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Cabinet of Uganda


Cabinet of Uganda

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According to the Constitution of Uganda, "there shall be a Cabinet which shall consist of the President, the Vice President and such number of Ministers as may appear to the President to be reasonably necessary for the efficient running of the State."[1][2] Below is a list of the current members of the Cabinet of Uganda[3][4]


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Cabinet Ministers

Prime Minister

First Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Public Service for

Second Deputy Prime Minister & Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister for Security

Minister of the Presidency & Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)

Minister of Information

Minister for General Duties, Office of the Prime Minister

Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries

Minister of Defence

Minister of Relief & Disaster Preparedness

Minister of Education & Sports

Minister of Energy & Minerals

Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Finance

Minister of Transportation and Works

Attorney General

Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs

Minister of Gender, Labor & Social Development

Minister of Trade and Industry

Minister of Water & Environment

Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage

Minister of Lands, Housing & Urban Development

Minister of Health

Minister of Communication and Information Technology

Minister for Karamoja

Minister of Local Government

Chief Cabinet Whip

Minister Without Portfolio

Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Ministers of State

Below is a list of the current State Ministers of the Republic of Uganda:[5]

State Minister for Teso Affairs

State Minister for Agriculture

State Minister for Animal Industry

State Minister for Bunyoro Affairs

State Minister for East African Community Affairs

State Minister for Higher Education

State Minister for Primary Education

State Minister for Energy

State Minister for Fisheries

State Minister for Finance (General Duties)

State Minister for Finance (Planning)

State Minister for Finance (Microfinance)

State Minister for Finance (Investment)

State Minister for Finance (Privatization)

State Minister for Foreign Affairs (International Affairs)

State Minister for Foreign Affairs (Regional Affairs)

State Minister for Gender & Culture

State Minister for Children & Youth Affairs

State Minister for Labor

State Minister for the Elderly & Disabled

State Minister for Health (General Duties)

State Minister for Health (Primary Care)

State Minister for Housing

State Minister for Urban Planning

State Minister for Lands

State Minister for Economic Monitoring, Office of the President

State Minister for Ethics - Office of the Vice President

State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness

State Minister for Minerals

State Minister for Northern Uganda

State Minister for Karamoja

State Minister for Luweero Triangle

State Minister for Sports

State Minister for Trade & Antiquities

State Minister for Industry

State Minister for Tourism & Wildlife

State Minister for Water Resources

State Minister for the Environment

State Minister for Transport

State Minister for Works

State Minister for Defence

State Minister Office of the Vice President

State Minister for Internal Affairs

Deuty Attorney General

State Minister for Information Technology

State Minister for Local Government

State Minister for Public Service

External links

  • Kabakumba Masiko Ordered To Resign From Cabinet


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