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Title: ChemAxon  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Simplified molecular-input line-entry system, Accelrys
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Type Private
Industry Life Sciences, Informatics, Cheminformatics
Founded 1998
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary

ChemAxon is a software company specializing in application programming interfaces and end user applications for cheminformatics and life science research with headquarters in Budapest, Hungary and Cambridge, Massachusetts.[1] The company's main customer base consists of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic research groups and third parties wishing to integrate cheminformatic functionalities in their products and services.


ChemAxon Products include tools for visualization and drawing of molecules, chemical database searching and management, and for drug discovery. Products are licensed free of charge for academic use.[2]

ChemAxon’s desktop applications include Marvin which is a free chemistry software for drawing and visualizing chemical structures,

Instant JChem, a desktop application for end user scientists; JChem for Excel which integrates the structure handling capabilities of JChem and Marvin within a Microsoft Excel environment.[3]

The software can be used to predict pKa values[4] and logP values.[5]

The company developmed Markush structure storage and search capabilities (without enumeration), with Markush structures from Thomson Reuters Derwent World Patents Index (DWPISM) database.[6]

Pearson Education uses ChemAxon's JChem, MarvinSketch, and MarvinView as the chemistry tools in many of Pearson MasteringChemistry courses.[7]

IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services (producer of global patent databases, analytic solutions and innovative web services) will deliver IFI’s global patent data over ChemAxon’s ChemCurator software platform.[8]


Molecule characterization data in the form of a simplified molecular-input line-entry system(SMILES) string can be uploaded into the Marvin software.

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