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Conga (music)

Template:Music of Cuba Conga music is a style of Cuban music used to dance Conga. The most known Conga song is "Conga" of Gloria Estefan.


  • In Sesame Street, this type of music is titled "The Monster Clubhouse Conga" where the purple monster with pigtails named Googel, green monster Phoebe and blue monster Mel are dancing the conga hiding in a small house and the orange monster Narf runs after them.
  • In Dragon Tales, it's titled "The Doctor's Gonna Fix Zak". This tune is used by Zak who has a thorn stuck on the bottom of his foot when he places the doctor's scope on his dragon badge and all his friends start playing the tools as the handling of musical instruments to encircle him and his sister Wheezie who lies on the big rock with him together.
  • In Mulan II, it's titled "Mushu's On His Way Out" where the ancestors reject Mushu stating that if Mulan and Shang marry each other, he might lose his job.
  • In Willa's Wild Life, it's titled "Willa's Going Shopping" because the girl herself is so excited to go to the corner store without any grownup.

Early references

See Carmen Miranda for reference to many more Conga songs and dance.

In the movie Strike Up the Band "Do the La Conga" (1939) Music and Lyrics by Roger Edens Performed by Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Sidney Miller, William Tracy and chorus at the dance Reprised by the cast in the finale Template:Music in spanish

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