CAMIE Awards

CAMIE Awards
Awarded for Character and Morality in Entertainment
Country United States
Presented by CAMIE Awards, Inc.
First awarded February 20, 2001 (to honor achievements of 1999/2000)
Official website

The CAMIE Awards, sometimes known as the CAMIEs, are awards for outstanding, uplifting films emphasizing character and morality. They are awarded annually by CAMIE Awards, Inc.[1]


CAMIE is an acronym for "Character And Morality In Entertainment". The CAMIE awards are given to films which emphasize character and morality. They were established to "encourage the production and awareness of outstanding, uplifting, and entertaining motion pictures with positive role models for building character, overcoming adversity, correcting unwise choices, strengthening families, living moral lives, and solving life’s problems with integrity and perseverance."[2]In the annual awards show, rather than giving "best actor" or "best film" awards, the CAMIEs give each film 10 statues to be divided among people who contributed at all levels of production.[3][4] including both actors and film-makers. In addition to the film awards, special awards are also sometimes given; Richard Dutcher received one such award at the 2001 ceremony.[5]

History and organization

The CAMIEs were founded in 2001 by Dr. Glen C. Griffin, who also founded a companion movie-reviewing site,

CAMIE Awards, Inc., is led by a Board of Trustees, composed of[6]

  • Dr. Glen C. Griffin, Founder and Chairman
  • Dr. R. Christopher Barden, President
  • Richard D. Bradford
  • Janet Lee Chamberlain
  • Jeffery Goddard
  • Craig F. McCullough
  • Levor Oldham

The Board of Trustees is assisted by an Advisory Board, which contains such notables as (not a complete list)[7]

Sean Hannity was also formerly on the advisory board.[8]

The Awards

2001 CAMIE Winners, for films released in 1999/2000 - Ceremony held Feb 20, 2001, at Memorial House in Salt Lake City.[9][10]

2003 CAMIE Winners, for films released in 2001/2002[11]

2005 CAMIE Winners, for films released in 2003/2004 - Ceremony held Jan 29, 2005 at the Hollywood Renaissance theater in Hollywood.[8][12]

2006 CAMIE Winners, for films released in 2005, at the Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills[13][14]

2007 CAMIE Winners, for films released in 2006 - Ceremony held May 12, 2007 at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood. [3][15]

2008 CAMIE Winners, primarily for films released in 2007 - Ceremony held May 3, 2008 at the Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills[16]


External links

  • CAMIE Awards official site
  •, a movie review website produced by CAMIE Awards, Inc.
  • Starfish network preview of the 2007 CAMIE Award show
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