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Boston Blades

The Boston Blades are a professional women's ice hockey team in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, and are based out of Boston, Massachusetts.[1] The Blades play most of their home games at the New England Sports Center. Since beginning play in the 2010–11 CWHL season, the Boston Blades have won the Clarkson Cup on two occasions; once in the 2012-2013 season, and again in the 2014-2015 season.


  • 2014-2015 CWHL Regular Season Schedule 1
  • Coaches & Staff (Updated for 2015-16) 2
  • Roster (Updated for 2014-15) 3
  • Past Seasons 4
  • History 5
  • Notable Former Players 6
  • Scoring Leaders 7
    • Year-by-year 7.1
  • All-Time Scoring Leaders 8
  • Awards & Honors 9
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2014-2015 CWHL Regular Season Schedule

18 October 2014
Boston Blades 2-0 W Montreal Stars
15 November 2014
Boston Blades 6-2 W Toronto Furies
16 November 2014
Boston Blades 5-2 W Toronto Furies
22 November 2014
Boston Blades 0-1 L, FORFEIT Montreal Stars
23 November 2014
Boston Blades 0-1 L, FORFEIT Montreal Stars
29 November 2014
Boston Blades 1-2 L Brampton thunder
30 November 2014
Boston Blades 6-0 W Brampton Thunder
5 December 2014
Boston Blades 3-8 L Calgary Inferno
Ristuccia Ice Arena
6 December 2014
Boston Blades 4-2 W Calgary Inferno
7 December 2014
Boston Blades 2-3 W Calgary Inferno
20 December 2014
Toronto Furies 2-3 L Boston Blades
21 December 2014
Toronto Furies 2-3 L Boston Blades
17 January 2015
Brampton Thunder 3-11 W Boston Blades
Century Gardens Arena
18 January 2015
Brampton Thunder 0-8 W Boston Blades
Century Gardens Arena
24 January 2015
Boston Blades 4-2 W Montreal Stars
31 January 2015
Toronto Furies 0-7 W Boston Blades
1 February 2015
Toronto Furies 0-4 W Boston Blades
13 February 2015
Calgary Inferno 4-3 L Boston Blades
14 February 2015
Calgary Inferno 3-4 W Boston Blades
15 February 2015
Calgary Inferno 1-4 L Boston Blades
21 February 2015
Boston Blades 6-2 W Brampton Thunder
Milton Academy
22 February 2015
Boston Blades 6-2 W Brampton Thunder
Milton Academy
22 February 2015
Boston Blades 4-0 W Brampton Thunder
28 February 2015
Montreal Stars 1-2 W Boston Blades
Desmarteau Rink
1 March 2015
Montreal Stars 1-3 W Boston Blades
Desmarteau Rink


Coaches & Staff (Updated for 2015-16)


Roster (Updated for 2014-15)

Number Player College Former Team Hometown
33 Geneviève Lacasse Providence College Canadian Olympic Team Kingston, Ontario
31 Brittany Ott University of Maine St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Number Player College Former Team Hometown
22 Kacey Bellamy University of New Hampshire US Olympic Team Westfield, Massachusetts
5 Blake Bolden Boston College USA U18 Team Stow, Ohio
15 Dru Burns Boston College Burlington, Massachusetts
8 Kaleigh Fratkin Boston University Burnaby, British Columbia
4 Alyssa Gagliardi Cornell University Raleigh, North Carolina
15 Monique Lamoureux University of North Dakota US Olympic Team Grand Forks, North Dakota
19 Gigi Marvin University of Minnesota US Olympic Team Warroad, Minnesota
11 Tara Watchorn Boston University Canadian Olympic Team Newcastle, Ontario
Number Player College Former Team Hometown
23 Corrine Buie Providence College Edina, Minnesota
2 Kelly Cooke Princeton University Andover, Massachusetts
16 Ashley Cottrell Providence College USA U18 Team Sterling Heights, Michigan
13 Brianna Decker University of Wisconsin USA Olympic Team Dousman, Wisconsin
3 Jillian Dempsey Harvard University Winthrop, Massachusetts
17 Meghan Duggan University of Wisconsin USA Olympic Team Danvers, Massachusetts
27 Hilary Knight University of Wisconsin USA Olympic Team Sun Valley, Idaho
26 Bray Ketchum Yale University Greenwich, Connecticut
56 Jess Koizumi University of Minnesota Duluth Montreal Stars (CWHL) Simi Valley, California
24 Denna Laing Princeton University Marblehead, Massachusetts
12 Rachel Llanes Northeastern University San Jose, California
13 Brianna Decker University of Wisconsin USA Olympic Team Dousman, Wisconsin
10 Megan Meyers Utica College Las Vegas, Nevada
7 Casey Pickett Northeastern University Wilmington, Massachusetts
20 Jenny Potter University of Minnesota Duluth USA Olympic Team Edina, Minnesota
14 Kelli Stack Boston College USA Olympic Team Brooklyn Heights, Ohio
18 Jordan Smelker RPI Anchorage, Alaska
6 Janine Weber Providence College Austrian National Team Innsbruck, Austria


Past Seasons

Year Regular
Clarkson Cup Playoffs
2014-15 1st Won Clarkson Cup Championship against Montreal Stars. W(2-3 OT)[5]
2013-14 2nd Lost Clarkson Cup Championship against Toronto Furies. L(1-0 OT)[6]
2012-13 1st Won Clarkson Cup Championship against Montreal Stars. W(5-2)[7]
2011-12 2nd Did not win necessary amount of playoff games (2) to qualify for Clarkson Cup Championship.
2010-11 3rd Lost in first round of Clarkson Cup Playoffs against Toronto Furies. Swept 2-0


Boston Blades players: #8 Caitlin Cahow, #4 Angela Ruggiero and #22 Kacey Bellamy.

On August 12 2010, the CWHL announced that Boston would be granted an expansion team for the 2010–11 CWHL season, ultimately making the Boston franchise the first US team in the CWHL.[8]

On September 14 2010, retired goalkeeper Erin Whitten was named Boston's first head coach.[9] An expansion draft was held to stock the team in August.[10] Their most significant player was free agent signing Angela Ruggiero, four-time Olympian and one of the greatest stars of women's hockey history.

The Boston Blades’ inaugural season included 16 home games. Their first match, on October 30th 2010, ended with a 3-0 shutout victory over the Burlington Barracudas, and the team began the season with seven victories in their first twelve games. A seven-game losing streak ensued, however, and the Blades finished with a 10-16 record, but still good enough for third place in the five team league. In the playoffs against the Toronto Aeros, the Blades lost 4-2 and 3-1, and were swept in the best-of-three series.

In the 2012-2013 season, the Boston Blades became the second American-based team to capture the Clarkson Cup, the women's equivalent of the men's Stanley Cup. The Clarkson Cup is named after Canada's former Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson. The Blades beat rival Montreal for the clinching victory, and were also the regular season champions. Hilary Knight was named CWHL MVP, Geneviève Lacasse Best Goalie, and Digit Murphy Coach of the Year.

In the second last game of the regular season in 2013-14, Jessica Koizumi became the first player to register 50 career points with the Blades franchise.

In the 2014-2015 season, the Blades finished the regular season with the best record in the CWHL. Their regular season record was 15-2-1-6, good enough for the first seed in the Clarkson Cup Playoffs. In the first round of the Clarkson Cup Playoffs, the Blades were matched up against the fourth seeded Toronto Furies. The best-of-three series ended in a sweep for the Blades, as they collected both 3-0 and 7-3 victories.

On March 7th 2015, the Boston Blades matched up against the Montreal Stars in a battle for the Clarkson Cup. The Blades were on a quest for their second Cup in three years; the Blades had previously won the Clarkson Cup in the 2012-2013 season. Both the Blades and Stars tallied goals in the first and third periods. Hillary Knight and Brianna Decker were the lone goal scorers in regulation for the Blades. Regulation ended with the score tied at 2-2, so an overtime was required to decide a winner. Wasting little to no time, Janine Weber scored the series-clinching goal with 2:12 in the overtime period, earning the Boston Blades their second Clarkson Cup.

Nine players of United States women's national ice hockey team were rostered on the Boston Blades for 2011-12 CWHL season.

The following players participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics:

Notable Former Players

Scoring Leaders


Season Leader (F) GP G A Pts Leader (D) GP G A Pts PPG SHG GWG
2010-11[12] Sam Faber 23 15 15 30 Angela Ruggiero 22 11 15 26 Ruggiero (6) Faber (2) Jessica Koizumi (3)
2011-12[13] Kelli Stack 27 25 17 42 Kacey Bellamy 22 5 7 12 Stack (4) Erika Lawler and Kacey Bellamy (1) Gigi Marvin (4)
2012-13[14] Hilary Knight 24 17 15 32 Anne Schleper 24 2 13 15 Knight (3) Karen Thatcher (1) Knight (5)
2013-14[15] Jillian Dempsey 24 14 14 28 Blake Bolden 23 5 14 19 Dempsey (5) Casey Pickett (2) Four tied with 2
2014-15 Brianna Decker 12 16 16 32 Tara Watchorn 21 6 14 20 Decker (6) Decker and Watchorn (2)

All-Time Scoring Leaders

Player GP G A Pts Seasons
Jessica Koizumi 66 27 28 55 2010-present
Hilary Knight 38 25 28 53 2012-present
Kelli Stack 39 31 22 53 2011-present

Awards & Honors

Team honors

  • First overall, CWHL standings (2012-13)
  • First overall, CWHL standings (2014-15)

See also


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