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By-elections to the 21st Canadian Parliament

By-elections to the 21st Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the Canadian House of Commons between the 1949 federal election and the 1953 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a majority government for the 21st Canadian Parliament.

30 vacant seats were filled through by-elections.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Outremont—St-Jean October 6, 1952 Édouard-G. Rinfret      Liberal Romuald Bourque      Liberal Appointed a Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench of Quebec Yes
Richelieu—Verchères October 6, 1952 Gérard Cournoyer      Liberal Lucien Cardin      Liberal Resignation Yes
Ontario May 26, 1952 Walter Cunningham Thomson      Liberal Michael Starr      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Gloucester May 26, 1952 Clovis-Thomas Richard      Liberal Albany M. Robichaud      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Victoria—Carleton May 26, 1952 Heber Harold Hatfield      Progressive Conservative Gage W. Montgomery      Progressive Conservative Death Yes
Brome—Missisquoi May 26, 1952 Henri A. Gosselin      Liberal Joseph-Léon Deslières      Liberal Death Yes
Roberval May 26, 1952 Joseph-Alfred Dion      Liberal Paul-Henri Spence      Progressive Conservative Appointed a Superior Court Judge of Quebec No
Waterloo North May 26, 1952 Louis Orville Breithaupt      Liberal Norman C. Schneider      Liberal Appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Yes
Calgary West December 10, 1951 Arthur LeRoy Smith      Progressive Conservative Carl Olof Nickle      Progressive Conservative Resignation Yes
Brandon June 25, 1951 James Ewen Matthews      Liberal Walter Dinsdale      Progressive Conservative Death No
Queen's June 25, 1951 J. Lester Douglas      Liberal J. Angus MacLean      Progressive Conservative Death No
Waterloo South June 25, 1951 Karl Homuth      Progressive Conservative Howie Meeker      Progressive Conservative Death Yes
Winnipeg South Centre June 25, 1951 Ralph Maybank      Liberal Gordon Churchill      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Rimouski October 16, 1950 Gleason Belzile      Liberal Joseph-Hervé Rousseau      Independent Liberal Death No
St. Mary October 16, 1950 Gaspard Fauteux      Liberal Hector Dupuis      Liberal Resignation Yes
Welland October 16, 1950 Humphrey Mitchell      Liberal William H. McMillan      Liberal Death Yes
Joliette—L'Assomption—Montcalm October 3, 1950 Georges-Émile Lapalme      Liberal Maurice Breton      Liberal Resignation Yes
Annapolis—Kings June 19, 1950 Angus Alexander Elderkin      Liberal George Clyde Nowlan      Progressive Conservative Election declared void No
Cartier June 19, 1950 Maurice Hartt      Liberal Leon David Crestohl      Liberal Death Yes
Halifax June 19, 1950 Gordon B. Isnor      Liberal Sam Balcom      Liberal Called to the Senate Yes
Broadview May 15, 1950 Thomas Langton Church      Progressive Conservative George Hees      Progressive Conservative Death Yes
Hamilton West May 15, 1950 Colin W. G. Gibson      Liberal Ellen Fairclough      Progressive Conservative Appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court of Ontario No
Gatineau October 24, 1949 Léon-Joseph Raymond      Liberal Joseph-Célestin Nadon      Liberal Appointed Clerk of the House of Commons Yes
Kamouraska October 24, 1949 Eugène Marquis      Liberal Arthur Massé[1]      Independent Liberal Appointed a Superior Court Judge of Quebec No
Laurier October 24, 1949 Ernest Bertrand      Liberal J.-Eugène Lefrancois      Liberal Appointed a Judge of the Court of King's Bench of Quebec Yes
Mercier October 24, 1949 Joseph Jean      Liberal Marcel Monette      Liberal Appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court of the District of Montreal Yes
Greenwood October 24, 1949 J. Ernest McMillin      Progressive Conservative James Macdonnell      Progressive Conservative Death Yes
New Westminster October 24, 1949 Tom Reid      Liberal William Malcolm Mott      Liberal Called to the Senate Yes
Restigouche—Madawaska October 24, 1949 Benoît Michaud      Liberal Paul-Léon Dubé      Independent Liberal Death No
Jacques Cartier October 4, 1949 Elphège Marier      Liberal Edgar Leduc      Independent Appointed a Superior Court Judge of Quebec No

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  1. ^ Massé defeated the official Liberal candidate.


  • Parliament of Canada–Elected in By-Elections
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