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electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Laurie Throness
District created 2008
First contested 2009
Last contested 2013
Population (2006) 43,980
Area (km²) 10,832.98
Pop. density (per km²) 4.1
Census divisions Fraser Valley Regional District
Census subdivisions Chilliwack, Hope, Kent

Chilliwack-Hope is a provincial electoral district in British Columbia, Canada established by the Electoral Districts Act, 2008. It was first contested in the 2009 British Columbia General Election. The riding was formed from an amalgamation of parts of Chilliwack-Kent, Yale-Lillooet, Chilliwack-Sumas, Vancouver-Garibaldi, and Maple Ridge-Mission.[1]

Member of Legislative Assembly

On account of the realignment of electoral boundaries, most incumbents did not represent the entirety of their listed district during the preceding legislative term. Barry Penner, British Columbia Liberal Party was initially elected during the 2005 election and 2001 election to the Chilliwack-Kent riding. He successful ran for re-election again in the 2009 election in the Chilliwack-Hope riding. [1]

Penner resigned the seat on January 9, 2012, and Gwen O'Mahony won the subsequent by-election on April 19, 2012. [2]

Parliament Years Member Party
Chilliwack-Kent, Yale-Lillooet and Chilliwack-Sumas prior to 2009
39th 2009–2011 |   Barry Penner BC Liberal
2012–2013   Gwen O'Mahony New Democrat
40th 2013–present |   Laurie Throness BC Liberal

Electoral history

B.C. General Election 2013: Chilliwack-Hope
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Total Valid Votes 20,452
Total Rejected Ballots
2012 By-election Chilliwack-Hope[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
     New Democrats Gwen O'Mahony 6,022 41.89 +8

     BC Conservative John Martin 3,615 25.15 +18
     BC Libertarian Lewis Dahlby 145 1.01
Total Valid Votes 14,375 100
Total Rejected Ballots 26
Turnout 14,401 41.12
B.C. General Election 2009 Chilliwack-Hope
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
     New Democrats Gwen O'Mahony 5,638 33.43 $18,541
     BC Conservative Hans Mulder 1,198 7.10 $250

     People's Front Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell 93 0.55 $260
Total Valid Votes 16,865 100
Total Rejected Ballots 95 0.56
Turnout 16,960 51.85


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