nicknamed “Little Meat Bun" for his puffy cheeks. Fans of BoBo as a whole are called BBS, or BOBO'S fans.


Album Tracklisting
光荣 (Pinyin: Guāngróng; English: Glory;)
  • Released: October 15, 2007
  • Format: CD
  • Label: H.Y. Brothers
世界之大 (Pinyin: Shìjiè zhī Dà; English: The Big World;)
  • Released: April 27, 2008
  • Format: CD
  • Label: H.Y. Brothers
Let's BOBO
  • Released: June 3, 2010
  • Format: CD
  • Label: H.Y. Brothers


2007 My Hero National Competition

  • First Place - Jing Boran
  • Most Popular - Jing Boran
  • Third Place - Fu Xinbo
  • Most Photogenic - Fu Xinbo

2007 BQ

  • Most Popular New Artist First Place - Fu Xinbo
  • Most Popular New Artist Second Place - Jing Boran
  • Best Idol of the Year

2007 FM 917 Vacation Awards Ceremony

  • Most Popular Group
  • Golden Melody - Glory (EP)

2007 QQ Starlight Ceremony

  • Group With the Most Potential

2007 Sina Internet Awards

  • Most Popular Group

2007 Music Radio Top Chinese Charts

  • Most Popular Group in Mainland
  • Golden Melody - Glory (EP)

2008 University Students Music Festival

  • Most Popular New Artists


External links

  • (Chinese) Official Website
  • (Chinese) Official Fanclub
  • (Chinese) Fu Xinbo's blog
  • (Chinese) Jing Boran's blog
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