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Bucentaure-class ship of the line

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Title: Bucentaure-class ship of the line  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: French ship Duquesne
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Bucentaure-class ship of the line

Class overview
Name: Bucentaure
Builders: Toulon, Lorient, Rochefort, Antwerp, Cherbourg
Operators:  French Navy
Preceded by: Tonnant-class ship of the line
Succeeded by: Suffren-class ship of the line
In service: 1804–1863
Completed: 21
Cancelled: 8+
General characteristics
Class & type: Bucentaure-class
Type: ship of the line
Tons burthen: 2000 tonnes
Length: 59.3 m (194.55 ft) (overall)
53.92 m (176.90 ft) (keel)
Beam: 15.3 m (50.20 ft)
Depth of hold: 7.8 m (25.59 ft)
Propulsion: Sail
Sail plan: 2,683 m2 (28,879.57 sq ft)
Complement: 866

80 guns

  • 30 x 36-pounders
  • 32 x 24-pounders
  • 18 x 12-pounders
  • 6 x 36-pounder howitzers

The Bucentaure class was a class of 80-gun French ships of the line built to a design by Jacques-Noël Sané from 1802 onwards, of which at least 29 were ordered but only 21 ships were launched. They were a development from his earlier Tonnant class.

Ships in class

Builder: Toulon
Begun: November 1802
Launched: 13 July 1803
Completed: January 1804
Fate: Captured by the Royal Navy on 21 October 1805 following Trafalgar. Was briefly recaptured but was then wrecked on 23 October 1805.
Builder: Toulon
Begun: January 1803
Launched: 15 August 1803
Completed: April 1804
Fate: Captured by the Spanish Navy in June 1808, renamed Neptuno, deleted 1820.
Builder: Toulon
Begun: May 1805
Launched: 30 October 1806
Completed: May 1807
Fate: Scuttled and burnt on 26 October 1809.
Builder: Rochefort
Begun: March 1805 as Tonnant, renamed May 1807
Launched: 10 May 1808
Completed: July 1808
Fate: Captured and burnt by the British in April 1809.
Builder: Toulon
Begun: December 1806
Launched: 4 July 1808
Completed: October 1808
Fate: Broken up 1824.
Builder: Lorient
Begun: September 1805
Launched: 19 November 1808
Completed: May 1809
Fate: Condemned 1829 and broken up.
Builder: Antwerp
Begun: July 1807
Launched: 2 May 1810
Completed: May 1811
Fate: Handed over to the Netherlands on 1 August 1814 and renamed Vlaming. Broken up 1823.
Builder: Toulon
Begun: March 1809
Launched: 15 August 1810
Completed: March 1811
Fate: Condemned 1828 and hulked.
Builder: Antwerp
Begun: September 1807
Launched: 15 August 1810
Completed: May 1811
Fate: Handed over to the Netherlands on 1 August 1814 and renamed Neptunus. Condemned and broken up 1818.
Builder: Antwerp
Begun: October 1807
Launched: 25 April 1811
Completed: July 1811
Fate: Handed over to the Netherlands on 1 August 1814 but returned to France in September and renamed Illustre. Condemned and broken up 1827.
Builder: Antwerp
Begun: September 1807
Launched: 22 May 1811
Completed: August 1811
Fate: Condemned 1823.
Builder: Antwerp
Begun: August 1807
Launched: 9 June 1811
Completed: October 1811
Fate: Handed over to the Netherlands on 1 August 1814 and renamed Prins van Oranje. Sold 1825 and broken up.
Builder: Lorient
Begun: November 1807
Launched: 1 December 1811
Completed: March 1812
Fate: Condemned 1856 and broken up 1868.
Builder: Antwerp
Begun: December 1808
Launched: 27 April 1812
Completed: September 1812
Fate: Condemned 1831.
Builder: Cherbourg
Begun: October 1810
Launched: 12 October 1813
Completed: March 1814
Fate: Condemned 1836 and hulked. Broken up 1858.
Builder: Lorient
Begun: December 1809
Launched: 29 October 1814
Completed: November 1814
Fate: Condemned 1837.
Builder: Cherbourg
Begun: November 1811
Launched: 8 January 1818
Completed: April 1818
Fate: Renamed Santi Pietri in October 1823. Hulked 1849, burnt by accident 1862.
Builder: Lorient
Begun: December 1810
Launched: 21 March 1818
Completed: June 1818
Fate: Hulked 1858, broken up 1868.
Builder: Lorient
Begun: April 1812
Launched: 21 August 1823
Completed: April 1824
Fate: Hulked 1846.
Builder: Cherbourg
Begun: November 1811
Launched: 22 October 1831
Completed: September 1833
Fate: hulked 1863.
  • Vesuvio
Builder: Castellammare di Stabia
Begun: August 1812
Launched: 2 December 1824
Completed: 1825
Fate: Not launched as French warship; became Neapolitan ship in December 1813.

No other vessels of this design were completed, the following were begun at Antwerp, but taken over in 1814 by the Netherlands, and broken up on the stocks.

  • Mars
Begun: April 1811
  • Alexandre
Begun: June 1811
  • Tibre
Begun: June 1811
  • Atlas
Begun: September 1811
  • Fougueux
Begun: July 1812

A further ship to this same design was begun as the Saturno in May 1812 at Venice, and was renamed Ems by the Austrians following their seizure of that city, but was broken up on the stocks in 1818-19. A second ship was ordered at Venice in 1813, but was never laid down. Finally a further ship of this class was ordered in 1812 at Rochefort, but was never laid down or even assigned a name.


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