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Comarques of the Valencian Community

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Title: Comarques of the Valencian Community  
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Subject: Camp de Túria, Canal de Navarrés, Los Serranos, Marina Baixa, Safor
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Comarques of the Valencian Community

Homologous territorial demarcations according to the Generalitat Valenciana.

The comarques of the Valencian Community form an intermediate level of administrative subdivision between the municipality and the province. They are used as a basis for the provision of local services by the Generalitat Valenciana, but do not have any representative or executive bodies of their own. As of 2007, there are thirty-four comarques (including the city of Valencia), with a median population of 87,788 and a median area of 665.11 km².

The current organization was approved in 1987 by the Generalitat, when three categories of homologous territorial demarcation were established. Article 65 of the 2006 Statute of Autonomy provides the first legislative foundation for the comarques, although, as of April 2007, the enabling legislation has not been passed by the Corts Valencianes.

List of comarques

(2006 figures[1])

Comarca Population Area (km²) Density
Alacantí 451,027 673.57 670
Alcalatén 16,390 648.68 25
Alcoià 110,017 539.66 204
Alt Maestrat 7,912 663.16 11
Alt Vinalopó 52,332 644.76 81
Alto Mijares 4,191 667.06 6
Alto Palancia 24,085 965.15 25
Baix Maestrat 77,673 1,221.32 63
Baix Vinalopó 274,368 488.78 561
Camp de Morvedre 83,778 271.20 309
Camp de Túria 130,895 823.37 159
Canal de Navarrés 17,201 709.29 24
Comtat 27,473 377.77 72
Costera 70,692 546.74 129
Horta Nord 206,034 140.51 1,466
Horta Oest 328,678 178.74 1,838
Horta Sud 160,021 166.19 963
Hoya de Buñol 38,245 817.37 46
Marina Alta 182,073 758.02 240
Marina Baixa 171,877 605.15 297
Ports 5,961 908.09 7
Plana Alta 243,442 957.29 245
Plana Baixa 180,886 605.15 299
Requena-Utiel 39,053 1,721.03 22
Ribera Alta 213,553 951.56 224
Ribera Baixa 79,221 276.81 299
Rincón de Ademuz 2,477 370.22 7
Los Serranos 17,497 1,405.28 13
Safor 170,644 429.80 397
Valencia 805,304 134.63 5,982
Vall d'Albaida 89,798 722.22 124
Valle de Cofrentes 10,501 1,141.15 9
Vega Baja del Segura 347,409 957.28 363
Vinalopó Mitjà 166,989 797.99 209
Total 4,807,687 23,258.51 206

Historical Comarques

Some historical comarques of the Valencian Community are now part of other comarques in the new territorial demarcation. Among these the Tinença de Benifassà and the Ports de Morella deserve mention.


  1. ^ Populations and areas are taken from the INE (INE).
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