Caustic humour

Caustic humour is a type of humour which relies on witty insults. As is implied by the name (which literally means humour which is designed to burn or to corrode), it involves the clever use of language to convey biting, insulting, or sometimes even cruel remarks.

This kind of humour is often attributed to such comedians as Bill Hicks, Bea Arthur, and Andrew Dice Clay.


  • 'The liberals can understand everything but people who don't understand them.[1]'
Lenny Bruce
  • ' The only truly anonymous donor is the guy who knocks up your daughter.[1]'
Lenny Bruce
  • When you jerk off, you’re saying “Hey, I care about me.”
Andrew Dice Clay
  • Let me ask you a question...: the first time you fucked her, was she any good? Yeah? Now let me ask you another question: how do you think she got that way?
Andrew Dice Clay


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