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Cayman Islands national rugby union team


Cayman Islands national rugby union team

Cayman Islands
Union Cayman Islands Rugby Football Union
Nickname(s) Cayman
Coach(es) Brad Cowdroy, Tim Rossiter, Dave Clancy, JS de Jager
Captain(s) Richard Lewis
First international
 Jamaica 9-10 Cayman Islands 
(13 March 1976)
Largest win
 Cayman Islands 48-0 Jamaica 
(13 February 2001)
Largest defeat
 Bermuda 38-5 Cayman Islands 
(27 October 1996)

The Cayman Islands national rugby union team represents the Cayman Islands in the sport of rugby union. They have thus far not qualified for a Rugby World Cup, but have participated in qualifying tournaments. The sport in the Cayman Islands is governed by the Cayman Rugby Union.

Their shirts are dark blue, with a single 2 white hoops and red stripe across the shoulders.


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The Cayman Islands played Bermuda and the Bahamas. The team played a match against Mexico in 2001, which they won 20 to 14.

The Cayman Islands competes in the Caribbean Championship, a tournament which includes Antigua, Trinidad and Tobago, the Bermuda, Jamaica, the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and Guyana.[1]

The Cayman Islands attempted to qualify for the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia, taking part in the Americas qualifying tournaments during 2001. In their first match they defeated Guyana, but were then knocked out of qualification after losing to Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2005 they attempted to qualify for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France, and started their campaign in the North Pool of Round 1a of the qualifying tournaments, alongside the Bahamas, Jamaica and Bermuda. They however finished second in the pool, behind the Bahamas, winning two of their three fixtures.

Recent games

  • Bahamas - 3 May 2014: Cayman 35 Bahamas 7
  • Bermuda - 7 June 2014: Cayman 24 Bermuda 3

World Cup record

  • 1987 - No qualifying tournament held
  • 1991 - 1999 - Did not enter
  • 2003 - 2011 - Did not qualify


Squad to 2014 NACRA Championship [2]

See also


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